Moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on

Statistics can sometimes be very dull and boring. However, at times they can give you pieces of information that can be very helpful. That’s why we have moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on available to you. They can be very interesting and help you out with understanding moving better. For everything else, you can count on the Best Cross Country Movers to connect you with reputable movers. Whatever your needs might be, let’s take a good look at what this year brings when it comes to moving.

How much does it cost to move and what has the most impact?

One of the most important things for many people is the cost of the move. Of course, there are many factors that will impact the prices and rates. Some of them include how heavy your items are, how heavy your belongings are, and even how early you hire your moving company. For example, if you hire cross-country movers in Kansas earlier you will get a better price. On top of that, one of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is the fact that the prices have been going up. The same goes for moving and this year you can see 5-10% raises in price. This maybe doesn’t impact as much the local move but has a huge one when it comes to larger relocation tasks. 

A person holding a bunch of money
Moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on will always include money

What are the factors that impacted the price the most?

With so many things that will create a price when it comes to relocation, it’s important to keep in mind that there are factors that are not related just to the relocation industry. One of the facts is that the inflation rate has been rising in the past year and continues to do so. From packing services to other services, the rates and prices have been going up. Of course with taking everything into consideration, you can also expect certain raises with the materials. Their costs will also mean that the services themselves will be more expensive. This cycle continues and there’s still a trend of rates going up.

Requesting as many moving quotes as you can is a way to help you out with creating an affordable move

However expensive moving becomes, there are still ways to make things easier for your budget. One of them is to choose the best option for you. The best situation you can find yourself in is if you have a handful of moving estimates. Be it that you need cross-country movers in Delaware or anything else, using quotes to your advantage will still be the best way to get as affordable moving as possible. Especially as estimates can give you the right insight into what a moving company will offer you for their prices and rates. It will take you a little time and can come with a lot of benefits.

Among the Moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is where from and to are people moving?

One of the most interesting details of moving is where people are moving to and from. At certain times, the migrations from one part of the US to another change. It’s always fun and interesting to look at those stats. Be it that it’s commercial moving or residential moving that they apply. So what are the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on when it comes to where people are going from and to? Here are just some states that stand out and why people are choosing them.

Utah is one of the states where people are moving the most

As the state that shows the highest population growth, Utah truly stands out. It’s one of the states that is overall very welcoming. For that reason, that growth of about 20% is more than obvious. Especially families have a huge benefit with such a move. You can always expect cross-country movers in Utah to make the relocation process much easier and doable. On top of that, there are many quality job opportunities all over the state. People that relocate there report that there’s a better sense of community and you feel like part of your surroundings.

The welcome sign to the state of Utah
Utah is one of the more welcoming states in the US

Many people and families are choosing to move to Florida

There are many things that make Florida stand out from the rest. For many, that’s its climate and sunshine. Especially for the younger population, Florida is a great state to start your career and enjoy everything it has to offer. Make sure that you have cross-country movers in Florida to take care of the moving process itself. The almost 15% rise in population comes with a very good reason. Besides being the sunshine state, it also offers very affordable housing that is not difficult to find. That’s one of the reasons why one of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is the migration of the younger generation to Florida.

Texas is one of the states where people want to relocate to

Texas is one of the most popular states to move to. This trend has just continued from the years before. Of course, that’s because cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas, and many more have improved very much the condition of the state itself. With more than 15% more people living in Texas in comparison to last year, it’s not a surprise that these benefits still stand. One of the main reasons why people and families call cross-country movers in Texas is the state’s affordability. A relatively stable housing market, affordable housing, and no state income tax are just some of the benefits that people still can profit from in 2022.

A surprise among the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is that many people are choosing Arizona as their new home

One of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on, is that more and more people are choosing Arizona as their new home. It has been a rising star in the last couple of years but in 2022. as it has become a home for many. That trend has impacted the work of cross-country movers in Arizona as more and more people have it in mind. Besides the great job opportunities, huge homes that come at reasonable prices, and stunning beauty, Arizona offers many other benefits like affordable living. The fact that the population has grown by 10% makes us think that the number will just keep growing.

