Pros & Cons of Living in Vancouver, WA

If you’re wondering about what to expect after moving to Vancouver, you’re in the right place. The city sometimes inspires mixed feelings and some people hesitate before moving here. On the other hand, many things make living in Vancouver a great experience. The slower pace of life often draws families and some people move here to retire. The influx of new residents reflects on many things in Vancouver, such as the housing market. The city sees a lot of moving activity during some months, so you shouldn’t hesitate to hire professional help when moving here. If you haven’t moved recently, you might need some help finding the Best Cross Country Movers to assist you with your relocation. Make sure you research your options and let professionals identify what you need before finding the best match for you.

When is a good time to move to Vancouver?

The weather in Vancouver sometimes seems extreme, because of the long winters and long summers. However, most people don’t use air conditioners here, as the temperatures are not extreme. It does rain quite often during the winter days, leaving many of its residents hungry for more sunshine. When the winter has passed, though, a blissful summer can’t leave anyone untouched. Vancouver residents enjoy long and mild summers, as it rarely gets too hot. That’s why the spring and summer months are particularly busy times for Vancouver interstate movers. Recent years showed that many people want to move here, but most of them avoid moving during winter. You might get a better price when moving outside of the peak season, so note when trying to round up your budget.

mountain view from vancouver
Vancouver has a mix of beautiful landscapes and mild temperatures.

The cost of housing and living in Vancouver

Housing prices are seeing a considerable rise lately, and they even increased more during the pandemic. While the city is very desirable for many people, the current market is struggling to meet the demand. This increases housing prices, which have seen a record rise in the past couple of years. Don’t be hasty when finding the best home in Vancouver for you and your family. It sometimes takes extra time and the right assistance to get the best deal.

On the other hand, Vancouver doesn’t have an income tax, which attracts many people moving here. At the same time, this reduces the overall cost of living in Vancouver and is something you can only find in a minority of states. Washington does have a sales tax though, making groceries and retail items a bit more expensive. Make sure to note everything before making the final choice. Depending on your budget, different cross country moving companies Washington professionals can help you find will work best for you. Sometimes nothing stops you from the most comfortable relocation, but that’s not always the case. If you’re struggling with moving the budget, it’s alright to cut a few corners here and there.

woman counting money
Many things make it hard to balance your budget in Vancouver, but income tax isn’t one of them.

A mix of small-town feel and heavy traffic

This is one of the more interesting points. While Vancouver draws people looking for a slower way of life, this doesn’t apply to the traffic. This is, however, because the majority of the city’s residents work in neighboring Portland. As most people commute, traffic jams and getting through some spots can be very slow. Commuting to Portland can take up to an hour in every direction, depending on the day. Because of this, many people prefer and recommend using cars.

In contrast to the unpleasant urban feel of traffic jams, life in the city is quieter, slower, and relaxed. Not too many spots are connected with public transport, except for the main areas, which makes moving around the city a bit harder, especially when trying to move cross country. Many people enjoy walking through the city, but most rely on their cars.

Easy access to the Portland airport

Some jobs require longer trips than commuting to the neighboring city. In such cases, you can’t rely on public transport and need to fly by plane. While it’s the fastest way to travel, getting stuck at the airport can cost you a lot of time. You won’t have to worry about this at the Portland airport, though. Many people consider it one of the most efficient airports, making it perfect for business trips and other travels. Staying on schedule remains as important as having some extra time to spend relaxing instead of waiting at the airport.

man walking at the airport hall
Business trips are made easy, as Vancouver residents have access to one of the best airports in the country.

Living in Vancouver means engaging with a welcoming community

Residents of Vancouver offer a warm welcome to any new residents. A small-town feel contributes to the social atmosphere, as everyone can be more relaxed. The whole rush usually happens on the way to Portland, while Vancouver remains a slow-paced city. However, the city lacks diversity, but that’s changing. Recent years saw an increase in many new residents from different cultures, moving the city in a new direction.

Access to nature

Vancouver is surrounded by beautiful nature in all directions. Its residents often enjoy the natural landscapes and walk through lanes surrounded by greenery. The city has many parks and green areas where its residents enjoy relaxing and spending their free time. However, if you’re ready for a day trip, there are many things to choose from. If you like nature, you’ll love living in the city of Vancouver. Only a couple of hours away, you can find the beach or mountain range. Within the same driving distance, you’ll find forests and a desert, as well. With the natural landscape diversity, it’s no wonder many people consider these parts as one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Many people from across the states enjoy gazing at the beautiful nature surrounding the city, and many dream of living in Vancouver.

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