Moving From Washington to Missouri

An interstate relocation entails plenty of details that you need to take care of. That’s why when moving from Washington to Missouri, it’s important to think about as many things as you can. One thing that is easy to do is to explore some of the moving companies you can find listed on Best Cross Country Movers and have experts handling the relocation process. But besides that, you still want to be ready for all that is coming your way. Let’s go over some of the crucial aspects of this move.

Some Differences Between Washington and Missouri

Before you even think about booking some of the interstate movers in Washington it’s important to analyze certain details. There are differences that will be more than obvious when moving from Washington to Missouri. Learn more about:

  • Climate
  • Job opportunities
  • Housing costs
  • Taxes
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Cultural changes
  • Healthcare
  • Education
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Changes in climate

When relocating from Washington to Missouri with the help of interstate movers in Bellevue, one main distinction that you’ll notice will be the weather. Washington, specifically the western area of the state, enjoys a maritime climate with mild, wet winters and cool, dry summers. Seattle, as an example, averages around 39 inches of rainfall a year. In comparison, Missouri has a continental climate with hot, humid summers and cold winters. St. Louis has received approximately 41 inches of rain in 12 months. Also, you can experience some severe weather conditions, including tornadoes. Additionally, Missouri’s temperature variety is more intense, with summer highs often exceeding 90°F and winter lows frequently dropping below-freezing temperatures. Be ready for all that these changes bring with them.

Job opportunities after moving from Washington to Missouri

Job opportunities are very different between Washington and Missouri. Washington’s economy thrives on tech, aerospace, and agriculture, with principal employers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing. Seattle’s tech enterprise, particularly, gives considerable high-paying jobs. On the other hand, Missouri’s job marketplace is very diverse, with strong sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. St. Louis and Kansas City are key hubs, with main employers like Centene Corporation, Express Scripts, and General Motors. Additionally, Missouri’s cost of living is lower, stretching your income. Missouri’s unemployment rate is currently 3.2%, barely below the countrywide average, indicating a stable job market.

Housing costs

Housing costs between Washington and Missouri are more than notable. In Washington, especially in cities like Seattle, the housing marketplace is very difficult to manage and is costly. The median home price in Seattle is around $850,000. Rent for a one-bedroom condo averages about $2,200 per month. In comparison, Missouri offers larger, less expensive housing. In Kansas City, the median home rate is approximately $250,000, and a one-bedroom apartment rents for approximately $1,000 per month. St. Louis provides similar affordability, with an average home price of $225,000 and average rent for a one-bedroom home at $950.

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The cost of housing is something you don’t want to overlook

Changes in taxes

One of the changes you can expect is the changes in taxes. Washington has no state income tax, reaping benefits for high earners. However, it compensates with higher sales taxes, averaging around 9.23%. Property taxes in Washington also are rather high. Missouri, alternatively, imposes a state tax ranging from 0% to 5.4%, relying on profits. However, its sales tax is lower, averaging about 8.29%. Property taxes in Missouri are moderate, with an average effective rate of 0.97%. These tax variations can have an impact on your general cost of living and economic plans.

Outdoor recreation

Moving to Missouri opens up a wealth of outdoor fun possibilities. The state has numerous parks, trails, and overall beautiful nature. The Ozark Mountains provide hiking, fishing, and camping. On top of that, the Lake of the Ozarks is a famous destination for boating and water sports activities. Missouri also has a sizable cave system. Good examples of them are caves in the Meramec State Park. For cycling enthusiasts, the Katy Trail presents over 200 miles of outstanding routes. Additionally, the Mark Twain National Forest offers numerous outdoor sports like hunting, horseback driving, and birdwatching. With all the wonderful seasons you can enjoy, Missouri’s outdoor exercise options are numerous and plentiful, ensuring leisure for nature enthusiasts and journey seekers alike. Here are some other places that will be worth checking out, including:

  • Ha Ha Tonka State Park
  • Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park
  • Elephant Rocks State Park
  • Table Rock Lake

The cultural life of Missouri

Missouri provides a colorful cultural life with plenty of attractions. Kansas City is renowned for its jazz background, with the American Jazz Museum celebrating this rich history. The town also has a thriving arts scene, which includes the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and numerous theaters. St. Louis is home to the outstanding Gateway Arch and Forest Park, which is home to the Saint Louis Art Museum, Science Center, and Zoo. Missouri’s smaller towns also contribute to its beauty and culture. Branson, known as the “Live Music Show Capital of the World,” features a variety of performances and entertainment venues. Additionally, the state hosts numerous fun events, including the Missouri State Fair and the Hermann Oktoberfest, offering unique stories and traditions the whole year round.

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Enjoy all the benefits of moving from Washington to Missouri

Healthcare in the state

Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis is the state’s largest medical institution. You can count on top-level quality of specialized care and research. Missouri is also home to the University of Missouri Health Care system in Columbia, which incorporates a huge variety of services and specialized treatment facilities. Kansas City has the University of Kansas Hospital, which is acknowledged for its excellent treatments and medical innovations. Additionally, Mercy Hospital in Springfield provides top-notch healthcare services, including a children’s clinic. Missouri’s healthcare guarantees citizens top-notch hospital treatment, with facilities recognized for their excellence in patient care and studies.

