Moving From Washington to Nebraska

If you are considering a fresh start, moving from Washington to Nebraska could be your next big step. This move presents an opportunity to enjoy a lower cost of living, which could provide some financial relief compared to the high costs in Washington. The job market in Nebraska is growing, offering new opportunities across various industries. Life in Nebraska also introduces a slower pace, combining urban conveniences with rural serenity. Best Cross Country Movers will guide you through the important considerations of this move. We’ll help you visualize your potential new life in Nebraska.

Washington Vs. Nebraska

The state of Washington and Nebraska provide examples of different ways to spend time and make a living that can suit everyone. Washington is situated in the Pacific Northwest and famous for its greenery, intensive rainfall which forms the basis for many green forests, and a very active outdoor lifestyle. Seattle is a modern city and a major technological center. The atmosphere here is rather active and urban, while small towns are more like rural areas oriented on nature.

pin on the USA map marks Nebraska after moving from Washington
Moving from Washington to Nebraska could lead to significant lifestyle changes, including a slower pace of life and a stronger sense of community.

On the other hand, Nebraska lies in the central region of the US, with a plain and farm country landscape. Unlike Washington’s moderate type, it ranges from eastern forests to western arid plains, with hot summers and cold winters. Nebraska’s lifestyle is still very much based on the sense of community and traditional values. People work to live rather than the other way around. Family and community events are a very important part of life. Those who are thinking about moving should know that hiring interstate movers in Washington can help them move to Nebraska’s friendly cities.

Cities in Nebraska

Nebraska offers a range of safe and family-friendly cities that cater well to various lifestyles, including families, seniors, and those keen to explore outdoors Nebraska. For instance, Seward is a safe town with very low crime rates and great community events such as the Seward County Fair. There is Holdrege which is well rounded, has a local feel, good public schools, and affordable prices.

visiting Hastings Nebraska Park after moving from Washington to Nebraska
Hastings, Nebraska, offers a serene park experience at Lake Hastings, perfect for families looking to enjoy outdoor activities and community events in a picturesque setting.

La Vista located near Omaha is a safe city with a strong focus on families; there are many family-oriented events held here, schools are good and this is a perfect place for families with children. Also, the city of Blair remains economically stable, and is close to nature, which is good for families and seniors who want to experience the city and nature at the same time.

For those who like outdoor activities, it can be stated that Nebraska’s cities are well-equipped with amazing views and parks for walking and other outdoor activities. Regardless of the reason to relocate for safety, family-friendly environment, or senior living, healthcare needs, or access to activities such as outdoor recreation, Nebraska’s cities are friendly and have a high quality of life.

Living Costs

It would be interesting to know how the expenses would alter if one has to relocate from Washington to Nebraska. Here is the list with more specific numbers that will assist you in planning:

  • Utilities: Monthly utility costs, including electricity, gas, water, and heating for a similar-sized apartment, are about 15% lower in Nebraska compared to the national average, suggesting similar savings compared to Washington. Currently, Nebraskans use $150 monthly on basic utilities with reference to electricity, heating, and water as compared to those in Washington who spend $180 on the same utilities.
  • Groceries: Food expenses also vary significantly. For example, a gallon of milk costs about $0.76 in Omaha compared to $0.97 in Seattle. Similarly, a dozen large eggs in Omaha will cost around $2.96, significantly less than $4.60 in Seattle. Overall, grocery costs in Nebraska are approximately 4% lower than the national average and considerably lower compared to Washington.
  • Transportation: Gasoline prices are another major difference, with a gallon costing around $3.23 in Nebraska compared to $4.38 in Washington. It’s a noticeable 35% difference. Public transit costs also show variations, with a monthly pass in Omaha priced at about $39, significantly cheaper than the $60.04 in Seattle.

These specifics are important to anyone who is planning for this move. If you’re planning such a change, it’s wise to consult interstate movers in Nebraska. That way you may be able to get genuine quotes and therefore budget for it. Understanding these costs will assist you in managing the change that you’re going to make financially as you occupy a new home in Nebraska.

calculator and dollar bills
When moving from Washington to Nebraska, one can expect a significant decrease in housing costs, allowing for larger living spaces or more budget flexibility.

Home Prices

Nebraska’s housing market is cheaper than in Washington. For instance, the average price of a home in Nebraska stands at about $260,000, while in Washington the figure is about $550,000. This large gap in costs makes Nebraska attractive for anyone interested in becoming a homeowner. The differences in rentals are also maintained. For a 900 sqft furnished apartment in a prime location in Omaha, Nebraska, the rent is approximately $1,361 per month. In Seattle, Washington, similar accommodations would typically cost $3,181 per month. This more than doubles the rental cost, demonstrating significant savings for anyone considering a move.

Such differences in housing and rental costs are core to anyone who is planning on moving from Washington to Nebraska. The relatively lower costs of living in Nebraska also mean better housing. Even more so, a better standard of living or the capacity to save and invest more. This makes moving to Nebraska an economically wise decision for most people.

Education Opportunities

When considering a move, exploring educational systems in Washington and Nebraska is crucial. Washington schools, especially in Bellevue, often achieve high rankings nationally. Bellevue High School, for example, is known for excellent academic outcomes and various extracurricular activities. If you’re planning to move and seeking interstate movers from Bellevue, keep in mind the high educational standards there.

