The change in the relocation trends in the past decade

Are you one of the million Americans thinking about relocation? Then, you might be curious where the others are moving. It could be also interesting to learn about the 2022 top moving destinations. Before we continue, you have to know that moving trends are changing from year to year. So, the top moving destinations today may easily fall out of focus next year. And, if you haven’t made up your mind yet, here presented information might help you. As a company working from Coast to Coast, the Best Cross Country Movers are those who know. Not only that they have annual statistics for the previous periods. They can also advise what you can expect in certain states and towns. And make you understand the change in the relocation trends in the past decade.

A beautiful backyard with lot of greenery – thanks to change in the relocation trends in the past decade.
If moving to a house, you can have a nice backyard.

Over the past decade, we could see the change in the relocation trends

Various changes have been observed in the relocation trends in the past decade. In the previous periods, especially during the 1950s and mid-1980s, people were moving more. And, in that period, they were moving more from state to state. Also, we can see that in the past decade people gradually started to move less. Also, the last census, covering the period from 2010 to 2020, also showed one more difference. Most of the people started to move up to 30 miles away from their current residence. Also, most of them are relocating temporarily. Here is a short overview of the moving trends, as per the 2010-2020 Census:

  • 2010               12,5%
  • 2011               11,6%
  • 2012               12%
  • 2013               11,7%
  • 2014               11,5%
  • 2015               11,6%
  • 2016               11,2%
  • 2017               11%
  • 2018               10,1%
  • 2019               9,8%
  • 2020               9,3%
  • 2021               21%

We can see that, as of 2021, the number of people relocating has increased a lot. There are a few reasons for that, and they will be explained later in the article.

However, regardless of the relocation reason, you can always count on professional relocation services. Even when you opt for a DIY relocation. And, it is always good to know that you can count on professionals for various services.

The states which had the highest growth percentage during the last decade

In the period from 2010 to 2020, according to the Census, the highest growth in population was observed in 10 states. So, we could say that some of the busiest movers in the past decade were:

At the same time, three states have recorded a decline in population. In that period interstate movers Illinois and interstate movers Mississippi were mostly having requests for outbound moves.

The biggest decrease in population was recorded in West Virginia. It lost 3,2% of its population. And the long-distance movers West Virginia had more requests for moving outside the state than usual. However, checking the Census figures, we have to remember the natality and immigrants. In the past decade, the US population increased by 22.7 million people. Which caused 7.4% overall population growth between 2010-2020.

States that were popular relocation destinations in 2010

As we already noted, the popularity of one state can change from year to year. And here, we are taking into consideration the whole decade. So, here we can see that some states, that were popular in 2010, are losing residents. Although they are still very populous, in the post-covid times’ many residents are moving outside the states. And that info we also got following statistics of the moving companies:

  • best cross country movers California
  • cross country movers New York
  • best cross country movers Florida
  • best cross country movers Illinois
  • best cross country movers Texas
  • interstate movers New Jersey
  • long distant movers Pennsylvania
  • cross country movers Virginia
  • best cross country movers in Georgia
  • best cross country movers Massachusetts

If we compare this with the list of most popular states in 2021, we can see some contradictions. The thing is that some residents are living away from Texas and Florida. However, more people are coming. For example, many Florida residents are moving in search of high-paid jobs. At the same time, a lot of retirees are moving in, due to the nice climate.

Some of the interesting aspects of the change in the relocation trends in the past decade

Using the statistics data, we can take various metrics as a filter. Thus, we can check the relocation during the last decade by income, education, gender, local and interstate moving. Or whatever other metric we wish to apply as a starting point. In this way, we can study various aspects of relocation during the past decade.

For example, the numbers will show us that the renters are moving more than homeowners. Also, we can see that people with high income are moving less. This points out one of the reasons for relocation – the search for better-paid jobs.

Annual income               Relocation percentage

$75k                                       9%

$65k                                       10%

$40k                                       12%

%20                                        11%

So, reading the Census figures we can understand the reasons behind relocations. And we can see what are the main reasons causing a change in the relocation trends.

The US cities seeing most of the new residents

There is a reason why relocation trends have changed during the last decade. However, before we come to that, let us see the most popular US cities. Or the cities where a lot of people are moving in the 2021/2022 period:


  • Sarasota
  • Fort Myers
  • Naples
  • Lakeland
  • Ocala
  • Daytona Beach
  • Port St. Lucie
  • Orlando
  • Melbourne
  • Tampa
  • Jacksonville

South Carolina

  • Myrtle Beach
  • Spartanburg
  • Charleston

North Carolina

According to Best cross county movers North Carolina, they are moving most of the customers to those cities: 

  • Raleigh and Durham
  • Charlotte

 Besides those, a few more towns are gaining popularity lately:

  • Nashville, according to records of the best cross country movers Tennessee
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Austin, Texas
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Salisbury, as per records of the best cross country movers Maryland
  • Eugene, by info received from the best cross country movers in Oregon
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

So, if you are planning relocation in 2022, consider moving to one of those cities.

A woman sitting in the backyard and typing on laptop, result of change in the relocation trends in the past decade.
More than 40% of workers expect to continue working remotely.

Why is the higher number of American people relocating in 2022?

