Downsizing before state-to-state relocation

Are you planning a state-to-state move? Do you have too many belongings and are dreading packing and moving? If so, then you should consider doing some downsizing. Downsizing before state-to-state relocation will involve lots of hard work and planning, not to mention that it will be time-consuming. Still, it will be worth it in the long run. Not only will you feel better in your newly decluttered home, but you will also make room for new things. Decluttering can be a daunting process and many people hesitate to even start. To help you have a stress-free decluttering experience, we at Best Cross Country Movers have created this useful guide on how to downsize your home before your state-to-state relocation.

Start off the downsizing process by making a plan

Before you start putting things into boxes, you should have at least an idea of how you will actually organize everything. Many people decide to wing it, but soon realize that packing and decluttering without a plan is next to impossible. Soon you will start forgetting where everything is, things you actually need could go missing, and you will feel nothing but stress. However, a good packing plan can bring order to chaos when you are downsizing before state-to-state relocation. So, you should first choose where to start. Going room by room is a good way to avoid feeling overwhelmed and confused. Also, you can hire some of the best moving companies to help you with planning and downsizing. Professional moving companies have a lot of experience in this area and they can help you greatly.

Professional movers carrying boxes
Professional movers can offer great help when you are downsizing before state-to-state relocation

Your plan should include separating things into categories

Then, you should take the time and sort the things into different piles or categories. Usually, you can sort things into four categories:

  • Things to keep – This pile should contain only the things you really use and need. Of course, feel free to include some sentimental items that you wish to keep and take with you to your new home.
  • Things to give away – This pile is for things that are in good condition, but you no longer need or use them. You can give them away to Goodwill or you can ask your family or friends if they want them. Another way to get rid of them (and make a small profit in the process) is to organize a garage sale. Still, you should know that garage sales also require time and planning, so only do this if you are sure you will have enough time.
  • Things to recycle or throw away – This pile is for things you no longer use and that can no longer be used. So, consider whether they can be recycled. Then, contact the local garbage collection services to make arrangements for pick-up. This is especially important if you are getting rid of large pieces of furniture. Proper services need to take them away.
  • Things you are unsure about – Over time, we tend to accumulate things and we grow sentimentally attached to them. It is not easy to get rid of everything, so this pile is especially useful. Use it for things you need to think about and revisit later. Feel free to put in as many things as you like. However, do not just put everything inside this pile as a way of putting off packing. Use this category wisely.

The next step when downsizing before state-to-state relocation is to pack everything

Packing goes hand-in-hand with the sorting step in the process. To avoid wasting time by going back to rooms you have already sorted, you should immediately pack every item that you go through while sorting them. Remember to secure sturdy packing supplies, such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. You may also need packing peanuts and tape to close all the boxes. Or, you can simply hire a moving company that offers packing services to help you. Most professional movers have their own packing supplies, so it will be one less thing for you to worry about.

While packing, remember to keep track of where everything is. Otherwise, you may end up donating a box you meant to keep. You should label each box clearly before you start putting things inside. Then, start making lists for each of the boxes with the label at the top of the list. Not only will this help you stay organized while packing, but it will also be invaluable once you are unpacking. You can just take out your lists and locate any item you need easily.

Man labeling boxes while downsizing before state-to-state relocation
Make sure to label the boxes while you pack

Make use of storage units when you are downsizing for your state-to-state relocation

Storage units can be our best friends when we are moving. If you are moving a large volume of items, then consider renting a storage unit, especially while you are packing and downsizing. Many storage services offer portable units that can be delivered to your residence. Make use of the units while you are clearing out your house and place finished and sealed boxes inside. You can place the things you will not be bringing with you to your new home. Later, you can easily take them where they need to go. This way, the boxes will not take up space unnecessarily. And, you will have more space in your home to organize the remaining things.

Man under cardboard boxes
Make use of storage units to stay organized

As we have seen, downsizing before state-to-state relocation is a task that will take up a lot of your time and energy. You have to think about many things, from sorting the items to packing up everything. Also, you have to worry about the logistics of actually getting from point A to point B. Being well-organized will help you immensely during this process, so remember to plan and organize everything to the last detail. Good organization will also help reduce your stress while moving. Hopefully, you will have an easier time downsizing after reading our useful guide.

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