Moving From NYC to Dallas

If you have decided to move from NYC to Dallas, there is one thing you must know right from the start. Life in Dalles is completely different from NYC. After the move, you encounter big changes in the way of life itself, with a different culture and different people. In the first days, kindness and hospitality will be strange to you, but you will get used to it. This doesn’t mean that people in New York City aren’t friendly, but the way of life in NYC itself is fast and hardly anyone will talk to you on the street. Because everyone is in a hurry. So, there is one more thing, you need to find moving experts who will help you with your move, but at least it’s easy. Just visit Best Cross Country Movers and we will help you find the best moving solution for your relocation. In the meantime, let’s see what to expect when moving from NYC to Dallas!

Do you really want to leave NYC and move to Dallas?

So, as we said, the very way of life in Dallas is much different. Texas is a state with a different culture, and different customs, but also with a different way of life. In Texas, you will encounter great changes, and what you will like most after the hectic NYC is a more relaxed way of life. Also, Dallas is a city with exceptional business opportunities. And some of the leading industries are financial services, information technology, telecommunications, and transportation. So, if you are moving for work, this is a really good decision!

Sunset over Dallas, Texas
Dallas is one of the best cities to live in Texas with high living standards and good business opportunities.

Dallas has gained a significant number of these residents in the last year. According to data from Macro Trends, Dallas currently has 6,574,000 residents. And compared to 2022, the number of inhabitants in Dallas increased by 1.33%. Texas has always been a state where people like to move. And Dallas is considered one of the safest cities in Texas and is loved for its beautiful nature and beautiful scenery, as well as many entertainment options. So, it’s clear why it’s important to know whether this move will suit you before you contact long distance movers NYC. If you decide that Dallas is the right choice, it’s time to proceed with preparations.

How to prepare for moving from NYC to Dallas?

What most people who decide to move are interested in are the costs. When it comes to moving from NYC to Dallas you can expect to pay an average of $630 to $5,375 depending on your needs, distance, etc. So, what you are also interested in is how to prepare for this move. Moving from New York to Texas is a move that belongs to the group of cross-country moves, and the distance between Dallas and NYC is 1,558 miles. This means that you should prepare well because this will be a long journey!

Preparations for moving are often not only based on packing, organization, budget planning, and other tasks that await you. When such large distances are involved, preparation also means getting to know the city/state you are moving in. So, the main part of the move (packing, procurement of packaging, loading, unloading, transportation) will be taken care of by a moving company with which we can connect you. And what we are going to help you prepare for is life in Dallas. So, we will reveal to you the most important information about the city you are moving to.

Couple preparing for moving from NYC to Dallas
We’ll take care of the moving process for you, and you can focus on exploring Dallas.

Here you will have the opportunity to be informed about:

  • Cost of living and housing options
  • Education
  • The best attractions in Dallas

What is the cost of living and housing options in Dallas?

When we compare the cost of living in NYC, which is 168.6 compared to the national average, we can say that you can expect a much more favorable life in Dallas. So, according to data from Best Places, the cost of living index in Dallas is 101, while in Texas it’s 92 out of the national average of 100. The cheapest are housing options, whose index is 89.1, while in NYC, it’s 224.3. That is a huge difference. Also, according to NICHE data, real estate prices are around $230,000, while rents are $1,178.

Does Dallas offer good educational opportunities?

When it comes to education, Dallas can boast of its excellent education system. Dallas Independent School District (DISD) had the highest-rated public high schools in the USA. When it comes to private education, in Dallas you can find Hockaday School, Jesuit College Prep School, St. Mark’s School, and Ursuline Academy. Also, there are international schools, religious schools, and schools for children with special needs. Colleges are also not far behind. Here you will be able to find 25 colleges and universities located in North Texas.

Kids in school after moving from NYC to Dallas
Moving from NYC to Dallas will bring your children the best educational opportunities.

What are the best attractions in Dallas?

In addition to the fact that you will find here opportunities for education, work, and life, in Dallas, you will also be able to have a lot of fun. Don’t miss out on some of the best attractions like Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Visit Reunion Tower, Dallas World Aquarium, and Go to a Cowboys Game. Also, the most famous things in Dallas are the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas’s unique history, Texas Barbeque, and frozen margaritas. So, you should definitely not miss this!

Are you ready for moving to Dallas?

So, now that you’ve gotten to know your new city, you’re definitely ready for moving from NYC to Dallas. And now, you can devote yourself to the rest of the planning and preparation for the move. So, call long distance movers Dallas and start your move. They will be of great help to you and make sure that you settle into your new home safely, without any disturbances. Good Luck!

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