Moving From San Antonio to Dallas

Texas is one of the favorite states to live in, which receives a significant number of new residents every year. But population migrations don’t only take place between Texas and other states, but also within Texas, among its cities. Today we will talk about moving from San Antonio to Dallas. San Antonio and Dallas are located in the same state and are about 273.5 miles apart, but they have big differences. If you decide to make this move, you can rely on the Best Cross Country Movers, who can help you find an affordable and reliable moving company that will move you and at the same time make your move a pleasant experience that you will remember. And during that time, we will introduce you to the significant differences between these cities, and reveal to you what you can expect after moving to Dallas.

San Antonio vs Dallas – What are the main differences?

It may seem to you that these two cities don’t have any big differences because they are located in the same state. As well as due to their distance. But they are very different. Also, both cities have high living standards, and affordable living costs, and both cities belong to the group of best cities in Texas. The differences in these cities can be shades, but they can be quite a challenge for some people. That is why today we will reveal to you some of the more significant differences between San Antonio and Dallas.

Texas Flag
Texas is a state known for its strong economy, unique culture, cowboy hat, jeans, and rodeo.

Differences between San Antonio and Dallas:

  • Demographic
  • Traffic
  • Climate
  • Living costs
  • Crime rate

Also, keep in mind that wherever you decide to move to Texas, you can always count on us. We will connect you with some of the best long distance movers in Texas who will be your right hand during your move.

What are the demographic differences between San Antonio and Dallas?

The demographic differences are that Dallas ranks 9th in terms of population in the US, while San Antonio ranks 7th. According to Niche data, 1,300,239 people live in Dallas, while 1,434,540 people live in San Antonio. And also, San Antonio is the 2nd most populous city in Texas, while Dallas is the 3rd. In addition, there is a significant difference in the area occupied by these two cities. Dallas covers 383 square miles, while San Antonio covers 505 square miles and thus has a lower population density.

What are the differences in traffic?

Dallas and San Antonio are really big cities, but the traffic can be said to be terrible. In both cities. The difference is that the traffic in Dallas is fast, and drivers prefer more aggressive driving, which can be dangerous. Whereas in San Antonio, traffic is slower and drivers rarely exceed the speed limit. But, it can be said that the traffic in San Antonio is better because there is less waiting in the crowds on the road. When it comes to public transportation, Dallas has the DART light rail system, while San Antonio has the VIA bus infrastructure, which residents say is slow and terrible.

Traffic jam that awaits you after moving from San Antonio to Dallas
After moving to Dallas, big traffic jams await you, and aggressive driving, but excellent public transportation.

What are the differences in climate?

Both cities are characterized by hot summers and cold winters. But there are some differences. For example, after moving to Dallas, a hot summer awaits you with very high temperatures, but not like in San Antonio, where the subjective feeling is as if it’s 200°C outside. While, in winter, temperatures can be below 20°C. And one of the biggest advantages that await you in Dallas is the lower humidity compared to San Antonio.

What are the differences in living costs?

Before you call long distance movers in San Antonio, think about whether you really want to move to Dallas. Because this city has a significantly higher cost of living compared to San Antonio. According to, the cost of living index in Dallas is 101.0/100 compared to the national average, while in San Antonio it’s 89.8/100. There is also a difference in real estate prices, which in San Antonio cost an average of $167,700, while in Dallas they are $230,000.

Dallas City
Everything is much more expensive in Dallas, including real estate, living expenses, etc.

What are the differences in crime rates?

If we compare the national average for violent crimes and property crimes, we will be able to determine that both cities aren’t completely safe. But there is no great danger. For example, in Dallas, property crimes are 50.7/100, and violent crimes are 37/100, compared to the national average of 22.7 for violent crimes and 35.4 for property crimes. While in San Antonio, the crime rate is also 37/100, but property crime is significantly higher at 72.4/100. But, if we look at the statistics, we can conclude that Dallas is a somewhat safer city compared to San Antonio.

When it comes to safety, keep in mind that long distance moving companies in Dallas can provide you with safe and reliable moving services during your move. And they also guarantee your privacy, as well as the safety of your belongings during transport. And don’t forget, we can help you choose the safest option for your move!

Pros of moving from San Antonio to Dallas

So far you have been able to see the main differences between these two cities. And if you decide to move here, you can really on guide for moving to Dallas. But now we will reveal to you some of the biggest advantages of moving to Dallas.

  • Lots of friendly people, who are ready for new friendships.
  • Dallas residents are exempt from paying income tax.
  • Lots of sunny days.
  • Many business opportunities, including Walmart, American Airlines, Bailor Scott & White, etc.
  • A lot of interesting things to do, such as visiting The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, Reunion Tower, etc.
Girl think about moving from San Antonio to Dallas
Consider all the differences and be sure of your decision for moving from San Antonio to Dallas.

Are you ready to move?

Now that you have familiarized yourself with all the important details about moving to Dallas, you can make the final decision and start your move. Think about these differences because they can be quite a challenge. And if you are ready to overcome everything, give a call to some of the best moving companies in your area and start moving from San Antonio to Dallas.

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