Relocating a gun safe – pro guidelines

A packed gun safe can weigh a lot and has the potential of being more than just a little bit dangerous. We always recommend that you hire professional long distance movers Columbia for moves like this. But sometimes life gets complicated. Maybe you can only afford to hire labor-only services, and that’s ok. We are going to show you that relocating a gun safe can be done in all conditions. Also, we’ll help you prepare it for when your movers arrive to transport it. When it comes to relocating a gun safe, you’ll have to plan in advance, because moving it without proper preparations is dangerous. Here are our expert tips on what you need to move such a heavy item safely. Prepare like a pro for relocating your gun safe with all the possible safety precautions.

Relocating a gun safe basic guidelines

Keeping your guns secured and locked is the basic responsibility of any gun owner. However, relocating a gun safe is quite a hassle and can prove to be impossible without proper preparation. While some heavy-duty safes are smaller and can be moved fairly easily, others are quite tall or bulky in size and weigh several hundred pounds.

Best Cross Country Movers is a reputable moving company experienced in relocating gun safes. We know how to move everything from fragile champagne flutes to hardy safes whether we are conducting your residential or commercial move. If you have any particular questions about gun safe relocations, call us and we’ll talk about all your unique needs, conditions and wants.

Heavy-duty relocations require heavy-duty equipment.

Make sure you have completed the following steps before your movers arrive:

  • Have all your gun registrations and licenses updated to show your movers?
  • All rifles and pistols need to be unloaded if you want to move them inside the safe.
  • Remove all ammunition before the safe is loaded on the moving truck.

Please understand and remember that we cannot move ammunition on our moving trucks. Also, we will refuse to transport guns that do not have proper registration or licensing. Call us today if you require more information.

Relocating a gun safe the right way

There’s is a proper way to transport a gun safe to minimize damage and any risk of possible injuries. The process will require some special tools. You can never go wrong when you have someone with experience on the job. We cannot stress enough how important it is to leave such heavy-duty lifting and similar specialty moves to the professional long-distance movers South Carolina. But if you find yourself in a situation where you have to move a safe, make sure you do it the right way. Here’s our step-by-step guide to relocating a gun safe properly.

When it comes to moving a gun safe, the more help you have, the calmer you’ll be! If you don’t have the professional moving experience, then make sure you can gather a crew of strong movers (or friends, but who have experience moving heavy objects). Always make sure your team has protective gloves on.

Empty the safe before shifting it

Restrain yourself from relocating a gun safe in a hurry! Do not move it while it’s loaded. If you don’t empty your safe, there’s a possibility that. If you drop your safe, or any other accident occurs during the transport, you damage your equipment beyond repair. Not to mention that somebody can get seriously injured. All this can add up to your expenses and stress. If you are going to be relocating a gun safe during your residential or commercial move, you need to follow our procedure if you want to prepare it for the move safely.

Get the right equipment to move a gun safe

Call us, and we can provide you with all the moving equipment you’ll need for relocating your gun safe. First, you’ll need to rent a strong dolly cart for easily moving the bulky item to the moving truck. You should also remember to get gloves to protect you and your helper’s hands. You should also write down moving straps in your shopping list. And, last but not least, rent a big, sturdy moving truck to load your gun safe onto. When it comes to moving such a heavy piece, you shouldn’t cut corners. Instead, gather the proper packing equipment.

Word teamwork, which you need when relocating a gun safe
If you are going to be relocating a gun safe during your residential or commercial move, follow our procedure.

Get the obstacles out of the way when relocating a gun safe

After removing all of the furniture from your house, you will be left with stairwells, tight hallways, and small door frames as major obstacles that will make your gun safe move more complicated. Fortunately for you, there is equipment such as stair-climbing dollies available on the market to make your project much more manageable. You should measure your safe before you start, in order to know its dimensions and so that you can properly plan a path through your home.

Advantages of hiring professional gun safe movers

While it may be an investment you are not willing to pay for immediately, or easily, there are some amazing benefits in hiring a professional moving company. These benefits include:

  1. Lowered risks of accidents and injuries for you and your friends
  2. Minimized risk of damage to your property
  3. Swift, effort-free specialty moving of extremely large and heavy items
  4. Allows you time to focus on more important projects
Moving strap
Make sure you use moving straps. They will be great for guaranteeing your gun safe is secured and that it will not roll off the dolly.

And there it is: if you have all the necessary equipment and a strong group of helpers to assist your heavy-duty move, you are then ready relocation. Happy moving, and we hope you’ll truly enjoy your new place.

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