Moving out of New York City: where do people go?

For many, NYC is a great city to live in. Still, many citizens are deciding to leave it for some other place. The most common reasons for moving out of New York City are high costs of living, rising taxes, and high crime rates. Also, the aging infrastructure is one of the reasons (for example, public transport is becoming annoying). Besides, some residents are getting tired of the high population density. So, they are looking for places with different and more relaxed lifestyles. And places which are not so crowded. However, it is not so easy to change. And Best Cross Country Movers will confirm that for most New Yorkers it is not an easy decision. So, where do they move to?

Places that can offer a new start to ex-New Yorkers

When deciding where to move, different people will follow different priorities. Luckily, possibilities across the United States are endless. So, you can choose to live in the coastal areas. Or, you can opt for smaller major cities. They can offer a lot of amenities that you are used to. But, you will have fewer challenges living there. Besides, some citizens are deciding to go to small towns, with easy access to nature and national parks. Families with school-age kids will look for places with good school districts. 

And, since the pandemic, many New Yorkers have taken advantage of working from home. So, living in a rural area, they can earn working online. And, with the help of cross-country movers NYC, you can easily relocate to any place in the USA.

Unrecognizable woman with a suitcase walking near the airport terminal moving out of New York City.
People are moving out of New York City due to various reasons.

Moving out of New York City

When you are deciding about moving out of New York City, don’t rush. Give yourself time and consider all pros and cons of moving out of New York. Also, take your time and think about places that are attractive to you. What these places can offer you? And what are their shortcomings? And, call the interstate movers New York only when you firmly decide which city you want to move to. 

To help you, we will provide information about several cities. According to statistics, many New Yorkers have already moved there. Maybe it will help you in making the final decision.

Austin, Texas

What to expect when living in Austin

Austin, TX has 1,028,225 residents. And living there is 23.3% cheaper than living in NYC. So, this is a considerable difference. Also, it can offer more comfortable living for you and your family. And, this is a good place for buying a home. Also, Austin is an excellent place for raising a family.

Austin’s job market is constantly growing. There are already many tech companies. It also hosts some of the big names like Tesla, Apple, IBM, Dell, and Amazon. Besides, Austin is an excellent place for start-ups as you will be exempt from paying state taxes. Also, you will not be charged an income tax.

About Austin, TX

Austin is known for its high quality of life, and excellent weather. Besides, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Its cultural diversity atmosphere and rich job markets are making it a very desirable place. So, there is no wonder that many ex-New Yorkers are moving there. Austin is also known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”, which is bringing many visitors t this place. There, you can expect more musical performances than anywhere in the country.

When it comes to the food scene, you will be delighted with the choice of BBQ, Tex-Mex, food trucks, and breakfast tacos. Also, the city has numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and many places where you can enjoy craft beer. And, the easiest way to relocate there is to hire the best-cross country movers in Texas.

Aerial View Of City Buildings, Seattle, WA.
Seattle has a booming job market.

Seattle, Washington

What to expect when living in Seattle

With a population of 772,613, Seattle is just 0.5% cheaper than New York. However, the biggest difference is in median house costs, which are much higher in Seattle. On the other hand, utilities in Seattle are 54% cheaper. Offering great schools, a lot of family-friendly activities, and many affordable neighborhoods, Seattle is a great place to settle down. And, with help of interstate movers in Washington, your relocation will be fast and swift.   

About Seattle, WA

Seattle is another fast-growing city, with a booming job market. In comparison, job market growth in NYC is rather modest. So, there is a growing demand in Seattle for professional workers. And they are needed in many fields. Also, the hourly wages in Seattle are 32% higher than the national average. The biggest companies are Amazon and Microsoft. However, there are numerous smaller companies and start-ups, especially in the tech industry.

Besides, living in Seattle, you will have easy access to nature. And you will enjoy lakes, mountains, hiking, biking, and many more outdoor activities.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

What to expect when living in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has 443,715 residents, and it is 37.7% cheaper than New York. Its design and architecture are similar to that of New York. That is why it is often called the Mini Apple. However, it has much better infrastructure and much better air quality. In general, Minneapolis has reasonable costs. So, $3,000 a month, will ensure you very comfortable living. 

Regarding the job market, Minneapolis is home to many  Fortune 500 companies. So, moving there, with the help of interstate moves in Minnesota, you will easily find a new job.

About Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota could be very cold. However, since you are already used to NYC winters, that shouldn’t be a problem. S, what makes Minneapolis so nice is the Mississippi River and numerous lakes. Also, about 98% of citizens are living just 10 minutes walk away from a park. So, no wonder that you will find many outdoor activities living there.

Tampa Beach, Florida.
Tampa will offer you affordable and relaxed living.

Tampa, Florida

What to expect when living in Tampa

Tampa has 407,104 residents, and it is 38.5% cheaper than New York. And, unlike NYC, there are no income taxes in Florida. Affordable and relaxed living, surrounded by palm trees, and beaches, no wonder that only in 2021 about 34,000 New Yorkers moved to Florida. Besides, you will enjoy cultural diversity, great food, and exciting nightlife. This is very attractive to Millenials. Besides them, Tampa is a popular destination for retirees and veterans. If all of this looks appealing to you, book your move with cross-country movers in Florida.

About Tampa, FL

On top of the laid-back lifestyle and numerous amenities, you may like to know that the Tampa job market is booming. Finding a job in Tampa was always easy. And, in case you are a  registered nurse, you will get several offers immediately. Of course, there are many other job offers, especially for those with experience in the hospitality industry.

Moving from New Yours to other towns

And, the presented cities are just those where most of the NYC residents are moving. This means that there are many more places that suit their wish for a fresh start.  So, besides the presented list, we will here offer you the possibility for more insight into inbound and outbound moving from NYC. That will help you to understand where people from New York are moving. And from which places people are moving to NYC. Yes, that is right. The process of moving out of New York City was always compensated by those moving in. There will always be people leaving. Also, there will always be those attracted by the NYC lifestyle and the possibilities this amazing city can offer.

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