On the other hand, Nebraska’s public schools focus more on student engagement and community values. Schools like Lincoln East High School prioritize character development alongside academics. Although they may not always match Washington’s rankings, they maintain strong educational standards. The University of Nebraska excels in research and agricultural sciences, reflecting the state’s agricultural roots.

students with raised hands in class
The education system in Nebraska offers robust community involvement, contrasting with Washington’s highly competitive academic environment.

Job Hunting in Nebraska

The prospects of employment in Washington and Nebraska differ following industries that are more common in these states. In Washington tech and aerospace industries are well developed, Microsoft and Boeing for example offer many well-paid working places. For instance, Spokane Valley has specialized in manufacturing and retailing products, which has been facilitated by good connectivity to the major transport networks. This makes it a very important market for those seeking employment in logistics and distribution careers.

When moving from Washington to Nebraska, one has to consider the difference between the two states’ employment opportunities. Nebraska’s main industries are agriculture, manufacturing, and the technology sector with Omaha and Lincoln as the dominant cities. Here, average salaries range from $50,000 to $70,000, which is lower than the Washington average. Nebraska also has a good unemployment rate, which usually stands at around 3%.

This is why it is important for anyone, especially those who are considering hiring interstate movers in Spokane Valley, to understand these dynamics before moving. Such knowledge can help in deciding where the best prospects for finding secure and improved jobs are in Nebraska. This is especially relevant if someone is considering a change from industries like manufacturing or retail to similar or different industries in Nebraska.

Crime and Safety Tips

When considering safety and crime rates as part of moving from Washington to Nebraska, you’ll find notable differences between the two states that could influence your decision. Recently, the violent crime rate in Washington has been on the rise with a figure of approximately 20% within five years. Property crime also remains high in the state and is 72% higher than the national average. For instance, some of the common problems such as package theft, car theft, etc., are more common in Washington. Thus, the state ranks among the top in larceny-theft and motor vehicle thefts across the United States.

policeman riding motorcycle
Safety in Nebraska’s cities, such as Seward and Holdrege, is considerably higher than national averages, reassuring new residents about their well-being.

In contrast, Nebraska generally sees lower crime rates, both in terms of violent and property crimes. However, there has been a growing concern about property crimes in recent years, with a noticeable percentage of Nebraskans reporting property crimes. Despite this, the adoption of security measures such as security cameras and guard dogs is quite common, helping to mitigate these concerns. Overall, the state’s residents feel relatively safe, with a substantial majority reporting a sense of security in their daily lives​​.

When planning your relocation, considering these safety and crime differences is crucial. Before finding movers in your area, understanding these regional safety dynamics can be beneficial. This insight can help ensure a successful relocation while keeping your family’s safety and peace of mind a top priority.

Must-See Places in Nebraska

There are many things to see in Nebraska starting from natural resources to cultural sites that can make your life after moving from Washington to Nebraska interesting. These attraction make Nebraska rather special.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are large sand dunes in the Sandhills area. Bird watching is excellent with the cranes at the Platte River in migration. Those interested in history will also find the great history of Chimney Rock National Historic Site since it was a very important spot on the Oregon Trail. The next treasure is Scotts Bluff National Monument which is perfect for scenic views and hiking.

There are also a lot of cultural attractions in Nebraska, including the old market district in Omaha. Another highlight is the Nebraska State Fair held in Grand Island, which features the state’s agricultural industry and people. Lincoln’s Sheldon Museum of Art will appeal to lovers of art of the past and the present. In planning your visit or move, there are certain things people often forget when moving such as having time to discover the little things, which makes the place unique.

after moving from Washington to Nebraska visit Carhenge car art
Visitors to Nebraska should not miss the unique Carhenge, a quirky replica of England’s Stonehenge made entirely from vintage cars, located in the town of Alliance.

What’s Life Like in Nebraska?

When moving from Washington to Nebraska expect your life to turn around completely. Nebraska offers a less stressful way of living compared to the bustling environment of Seattle or Bellevue. Especially for those working in technical companies. This can be quite liberating on certain occasions, such that it creates more time for self and family-related issues.

Nebraska’s community is active and friendly and people are always willing to engage in activities with other people. The people of Nebraska are friendly which creates neighborhoods and communities that actively engage in local functions and celebrations. This can be quite different from the more formal social atmosphere that is characteristic of most Washingtonians.

You may be shocked by the availability of outdoor facilities in Nebraska. While Washington has mountains and beautiful coastlines, Nebraska’s natural scenery is not as grand but it is just as captivating. There is good canoeing in the Niobrara River and good hiking and bird watching in the large prairies.

When planning for your move, you need to know how to shift your items to another state. Coordinating your relocation to fit Nebraska’s more relaxed schedule can help. Seize the chance to take time out and fully engage with the neighborhood-oriented lifestyle of your new place of dwelling. And get the very best out of what Nebraska has to offer as far as arts and leisure are concerned.

Get Ready for a New Start After Moving From Washington to Nebraska!

Moving from Washington to Nebraska offers a fresh start with more affordable living, varied job opportunities, and rich cultural experiences. This relocation can be a significant change, providing a slower pace of life and a strong sense of community. As you prepare for this move, hiring professional movers can greatly simplify the process. They can efficiently handle the logistics, helping you to focus on the exciting opportunities that await in your new home state. Enjoy the journey ahead!

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