Educational opportunities

Missouri offers robust educational opportunities with numerous top-ranked faculties and universities. Washington University in St. Louis sticks out as one of the state’s finest institutions, regarded for its programs in medication, business, and law. The University of Missouri, with its essential campus in Columbia, affords a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs and is referred to for its journalism school. Missouri State University in Springfield offers programs in business, education, and the arts. Public K-12 schooling additionally excels, with districts like Clayton School District in St. Louis County standing out, making sure satisfactory education from early childhood through high school is provided.

Some of the Best Places to Live in Missouri

Before picking your interstate movers in Missouri it’s important to know your exact location. Missouri is full of cities and towns that stand out for some great reasons. From fun and entertainment to education, there’s plenty to enjoy. Here are some of the cities we’ll recommend when it comes to relocating to Missouri, including:

  • St. Louis
  • Kansas City
  • Columbia
  • Springfield
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Choose your city wisely when moving From Washington to Missouri

St. Louis

St. Louis is an incredible location to live in. It blends a great number of amenities and cultural richness. Known for its low cost of living, St. Louis has a variety of neighborhoods that have plenty of housing options. The city has a great history and subculture, with places like the Gateway Arch and regions just like the Delmar Loop. Forest Park, one of the biggest city parks in the U.S., offers museums, a zoo, and outdoor activities. St. Louis additionally has a strong job marketplace, in particular in healthcare, education, and technology. With renowned institutions like Washington University, brilliant public colleges, and a number of entertainment and dining options, St. Louis provides a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for everyone.

Kansas City

Are you looking for the right place to live in Missouri? Then, booking cross country movers Kansas City has to offer can be a good choice. Kansas City’s rich arts scene includes the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and several music venues showcasing its well-known jazz historical past. The city is also a culinary hub, famous for its barbecue. The biggest employers in the city are companies such as Cerner and Hallmark. Additionally, Kansas City boasts tremendous academic institutions, including the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Kansas City can provide a top-notch lifestyle with its combination of city amenities, cultural sights, and a great job market.


Columbia is a high-quality place to live because of its amazing opportunities. That’s why hiring interstate movers Columbia  is a smart move. It is a great university-town lifestyle with a range of cultural and educational possibilities, and it’s home to the University of Missouri. The town is recognized for its strong healthcare system, which is led by the University of Missouri Health Care, and its top-notch public facilities. For people who want to experience the exceptional outdoors, Columbia has an abundance of parks and trails, such as the MKT Trail and Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. The downtown area offers fun stores, places to eat, and overall entertainment. With a pleasant environment and a low cost of living, Columbia is suited for professionals, families, and college students.

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Is Columbia the right place for you?


Are you looking for the right place to live in Missouri? Springfield might be the perfect place for you. This area is very family-friendly and won’t be hard on your budget. On top of that, there are great outdoor opportunities to relax, including the Ozarks, where you can enjoy everything from hiking to boating. With employers like CoxHealth and O’Reilly Auto Parts, you won’t have many problems finding a job and kick-starting your career in your new area. Overall, Springfield is a great pick for those moving from Washington to Missouri and looking for a place to have a variety of benefits. Will this be enough for you to book some of the best interstate moving companies Springfield and move?

Tips for Moving From Washington to Missouri

When you have a relocation, it’s important to keep it as efficient as possible. When you have your interstate movers in Spokane Valley handling the move, there’s not much to worry about. However, there are still things you can do to ensure a smoother process.

Create a moving checklist

Creating a list is crucial for a clean transition from Washington to Missouri. A special list allows you to stay organized and guarantees that no crucial responsibilities are ignored. Start by listing key steps, which include notifying application companies, forwarding your mail, and updating your address with major institutions. Include packing timelines, room-by-room stock, and other important elements of a relocation. A checklist additionally enables you to control important dates, like scheduling movers and other preparations. By breaking down the move into practicable obligations, you reduce strain and ensure everything is completed on time.

Declutter and organize

Decluttering and organizing will make any relocation less stressful. Begin by sorting through your belongings and identifying what to preserve, donate, or discard. This technique reduces the quantity of items to transport, decreasing moving costs. Organizing your possessions enables you to discover what needs special packing or immediate attention upon arrival. It additionally simplifies unpacking for your new home, making it easier to settle in quickly. By decluttering, you make certain that your items make the move damage-free, creating a smoother start in Missouri.

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Get rid of unnecessary items

Notify important parties

Start by updating your address with the postal service to forward your mail. Inform banks, insurance companies, and healthcare providers to avoid any disruption in services. Notify utility companies to schedule disconnections and reconnections, ensuring your new home is ready upon arrival. Alert your employer and update your address for tax purposes. Don’t forget to inform schools if you have children, ensuring their records are transferred. Notifying these parties in advance helps prevent missed bills, lapses in coverage, and other inconveniences. This proactive step ensures that your essential services continue uninterrupted, making your move more organized and hassle-free.

Enjoy Your Stress-Free Relocation

Moving from Washington to Missouri doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. When you combine our advice and the number of moving companies we connect you with, there’s nothing to stress about. From the financial aspect of the relocation to the best cities in Missouri, we hope we have covered all the things that you might find interesting when it comes to this relocation. Finally, enjoy all the benefits that will come with living in Missouri.

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