One of the states that people are leaving is California

Even if California is one of the most sought-after states in the US to live in, it still has its negative sides. For that reason, one of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is the exodus of people from it. And it’s something that cross-state movers in California were able to see on their own. There are many reasons why people dislike California and decide to leave it. The main problem is the premium price they’re paying for sub-par conditions. Be that it’s housing or the cost of living, California can sometimes seem ridiculous to live in.

Among the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is the exodus from New York

New York is usually one of the places that mean a plethora of opportunities. However, the state is among the first when it comes to people rather leaving it than actually moving to it. One of the explanations for this trend is the fact that the taxes are extremely high. However, cross-country movers in New York will also underline the hectic housing market. It’s difficult to find housing, be it that you want to buy or rent. That’s why it’s not a surprise that it’s a good enough reason for people to leave the state.

NYC deserves to be on the list of moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on
There are no moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on without New York

Illinois is still continuing to be on the downwards trend

Unfortunately, one of the trends that keep going is the fact that a good amount of people are moving out of Illinois. It’s important to underline that it also has many positives, but the negatives of the state can be too much for many. One of the facts that cross-country movers in Illinois can confirm is that almost half of people think about leaving. Besides the fact that the crime rate is pretty high, it’s also to notice that housing is expensive. On top of that, taxes are probably the number one thing why people want to move. There’s still a lot to improve in Illinois and the same goes in 2022.

New Jersey has been on the negative moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on

New Jersey is a small state but has a big community. However, its community is slowly leaving it. The fact that it is close to New York makes it very suitable as it has lower housing prices than New York. But none of the reasons why people are getting in touch with cross-country movers in New Jersey is the lack of jobs. Above all, the ones that pay the most and can support the area’s lifestyle. That is surely one of the more interesting moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on. Especially as that wasn’t really the case in the years before.

Moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on have been impacted by motivating factors?

What are trends if not how people react to certain changes or impacts from the outside? For that reason, it’s very interesting to know the right reasons why people move. There are many details that you can take into consideration. For certain parts of the population, it can be money that makes you move. On the other hand, there are many other things that impact them. Let’s take a look at the most obvious and interesting ones.

One of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is that people want to be closer to their friends and families

The pandemic is still not over, but it’s far from a total lockdown. For that reason, it’s important to make some conclusions from that fact too. One of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is the fact that people want to be near their loved ones. If people had family in Colorado, they called the cross-country movers in Colorado to help them out. In 2022. This trend still continues. For that reason, it’s more obvious that people put this as their number one motivation for moving.

A bgig family takign pictures
It has become more and more important to be around loved ones

Affordability is a huge motivation to not just move to an area, but also move out of an area

One of the main factors why people are moving is affordability. There are certain states where both the prices of housing and renting are going through the roof. Especially if you think about cities like New York and Los Angeles. On the other hand, people choose among the cross-country movers in Mississippi to help out. Especially if you have into consideration the fact that Mississippi is among the most affordable US states. It’s not a surprise that affordability is still a huge thing for people when they think about moving. Having a budget-friendly place to live is a huge deal for many.

Having a bigger space to live is very important for the majority of people that move

When moving, why not use it to make your living situation better? One of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is that people usually relocate to homes that are bigger. For that reason, you have many people proudly calling the residential movers to relocate to a bigger space. For many, this has been a dream. And they have used 2022. as the year to improve their living situation. Especially when it comes to the period after the pandemic. There are more people looking for bigger homes and houses with yards and outdoor space. And in bigger cities, even bigger apartments will do the job for many.

