Moving from NYC to Philly

Usually, people move from smaller areas to bigger ones. They relocate for work and they are looking for a more lively environment. Since that is a more common situation, you’ll find a lot of online guides helping people in such a scenario. Therefore, finding guides for moving from NYC to Philly is a bit harder. Philly is smaller than NYC when it comes to population and economy. However, relocation isn’t any easier just because of that. That’s why we’ve prepared a relocation guide with a few useful tips to make your job easier. Don’t worry, take your time and everything will go well.

Affordability is a great thing about moving from NYC to Philly

One of the best things a person will encounter when moving from NYC to Philly with the best cross country movers NYC is affordability. Obviously, NYC is one of the most expensive places on earth. Everything, from food to rent, costs a lot of money over there. So, once you relocate, you will face a big change. Prices are much lower in Philly and that gives you much more options than you’d expect. You might get a bigger place than the one you had in NYC. You will also save a lot of money on utilities. That makes Philly much more comfortable to live in. People in Philly also spend a smaller part of their disposable income on their mortgages. It is 29% in Philly, compared to more than two times bigger 76% in New York.

Even real estate is really affordable in Philly. A lot of people buy a place there even before they’ve moved the boxes. It’s just that good. The prices are really good for buying and are on the rise. According to some estimates, if you buy a place in Philly now, your investment will double in worth in the next four years.

A bridge in Philly.
Philly is pretty big but it’s still smaller than NYC and that has a lot of perks.

Know your neighborhood

Another beautiful thing you will notice after moving from NYC to Philly is the change in density. Philly is so much less dense than NYC and to a lot of people it is a really big shock. Yes, everyone expects that it won’t be as dense as the big city, but people don’t really realize how big the difference is. Philly seems like a small town when you compare it to NYC, and the only way to experience that is to visit. When you see the prominent skyline, you think to yourself it’s definitely much more dense and lively. However, it is a place for a much more chill and slow-paced lifestyle.

There is the working downtown and then just a lot of neighborhoods. And every neighborhood is unique. Each one of them has something that makes it special and that makes you love it. So, exploring those neighborhoods is one of the first things you should do once you relocate with interstate moving companies Philadelphia has to offer. You will definitely get that vibe that is usually familiar to old-time Newyorkers. There are a lot of small businesses and shops you’ll enjoy and the restaurants kept that retro vibe.

A place from Little Italy.
If you ever feel homesick, there are a lot of places in Philly that are similar to those in NYC.

A lot of places in Philly are similar to NYC

  • If you are a big fan of Little Italy with its flavors of the Italian Market, you will love South Philly. There is also Park Slope. It has a very similar vibe to Little Italy and it’s really family-friendly.

  • Bushwick and Williamsburg are pretty similar to Northern Liberties, East Kensington, Fishtown, and Brewerytown which is growing in popularity in recent days. A little grit, a cool kid scene, as well as a lot of really interesting art.

  • Mount Airy reminds a lot of Park Slope or maybe even Cobble Hill in Brooklyn with its cobblestone streets and small, quaint shops.

  • Port Richmond has the residential feel that you usually find in Brooklyn or Queens. Greenpointers will feel like they’ve never left with the Polish markets, bars, and restaurants.

  • Places like Rittenhouse, Center City, and Washington Square West will give you the vibe of being in the East Village or maybe even Upper West Side all at the same time.

  • If you want that Upper East Side feels, you should definitely check out Fairmount. There are a lot of young professionals who love to take advantage of the breathtaking view along the river.

  • Old City has something that makes it really remind you of Soho with all its coffee shops, lofts, and high-end boutiques.

  • Northeast Philly and West Philly are just like Queens and Brooklyn, except they are a bit quieter and more tranquil.

  • The Main Line will provide you with luxury and splendor after moving from NYC to Philly the same way Westchester and parts of the Connecticut coast.

Visit these places for a smoother transition after moving from NYC to Philly

All the places above are great to visit if you are having a hard time adapting after your full service move. If you miss anything from food to music or even just the atmosphere, pick any of these places and visit it. You’ll find some peace and your stay in Philly will be much nicer. Not to mention there is a big chance you’ll meet someone and people from Philly are known for their friendliness. So, choose a place every day and go there for lunch or after work to have a drink. It will be a refreshing new chapter in your life.

An apple is on a bunch of books.
Moving from NYC to Philly will mean a much better education for your kids.

It’s great for families

People easily forget the perks of living in a smaller and quieter place. If you have a family or you are planning a family, moving from NYC to Philly will make your life so much easier. Kids love smaller communities where they can express themselves. There are more green areas in Philly. There is also a big chance for you to live in a house instead of an apartment. Education in Philly is also on a very good level compared to the rest of the country. Youngsters will get a great level of education without a lot of stress. So, if you ever plan to move from NYC to Philly with the help of Best Cross Country Movers, you won’t regret it. It is a city with so many perks and a lot to offer.

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