Cost-Saving Tips for a Cross-Country Move From Texas to Florida

There are many ways you can save money during your move. Good organization and smart decisions are one of the best ways to do that. If you have decided to move from Texas to Florida, you must first keep in mind that the distance of 1,368 miles awaits you and that this move can cost from $3,000 and up. Of course, the cost depends on your needs and the nature of your move. But what you must know is that there is always a way to save. And you can start by trying to find a favorable and safe moving company for your move. Best Cross Country Movers will reveal to you some tips for a cross-country move from Texas to Florida, so read on!

All you need to know about a cross-country move from Texas to Florida

We have already mentioned that in this case, it’s a long distance. And it’s also very important to note that the cross-country move belongs to the group of more complicated types of moving. And for that reason, when moving from Texas to Florida, the assistance of best cross country movers in Texas will be of great help to you. So, moving from Texas to Florida can be a completely new experience for you, especially if you are moving for the first time. But, in general, you will really like living in Florida. Because it’s widely known that Florida is one of the most popular states and that migrations to this state are very frequent. MAKE FLORIDA YOUR HOME reveals that this sunny state will gain over 845 new residents every day in the next three years.

Miami, Florida
Florida is a really wonderful state, wherever you move you will really enjoy it.

Texas is also one of the more favorable states to live in. According to data from, the cost of living index in Texas is 94.2 compared to the national average of 100. While Florida is a little more expensive since its cost of living index is 103.1. So, there are no significant differences between these two states. Each state is special in its own way and each one offers excellent business and life opportunities. But what is certain, Florida offers much more fun!

Cost-saving tips for a cross-country move from Texas to Florida

If you are sure of your decision for moving from Texas to Florida, then we advise you to immediately find reliable cross country movers in Florida, and start your moving process. Even though DIY moves are sometimes cheaper, they are rarely worth it. Hiring movers is one of the expenses that shouldn’t be debatable. But before you get in touch with movers, check out some of our tips that will help you save during your move. Believe us, it will pay off!

  • Choose the best day for your move
  • Make a checklist for your cross-country move
  • Find free packing supplies

What is the best day for your cross-country move?

Believe it or not, the date of your move can greatly affect its price. So, you’ve probably heard by now that moving companies have seasons. Peak moving season is during the summer months. It starts at the end of spring and ends at the beginning of autumn. Even in that period, moving companies are overbooked, and it’s difficult to find a free appointment. What can be ideal is to choose a date during the winter months. And if you’re moving to Florida, you won’t have a problem with bad weather. So, choose the days in the middle of the week, during the winter months, and you will pay a much lower price, and maybe have a discount.

A person using a calendar to figure out a non-peak moving date based on one of the cost-saving tips for a cross-country move from Texas to Florida
One of the best cost-saving tips for a cross-country move from Texas to Florida we can give you is to avoid peak moving days and months.

How can a checklist help you save?

The moving checklist will help you to be well organized during your move from Texas to Florida. But also to follow the course of your move, as well as your expenses. Once you organize your moving process properly, it will be much easier to track the expenses that are a part of the process. So, what is needed is to make a list of tasks that you need to do, but also a checklist of your expenses. Of course, you must adhere to this list if you want to save money. You can print the lists or select one of the applications on the Play Store or Apple Store and in that way always have them with you.

Where to find free packing supplies?

One of the most common tips you can get to save money during your move is finding free packing supplies. Buying moving and packing supplies can cost over $300. Because for example, the price of 10 medium-sized boxes costs $40. So, getting free packing supplies can be very useful because it will save you money. You can get free packing supplies in local stores. But you can always borrow from a friend or use something you already have in your home.

cross country movers
Best Cross Country Movers will help you find the best option for your cross-country move from Texas to Florida.

Also, if you have any difficulties with the packing process itself or the procurement of packing supplies, you can always rely on us, and we will give you much useful information about packing services. And also, based on your needs, we will find the best solution for you and helps you save money during your move.

Remember these tips for a cross-country move from Texas to Florida and jump into the upcoming adventure!

So, if you are ready, you can start planning your move to Florida right away. And don’t forget, Florida offers plenty of opportunities for life and entertainment. Of course, Florida’s beaches should not be missed because they are Florida’s main attraction. And among the most beautiful beaches are Delray Beach, Lummus Park Beach, and South Beach. So, remember our tips for a cross-country move from Texas to Florida and save some money that will come in handy later.

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