Being able to work from home has opened up moving to another place for a lot of people and families

Another result of the COVID-19 pandemic is the rise of working from home. For that reason, people haven’t been in a situation where they are completely stuck in one place. And it keeps being one of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on. Especially as it means that you can call the cross-country movers in Hawaii to move you there as work isn’t something that limits you. You can go anywhere you want, and depending on your needs, you can work and enjoy anywhere you find yourself. The fact that you can work from home has brought forth a lot of interesting changes.

Moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is that housing markets will have a huge impact on relocations

Buying a home is always a difficult task. Especially if you think about the fact that the prices are on the rise. If you want to buy a home in 2022. you will need to count on at least a 5% price rise. That’s an average as usually, the more expensive states have a higher rate of the price increase. For example, the cross-country movers in Oregon will tell you that their housing options can get very expensive. That’s why you can expect certain migrations from one part of the US to another. Especially when you can get a good overview of what parts of the nation have higher and which lower prices. 

A key inside an open door
Moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on will be impacted by the housing market

Rent has become a big factor as we mention the overall housing market

Similar to buying a home, renting is also a crucial thing when it comes to choosing your housing options. Besides that, it can also have an impact on the place you’re going to move to. If you think about how important rent prices are important, and that they are on the rise, it’s so crucial to keep everything in check. You don’t want cross-country movers in Virginia to bring you to one of the most expensive places to rent. If you’re a renter, pick a place like West Virginia, Iowa, or Indiana as they have lower rents.

How are the stats when it comes to the distance of the move

Another trend that is good to look at is what distances people are covering. Especially as there are a lot of situations and instances where people would actually like to move away. However, how much truth is there to these claims? Of course, it’s important to have moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on in your thoughts. How many local and long-distance movers were there? Is long-distance moving something many people engaged in? What about international moving? Let’s take a look at just how the moving trends in 2022. stand for now.

One of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on is that the majority of people still move locally

When it comes to the type of move that is on top, you’ll have to have local moving as king. Around 40% of people that have been moving have done so within their own city. This is a fact that makes a lot of people think. Especially experts, as they estimated it to be a much lower number. However, you don’t have to be too surprised. The financial situation of many people is a part of why this number is so high. Besides, moving locally doesn’t require as many changes. For that reason, many people still prefer to move within a 100-mile radius of their own city.

The state lines are not something that many people cross when moving

If you’ve been surprised with the percentage of moves within the city, then the number for relocation within the state will be even a bigger surprise. That’s because when it comes to the statistics for 2022. the number of people that move within the same state is around 79%. This usually isn’t the case when you ask around people questions about where they want to move. Especially as their answer is a location outside of their state. There are probably many factors why that is so, but we wanted to underline the fact that not many people move across state lines.

Every fifth person that’s moving will move to another state

On average, a little less than 20% will have an interstate relocation. Of course, you need to keep in mind all the difficulties that come with such a moving process. It requires a lot of attention to detail and work overall. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a BBB-approved moving company to handle your moving process. However, it’s also very expensive so there’s a reason why not many people approach it. However, most of the people move to Texas, Florida, and similar states that are affordable and offer many opportunities.

Lack of interstate moving is one of the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on
Moves across state lines have become rare

International relocations are a rare occurrence

International moving isn’t something that happened a lot in 2022. That’s why it’s not something that really created trends in 2022. However, it’s important to note that is still so because there are still some restrictions in play for the pandemic. It’s still difficult to go around the world. And moving outside the US will be even harder to do. as only 2% of people moved outside of the US it’s very hard to conclude anything else from such stats. However, we’re sure that as things get more open this number will be on the rise.

When it comes to moving, it comes with several difficulties and challenges. However, it will be much easier if you can foresee them and use good information to your advantage. For that reason, we’re sure the moving trends of 2022 to keep an eye on will be helpful to find the right solution for you. That will keep relocations easier to do and overall ensure that you have good information to create a smooth move. Whatever you do, good luck with your move and we hope some trends can be of assistance.

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