Moving to Dallas TX – the ultimate guide

If you are currently considering the possibility of moving to Dallas TX, let us tell you to go right ahead and do it. This modern metropolis is a commercial and cultural hub of entire Texas and, as such, will give you absolutely everything you need for a fulfilled and happy life. But, before you go on and hire long distance movers Dallas, we suggest you stick with us and read our guide about everything a Dallas relocation entails. With our tips, we’ll try to bring the Dallas lifestyle a bit closer to you. And we will give you a few pointers about all the duties that await in the months leading up to your relocation!

A view to see after moving to Dallas TX.
Dallas promises to amaze, and you shouldn’t expect anything less from this cultural hub!

The cost of living in Dallas debunked

As a huge city with over a million residents, people usually make the mistake of expecting Dallas to be something that it’s not. Yes, Dallas is an amazing city for those who don’t mind a few crowds and the fast-paced lifestyle that always comes with cities this big. One other thing they also forget to take a look into are the living costs.

Whether you are moving from Florida or some other state, you might be more preoccupied with the cost of hiring the best interstate moving companies Florida than with the living costs in Dallas. And that’s when people make a mistake. Right now, we’ll give you some statistical data about the prices for average necessities in life. With the fact that GDP per capita is $61,768, we’ll let you draw your own conclusion whether life in Dallas will be an affordable one!

  • Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you $800+, and $650+ outside the city center
  • Renting a three-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you $1,300+, and $950+ outside the city center
  • A meal in an inexpensive restaurant will be around $10 to $15.
  • Monthly season ticket for public transportation – $80.

If you’ll let us say, when compared with a lot of other cities of the same caliber, Dallas turns out to be a much cheaper city. That’s why it’s safe to say that, if moving from Florida and a city such as Miami, Dallas will be a very positive change price-wise.

A person taking money out of their wallet.
Life in this city won’t break the bank. But the process of moving to Dallas TX might.

If you are moving to Dallas TX with a family…

make it your task to find a home in the north part of Dallas. This part of the city is filled with everything a family needs for a happy, quality life, including lots of parks, excellent schools, and great local amenities. After all, when buying a house, you should pay equal attention to the neighborhood and the property. You can always change a house and remodel it, but you can never affect and change the people living around you. So, when hunting for a family-friendly neighborhood in Dallas, Best Cross Country Movers recommend you pay special attention to:

Dallas will most likely have a job for you

But that doesn’t mean you should wait until you get there to find one. The cost of living in Dallas is relatively low and the salaries are a bit above the average. Still, life in Dallas can burn a pretty big hole in your savings account and pretty quickly. And we can only guess you are not relocating to Dallas TX with the intention of going broke soon after it. Which you don’t have to, quite the contrary – you just have to be proactive when finding a new job. If it helps, the biggest demand is for professionals in the commerce, IT, healthcare, telecommunications, and banking fields. Although, in a city as great as Dallas, there is enough room for people of all ages and professions.

A team of professionals dressed in black.
Finding a job before relocating to Dallas should be a fairly simple endeavor.

Be very careful with your choice of movers when relocating to Dallas

We don’t know where you are moving from but, depending on that fact, your relocation could be a very costly endeavor. And that’s somewhat normal – as long as you don’t pay for movers that will take your money but not deliver what’s promised. Keep your eyes open when looking for residential movers. Not every company is as reputable and reliable as they claim. Perhaps the best way to check a company’s reputability is by reading online reviews and testimonials. And while doing it, try to steer clear from a company’s website – the reviews you see there are sometimes fabricated and written by the company itself.

Bear in mind the Texas climate when moving to Dallas TX

Depending on your personal preferences, the climate in Texas could amaze you, as well as disappoint you. But the fact is that Texas is a lot warmer than a majority of the other US states. That means you can feel free to leave your heavy winter jacket behind and get ready for hot, sunny days. That also means that you have to be very careful if renting a storage unit in Dallas. Due to high temperatures, we strongly suggest you consider only climate-controlled units. Otherwise, you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

Prepare for a lifestyle of adventure when relocating to Dallas

At the risk of sounding enamored with Dallas, we think you’ll have an amazing life after moving here. By many standards, it’s one of the best cities for life in the United States, which makes it a more than a good option for you. The life you get here won’t break the bank but will meet all of your expectations. Hey, it will even surpass them! Think no more about moving to Dallas TX but take the matters into your own hands and do it! Chances are slim that you’ll regret it.

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