How should you pack liquids for moving?

Many people are prepared for long packing but forget that they should also pack liquids for moving. Whether it is a few bottles of washing products and cosmetics or serious toxic fluids, it is important to pack them properly. Especially if some of them could be harmful to other people. You should also be prepared for situations when liquids cannot be moved at all. Any of these situations could be easily resolved.


Before you even start to pack liquids for moving, you should know which of them are harmful and dangerous. It is also important to know how to dispose of liquid properly and if some of them need professionals to be moved. It could be easy to make a list of products you have and check if they are on the list of toxic products.

Pack liquids for move includes some dangerious substances
Many kitchen supplies should be discarded when you pack liquids for moving

Dispose of toxic and harmful liquids properly

Usually, people do not think about the products they have in their kitchens and bathroom. Most of them are toxic. That is especially important for cleaning products, bleach, and some types of detergents. You may do not know that even nail remover could be a toxic product. Medical products are also very toxic and if you do not move with you dispose of them according to instructions.

Some of the products could not be moved at all

There is a special legislation about toxic, flammable, harmful liquids and poisons. They cannot be moved or only professionals can pack and move them. Some of them, like long distance movers Atlanta, know how to pack even the most dangerous items.

Check everything before packing!

Before you even start with packing you should check if you have a broken bottle or damaged package. That will save your time and surely help you to avoid stress. In case that you are not sure of bottles, seal them with plastic wrap, just in case. Do not put them close to the cloth, just for the case. It is always good to put them in boxes separately, or in a special package for them.

How to pack liquids for moving step by step

Now, when you finally started with packing, you should know how to pack liquids for moving. Before it, you obviously should prepare packing supplies. Those are different from the supplies that we usually use when packing. Some of them represent a special protection from liquid disposal during traveling.

  • Plastic bags – it is good to choose those with thick nylon or use from original packages;
  • Plastic wrap – as we said, it should be thick and tight;
  • Wrapping tape – people usually take duck tape, but you can use whatever you want for this;
  • Labels – it is obvious that you will need to label package;
  • You should prepare sponges, towel, and rags to pack liquids for moving – it is obvious why.

Make a list what you will pack for moving

Even though we think that we have so many things to take with us that are not so hard. At first glance, our bathroom and kitchen look crowd, but not everything is for moving. There are many things that you can buy again after moving. Those are usually cosmetic products and makeup. Why would anybody move with him an used deodorant or shampoo? It is simplest to throw it away or even better, donate to shelters for women. After that put on the side everything that is toxic and dangerous. You can decide what to do with that later. Now you have to pack only important liquids for moving.

Label all items when pack liquids for moving
Make a list and label every product when you pack liquids for moving

Pack liquids for moving properly

It is important to keep all the important things under your eye. Sometimes you can forget for something, so put every single bottle in front of you. Then separate them by type, usage, and size of the bottle. Your packing can start.

Use plastic bins

After you put bottles in plastic bags or wrapped them tightly (you can collect a few bottles together), you have to put them in plastic bins. You can use specialized bins for this, but you can also use a recycled one. There are many packages at home that you can use for that purposes.

Use towels, rags, and sponges

We already said that you should pack liquids for moving separately from cloth. However, use old cloth, or towels to wrap bottles in them. That will safe other things from spoiling, and absorb liquid in case that it happens. It is also good to put an old towel on the bottom of every box with the bottles.

Apply a piece of tape and a zippered container

We know that we already listed a bunch of practical ways to pack liquids for moving. However, it is not harmful if you use a piece of tape and apply it over the can or box, just in case. It also can be useful if you can find a plastic zipper container and put bottles there. It will protect you and your package during traveling.

Put bottles in an upright position

Maybe this sounds logical, but people sometimes reach for the simplest way to pack their bottles. Bottles can take a lot of space, so people just put them in boxes as they find a place. It is very important to put them in an upright position and label the boxes properly.

Always donate what you did not pack as liquids for moving
Pack liquids for moving and what is not packed donate

When we talk about the labeling…

Everybody knows that labeling is very important when moving. It is the case mostly because moving companies must know how to put boxes. Sometimes it keeps protected from harm and damage, too. When packing liquids for moving is about, labeling the boxes is very important. Companies that help in long distance moving know how to deal with those packages.

There are cross country movers Georgia that could provide you with pieces of advice. However, it is not harmful if you help them by writing simply “liquids” or “this side up” on boxes. They will know how to deal with them. On that way, preparing and pack liquids for moving is not so hard job.

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