The pandemic outbreak has left lasting changes in many areas. One of them includes the migration trends. Over 35 million address changes, temporary or permanent, were reported during the last year. There is the shifting of economy, numerous remote working opportunities, and the wish for moving away from the densely populated areas. All those factors are causing changes in the US relocation trends.

What are currently the most popular moving routes in the US?

Shortly, most people are using the following moving routes:

  • California to Texas
  • New York to Florida
  • New York to California
  • California to Washington
  • California to Arizona

The main reasons for this are very high living costs in NYC and California. It is good to know where most of the people are moving to. In case you want to skip the growing crowd, you can decide to move to some other state. And the old trade rule says:  the higher the demand, the higher the price. So, with such a high influx into Florida, it is realistic to expect the rise of real estate. Thus, if you intend to move there, better hurry up.

Main factors that have caused the change in the US relocation trends in the past decade

There are numerous reasons why people are moving. Also, there are various reasons why they are choosing particular places to move to. However, when we are looking at the larger picture, some factors are prevailing. So, although there are exemptions to the rule, relocations do have some common threads:

  • Finding more affordable places for living
  • Moving to places that are closer to their family and friends
  • Affording more living space, as well as porches and yards
  • Moving into newly purchased, own home
  • Places that are offering excellent job opportunities related to your vocation
  • Changing marital status – getting married/ divorced
  • Many are moving as they are attracted by different climate
  • The Pandemic outbreak introduced a new model of working. Thus, the ability to work from anywhere enables many to move to their dream places.
 Brick house with grass loan.
In a new house, you will have a lot of space.

Affordability is one of the main factors influencing change in the relocation trends in the past decade

With the economy still recovering from the global pandemic, people are still facing unemployment problems. So, many US citizens are looking to move to a different state or city. They are usually looking for lower living and housing costs. Many are no anymore able to cover higher-cost living expenses. As well, nearly half of Americans lack emergency funds. Thus, growing expenses and many closed jobs were some of the main factors behind the 2021 US relocation trends.

Those citizens who have solid financial security are also considering moving to the suburbs. Although there are many pros and cons, suburban living is enabling them to go to their yards during crises. And that is one of the main reasons why many are purchasing suburban homes. Taking into consideration that the real estate market is still recovering, buying homes is still affordable. 

The pandemic caused changes in the way of working

This is yet another change in the relocation trends in the past decade. As many people are now working remotely, they are free to move to any city. Thus, many Americans are moving to more affordable cities. There, they can buy bigger homes, with a yard and porch. And of course, with a spare room for the office. As, working remotely, they need their space, where they can work undisturbed. Some surveys are shoving that about 82% of the urban areas are losing population. People are migrating to suburban areas. Some are even choosing smaller cities or villages.

Depending on the available funds, some are buying houses with porches, spacious yards, gyms, and office space. 31% of young adults, living now in suburban areas, said the pandemic lead them to relocate. 

In search of more space, people are moving to the least populated states in America

The desire for more living space, made the US citizens look for less populated areas. Or at least smaller cities. Such a case we can see in Florida. While it became one of the desirable states to move in, people are not moving to Miami. Instead, they are moving to smaller places. Even people from Miami are relocating to the more affordable suburbs.

Kids watching photo album with grandparents.
A 30% of young parents stated that the proximity of families was the primary cause for their relocation.

Also, people are leaving from some of the most populated countries in the US. Such countries are Illinois, New Jersey, New York, California, and Connecticut. They are usually looking for less populated countries. Again, having the possibility to work remotely, is giving them more freedom. This is also one important change in the relocation trends. More than 40% of workers expect to continue working remotely. So, they are moving to states where they can have affordable and more relaxed lifestyles. 

Considering the age groups, we can also note the change in the relocation trends in the past decade

Following the relocation trend in 2021, we noted that people of all ages and backgrounds are changing homes. And the trend is ongoing. Almost 10% of the citizens have already moved in the first part of 2022. So, we are sure that it will continue during the whole year. This will change the demographics a lot. Professionals, families, and retirees alike are in search of affordable living conditions and calm places. Additionally, one more trend is noted. The young parents are moving closer to their families. They feel safer to have grandparents taking care of their kids. A 30% of young parents stated that the proximity of families was the primary cause for their relocation.

Many people move to places with a nice climate

Many people, retirees included, are relocating to places known for the nice climate. The nice weather conditions are considered healthier. Also, having a lot of sunny days, they can enjoy the outdoor activities. The retirees will have a great time walking. And the people working remotely will have excellent places to relax once the work is done. Also, many such places are known for excellent school systems. So, they can easily meet the expectations of the young parents. And moreover, such places are, by rule, calm and with a low crime rate. So, they are ideal for families with kids.

People are relocating to different places due to the change in relocation trends

The main change in the relocation trends in the past decade was caused by changed living circumstances. Before the pandemic outbreak, people were mostly relocating in search of better jobs. Or they were joining families. Checking the Census, we can see that the moving routes have also changed.

Today, the list of reasons for moving is much wider. Besides the classical reasons, this is an excellent moment to purchase your own home. For those fighting financial issues, moving can bring relaxed and affordable living. And the trend of remote working is offering people flexibility. Thus, they are not forced to leave in small and unsuitable homes. They have now the freedom to work and live in the way which is better for them. And for their families.

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