Moving from South Dakota to New York

Leaving your current home can be hard and you might never be able to make the final decision. It is not hard to imagine living in another place. But all of that imagination is based on our free time spent in a particular place. Visiting and living in a specific place are not the same. That is why you need to do some research about the ways and the costs of living in a specific place. And there is no better way to do it than to compare two places. Your current one and the one you are looking to move into. Moving from South Dakota to New York is the relocation most people choose these days. So continue reading and find out why people make this decision and why they hire Best Cross Country Movers to help them relocate.

Moving from South Dakota to New York – things you need to know

As we have said before, moving from South Dakota to New York will be a challenge. You need to calculate everything, think about everyone’s needs, and be sure that you make some compromises. You need to know that if you are losing something that you think is important that does not have to be a bad thing. Sometimes to gain something better, we need to lose something we liked and loved. So be open to change. The most important thing you must always have in mind is that the company you hire is there for you. So do not hesitate to contact the moving company whenever you have some questions or doubts.

streets of New York
Moving from South Dakota to New York has pros and cons

Pros of moving from South Dakota to New York

The first thing people tend to look for are the benefits that they will gain if they accept to relocate to a particular place. So, here we will do the same. By determining the pros of leaving South Dakota and moving to New York, you will be much closer to making the final decision.

One of the pros of moving here is access to job opportunities

Moving to New York will not only mean that you will be living in the center of all the happenings. You will also be in a position to choose among the numerous job opportunities that you can find here. New York, being one of the most popular places on earth, has a lot of job position openings, almost daily. If you have been looking for a job or a place to extend your business, you will find your chance here.

The important thing you need to know is that in the last year, the number of private sector jobs has increased by 5.5 percent. Which is even more than the national increase, which has been around 4.3 percent. This can be the perfect time for you to hire interstate movers South Dakota is offering and move here to expand your business.

Great schools and activities

The second one on the list, but equally important is the education for your kids. Moving to New York will give your kids a chance to develop and attend some of the most prestigious schools, both private and public. Your kid will be in some of the best education systems possible. Which can give you peace when it comes to providing your kids with everything you can. And even after graduation, there are numerous job options for them. This may be the perfect reason for you to hire NY cross country movers and plan relocation with your family here.

The activities in New York are numerous. From indoor to outdoor happenings, from musicals to some of the most prestigious cultural events, you will never be bored in New York. Especially people who are looking for a fresh start. You will be in the position to go to different restaurants every night and still not be able to choose your favorite ones. The nightlife is great, you will be able to meet s many new friends, and who knows, maybe falling in love.

coffee and watch on the table
You will have tons of activities in New York, especially if you are young and looking for fun.

Cons of moving from South Dakota to New York

We all know that there are two sides to every medal. It is the same with moving to New York from South Dakota. As appealing as it sounds to be leaving the smaller place and living in the big city, it is also bad for some reasons.

The costs of living

This is one of the biggest cons for low-income families and people with bigger families. The average costs of living in New York are $3600 and this makes New York one of the most expensive places in the United States. To compare you w South Dakota, you should know that the average costs of living in here are around $1700. Which is way lower. You will be facing some financial difficulties if your incomes aren’t big enough for living here. So before you decide on moving, carefully calculate your budget and savings.


Even though New York neighborhoods are stunning, none of them can compare to South Dakota. Living in a smaller place will give you a chance to be surrounded by nice and polite people who are giving their best to make their community the best one. When you live in New York, you will realize that people here are often too busy and most of them will tell you that they have a full-time job, they do not have enough time for fun and spending time with friends.

statue of liberty you will see after moving from South Dakota to New York
Make sure that your final decision is based on your needs.

As you have seen, moving from South Dakota to New York has its pros and cons. The most important thing you must do is figure out what benefits this place you are moving to is giving you. This is not just a matter of money. You need to know how diverse the place is and whether you can fit in. Once you compare all of that, you will be ready to make the final decision and decide whether your move will be something good for you and your family.

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