Moving From NYC to Seattle

Although the famous Big Apple is one of the most appealing cities to live in the world, some people decide to leave it. Many of them will come back, but others just looking for some new experience in a less crowded city. Nevertheless, with so many amenities and opportunities, New York City remains a prospective place to live. Despite all of the advantages NYC offers, you might want to consider Seattle as a place to move to. Whether you have a job offer or looking for an escape from the metropolis, Seattle can be your ideal choice. But moving to another part of the country can be intimidating, for sure. For this reason, many people hire interstate movers in Seattle who can help you relocate to this epic city. Meanwhile, we will remind you of some things you should know when moving from NYC to Seattle.

Prepare mentally and know what to expect when moving from NYC to Seattle

Moving to another neighborhood within the city would be way easier than moving to the other side of the country. So, once you find out that you need to leave NYC and prepare for the transition to Seattle, plan out all the upcoming steps. The distance between New York City and Seattle is 2401.80 miles, which means a long journey is in front of you. Because of such a distance your possession needs to cross, you will need to prepare your items properly for transport. Moreover, you will need professional assistance to pack and move all of your belongings safely from NYC to Seattle. Fortunately, interstate movers New York have an extensive experience in relocations to Seattle, considering that there are many New Yorkers who are moving to the Northwest. They will take all the needed steps to keep your items safe during the move.

Buildings during the evening in Seattle
You will enjoy your time in different ways after moving from NYC to Seattle.

Have you accepted your job offer in Seattle and now you are about to find a home in the new city? In this case, you have certainly considered the main differences between these two cities. Even if you didn’t because of one good reason to move to Seattle, you will not be disappointed. Experts from some of the finest interstate moving companies Washington have helped countless singles and families to move their homes to Seattle from NYC. Among them, there were many people who decided to leave NYC and move to Seattle for an abundance of reasons. Unlike NYC with a population of 8,253,213 residents, Seattle is home to about 769,714 people. Although it is not as famous as Big Apple, Emerald City is a vibrant place and a true gem of the Pacific Northwest. Depending on your preferences, this city could suit you more than NYC.

Seattle is a perfect blend of city life and beautiful outdoors

Once you visit Seattle, you will notice it is a lively, picturesque, cosmopolitan city. The city is unique for being beautifully set in a dramatic backdrop of water, mountains, and forests. Besides magnificent nature, the city has modern skyscrapers rising on high hills in the city center. Further, residential units line the lower city’s areas along the water and north of downtown. On one hand, this is the coffee capital of America. On the other, boating is a way of life in Seattle. Seattle combines a modern way of life with the beautiful nature of all ways in the background. Many of its residents will tell you that city is a sight to behold.

The view of the Space Needle you can enjoy after moving from NYC to Seattle
If you are looking for an ideal mix of amenities in the city and greenery, come to Emerald City.

Seattle has a rich culture, music scene, and art and has so many great things to explore. If you are an art and culture lover, you should not miss visiting the Museum of Pop Culture and exploring the public arts of the Fremont district. Wondering which tour to take to get to know the city? You will notice locals stroll about the city with a cup of coffee as they tour the Olympic Sculpture Park will is located near the shores of Puget Sound, just north of Belltown. Once you settle in with the help of a reliable moving company you’ve found at Best Cross Country Movers, you can relax and join the locals. Seattle has an endless selection of diverse restaurants and coffee cafes to browse. When it comes to the outdoors, start by exploring some of its numerous parks. On weekends you can take a cruise throughout Puget Sound or visit the Cascade Mountain range.

Seattle has a strong economy and boasts of job opportunities

Although this city is less populated than New York City, it contains all those amenities that you need to live comfortably. Seattle has a twice lower unemployment rate than New York City (2.6% vs. 5.3%) which can be one of the reasons to consider the move. This is one of those fast-growing cities that attract young professionals from all across the country. It is also known as a mecca for well-educated and highly skilled employees. For this reason, it is not unusual to hear about someone relocating from NYC to Seattle with the help of top moving companies in NYC for Google, Amazon, or similar jobs.  This city is known as a high-tech firm hub. Some of the biggest names with satellite offices in Seattle are:

  • Amazon;
  • Nintendo of America;
  • Google;
  • Microsoft;
  • Tableau Software;
  • University of Washington;
  • Boeing;
  • Alaska Airlines;
  • Tommy Bahama;
  • Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
A person in a city after moving from NYC to Seattle
Seattle is home to many world-class company offices.

Seattle has high prices, but nowhere near as high as NYC

Whether you are looking to rent or buy a home in Seattle, since you’re moving from NYC, you’re already prepared for high prices. Although it is more affordable than famous NYC brought such as Manhattan or Brooklyn, Seattle also has expensive housing. According to the latest surveys, the median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Seattle is $2,000. Although the median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in New York City is $3,350, you can find affordable housing solutions in the less popular neighborhoods. Overall, the cost of living in Seattle is 30% lower than in NYC. But, despite to pretty high cost of living, compared to many other cities in the nation, moving from NYC to Seattle is a good choice. Once you conduct your move, get informed about upcoming events in Seattle. Enjoy getting to know your new city!

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