The best way to evaluate interstate moving companies

Prepping for a move is an essential step that you need to take in your journey. This can easily make a difference between a smooth transition and a nightmare.  To evaluate interstate moving companies is to control the situation, ensure a smooth relocation, and a less stressful new beginning. The year 2020 was such a difficult year for everyone affected by the pandemic, and the moving industry is no different. All professional movers have felt the change as well. The dramatic change in people’s lives resulted in the mass exodus from big cities. In the USA, over 15.9 million people have moved between February and July during the coronavirus crisis, increasing 3.92% compared to the previous year.

Knowing what kind of moving service you need

Different types of moves require various moving services and knowing the difference allows you to make informed decisions. This is crucial in picking the right moving company for you. Interstate moves tend to be more complicated and task-consuming than your local relocation. Interstate moves fall under federal regulation and therefore cost more. That is why you need to make sure your mover has the proper insurance and permits. Forming a price also differs because it is based on your belongings’ weight plus the mileage, while local movers charge by the hour. While evaluating interstate moving companies, make sure to check for essential services such as short and long-term storage options and a moving calculator to help you stay on budget.

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Finding the right kind of moving company for your needs is half of your job done.

Steps to evaluate interstate moving companies

According to a Better Business Bureau/BBB study, moving scams cause financial and emotional nightmares. You are basically allowing a stranger to drive away with all your precious belongings and hope for the best. So, let’s explore the basic steps you need to take to avoid the nightmare scenario.

  • Know what kind of moving services you need
  • Give yourself plenty of prepping time
  • Look for referrals
  • Research the referrals
  • Ask for at least three different estimates
  • Be ready for moving day

The list can be endless; there are so many aspects to interstate relocation to consider. From letting go of your sentimental clutter before moving to figure out fees and costs that will define your moving budget. So, let us focus on the essentials that will protect you from fraud and allow you to make the best choice.

What is enough prepping time?

Giving yourself enough prepping time is vital for many reasons. You want to organize a moving timeline to keep your move on schedule from day one. A couple of months should be sufficient, all the way to a week before the due date, to change your mailing address with the postal office. If the covid19 pandemic prompts your move, start collecting referrals or even estimates from different companies right away. As you delve deeper into the specifics, you will realize the numerous tasks ahead; therefore, giving yourself enough time will alleviate the stress and reduce the risks.

Look for referrals

Start by asking family, friends, and coworkers for referrals, listening to their experiences, and seeking advice. For some people, this tends to be a more secure option than browsing the internet. It is too easy nowadays for a fraudulent company to create a nice-looking website offering fake assurances. But you should still double-check the referral aunt Carol gave you. To evaluate interstate moving companies is to jump down a few rabbit holes on google. After all, if you plan of requesting packing services, you really want them to be performed by licensed professionals. You will get an invaluable help from New Leaf Moving Group Reviews and other platforms where you can find everything related to the previous customers’ experience and testimonials.

A woman sharing a laptop screen with friends and trying to evaluate interstate moving companies
Research the best cross-country moving companies with your friends who have experience with them.

Researching interstate moving companies

Once you get your referrals, or even if you did not get any, because no one in your circle moved recently, your next address is Better Business Bureau/BBB website. You will find that Interstate moving companies are rated using several factors, including complaints and legal action against the company. You can also do a cross-check using Yelp or even their Google My Business profiles to look for positive or negative reviews. But keep in mind that these reviews can be misleading or dishonest, so your safest bet is the BBB site.

Once you have your preliminary list, check each company’s D.O.T. and M.C. numbers to be even craftier. These are U.S. Department of Transportation and Motor Carrier numbers respectfully. If they are missing either of the two, cross them off your list. They are not licensed to move across state lines. Checking the numbers on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website will tell you if the company is a carrier, broker, or freight forwarder. Learn the difference to understand the mechanisms each uses for your relocation and the additional fees they might carry. Beyond understanding what kind of company you’re using, the safety administration website will give you the company’s most recent safety rating and insurance data and the number and type of complaints filed against the company in recent years.

The rule of threes

Never settle for the first estimate. That is simply not enough for you to decide. Once you have a list of preferred movers, get a quote from at least three companies. The variety will give you an advantage in picking the best deal for your interstate move. Keep in mind that in-person estimates might be risky due to the pandemic’s current situation; therefore, consider using companies with an online moving calculator. On the other hand, an in-person estimate will allow you to ask questions and inform yourself on every little detail. The most important part of the process is allowing your shipping agent to see all your belongings to give you an accurate estimate. This might also be the uncomfortable part because we are not used to showing strangers everything we have in the house, including the mess.

Word rules on little cubes
Tree simple rules that will help you evaluate interstate moving companies.

Sum up on how to evaluate interstate moving companies

As the due date is approaching, you want to do a few more things to ensure a smooth transition. Check-in with your moving company to confirm the details or adjust. You want to do it in writing. Pack up the essentials that will allow you to live in your new home while you await the rest of your household items. Take time to supervise the entire pickup, which can last up to two days, and make the same arrangements for the drop-off. Hold on to your bill of landing and inventory list. You will need to inspect it thoroughly upon delivery of your belongings. Leave enough time to check your stuff for damage. If you evaluate interstate moving companies properly, then nothing that comes afterward should be a problem.

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