Moving from Virginia to Florida

We don’t need to tell you that every relocation requires a good plan! Especially if you are planning a long-distance move. There are a lot of tasks you need to think about and complete. So, in order to complete the plan your moving from Virginia to Florida like a pro, you should definitely read our guide! Here you will learn how to properly plan your long-distance move, hire professionals and move to your new home. All that without any stress and minimum problems!

Make a plan before moving from Virginia to Florida

Moving from Virginia to Florida can take some time. Mostly because there are a lot of things you need to think about. Starting with finding movers, buying supplies, etc. This is why people sometimes get lost in their moving checklists. Because there is a lot of tasks to complete, they can get really hard! Which is why you need to put everything down on a piece of paper, and plan your relocation. Every long-distance relocation will take some time to plan. Here is your perfect opportunity to do it in time and have everything ready by the time movers arrive! Start with a simple task. You should decide when you are going to move. Setting up a moving date should be your top priority, since that way you can organize doing other tasks. With this list at your disposal, you will have more than enough time to complete all the tasks on it!

a planner used to plan Moving from Virginia to Florida
Moving from Virginia to Florida is easier if you plan everything ahead

Sometimes moving tasks can be hard to complete. Especially if you are in a hurry or have other things to do. That’s the right moment to think about hiring professional help. Only the professional long distance movers Virginia can help you with your relocation! It is probably the easiest way to make sure everything is going according to plan. Also, you can focus on other things as well!

Start looking for a moving company

Several weeks before moving from Virginia to Florida you should spend searching for reliable movers. Why start this early? Well, because looking for professionals does take some time! Since you can easily get scammed by some fraudulent moving companies, you should definitely take some time while searching for reliable and licensed movers. There are several ways to speed up this process. Some of them are:

  • Getting recommendations from your friends – If your friends have some experience in moving, then they can easily recommend a moving company for your needs. This can make moving from Virginia to Florida a lot faster and easier. Also, If they moved their home, they could tell you more about the residential movers they used for their relocation.
  • Looking for good adds in newspapers, internet, radio, etc
  • Reading the reviews and customers feedbacks
a woman showing thumbs up
Your friends can give you good recommendations when it comes to finding movers

These simple, yet very effective ways to find a moving company have never failed anyone. Not only will you have enough time to find movers, but also get the right ones as well!

Move only what you need

Moving companies will always charge extra if they have to transport a lot of items. This is one of the reasons why long-distance relocation can cost you more. There are some easy ways you can deal with moving costs! One of those ways is getting off some items you don’t want to keep anymore! These items will only cost you more to transport anyway. You can easily declutter your home by either selling the unwanted items, giving them to some friends and family as presents or just simply by throwing them away! Whatever way you choose, you will certainly end up paying less when moving from Virginia to Florida. If you decide to look up for charities in Virginia then you can find one easily and get going with your planned relocation!

a room filled with items
Decide what you do not need before moving

Start packing

Once you have found your movers and set up a moving date, you should start packing your belongings for the move! This process is fairly easy! If you already have some packing materials, then good for you! If you perhaps miss some, you can always get some brand new from your movers before moving from Virginia to Florida! Start packing the items you rarely use or that are off-season. Because otherwise, you won’t be able to get items you use on a daily basis if you pack them first. As the moving day arrives, you will pack the items you use occasionally and almost every day. So, once the movers come to your door, you will have everything packed nice and tightly!

bunch of labelled boxes
Now is the right time to start packing for the move

There is one thing that can help you with your relocation! And that is a good checklist for packing.With this little tool at your disposal, you can have a good idea of what you have to do and how to do it properly and without stress!

Do you need some special preparations?

When packing and moving, we have to think about a lot of things! For starters, do we have any items that require special handling? Also, if those items are breakable and fragile, we need to get proper packing materials for them! Such is the case with china, porcelain, IT equipment, music instruments, and others. For example, did you know that music instruments require special conditions and cases when being transported? This means you can’t pack them lightly because they can easily break during your long-distance relocation to Florida. There are a lot of useful guides on how to transport music equipment you can follow! That way you can know for certain that they won’t get damaged during the moving process!

woman playing a violin
Some instruments can be very fragile and prone to damage


Don’t let yourself believe that moving from Virginia to Florida is something hard and impossible to complete! Especially if you are moving by yourself. With our guide at hand, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly and without any issues at all!

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