Moving from Nebraska to Florida

Before you decide about moving from Nebraska to Florida, it would be good to check the Florida living conditions. Also, compare the living conditions between those two states. So, you will know exactly what to expect. Also, to be fully prepared, check the other factors. Such are healthcare, climate, job market, etc. Besides, be clear with yourself about the reasons for your move. Once you move to Florida with the assistance of Best Cross Country Movers, it will be too late to change your mind. The relocation of 1,576 miles will not be so cheap. And the relocation process itself isn’t that simple either. 

Aerial View of Houses Near A Beach Under Blue Sky - Moving from Nebraska to Florida.
After moving from Nebraska to Florida, you will enjoy beautiful beaches and nice weather.

Why are so many people moving to Florida?

Florida is a popular destination for many people.  Many are attracted by its beautiful beaches, and clear ocean waters. The climate is nice, with so many sunny days. That is also a reason why Florida was nicknamed “The Sunny State.” Florida has an excellent school system, and one of the biggest university districts. Also, it has a thriving job market. So, having all this in mind, you can easily understand why Florida is attracting so many people.

In general, Florida is not the cheapest possible place for living. However, like in other states, some places are more affordable than others. And, well-paid jobs can help you to secure a good home. And a good lifestyle too.

What will you leave behind when moving from Nebraska to Florida?

Nebraska is located in the middle of America. That is a place where Great Plains meet with Midwest. The Nebraska towns are not big. The capital city Lincoln has 286,388 residents. But, it is known as a vibrant university town. The most populated city is Omaha, with 479,529 residents. It hosts the renowned Durham Museum.

Overall, the quality of life in Nebraska is high. It has a great job market, cheap housing, high income, and low costs of living. However, the winters in Nebraska are very cold. And the summers are hot and humid. Also, the state has rather high crime rates. And, since is it extremely flat, Nebraska experiences more twisters than any other US state.

Pros and cons of moving to Florida

Living in any place, Florida including, has its pros and cons.  However, the quality of living that you can expect in Florida will depend on your budget and lifestyle. Also, it will depend on the city that you are moving to. Living in big cities is more expensive and hectic. At the same time, living in some smaller will be similar to living in Nebraska. So, what pros and cons you can expect after the interstate movers Nebraska relocate you to Florida?


There are some advantages that you can expect when living in Florida. Depending on the area you are moving to, you will enjoy the beautiful beaches. Or a calm rural lifestyle, if you are moving inland. Also, living costs in Florida are affordable. The weather is pleasant throughout the year. And, you can also entertain yourself with many outdoor activities.


In Florida, it can be very hot. But, coming from colder climates, people are usually having problems with high humidity. Besides, you may have a problem with a huge number of insects, snakes, and alligators. Also, you will have to adjust to visitors. Having so many of them around, you may feel like lacking your privacy.

People Take Pictures during Daytime.
After moving to Florida, you will need to adjust to tourists.

What are the main industries in Nebraska?

Nebraska’s biggest industry is food processing, especially beef production. The manufacture of electrical machinery and transportation equipment is also an important economic driver. Besides those two, a few other industries are important for Nebraska’s economy. They are:

  • Insurance and finance services
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Service industry
  • Healthcare

What industries you will find after moving to Florida?

If you are coming to Florida in search of a new job, you should consider the following industries. The most job openings you will find in:

  • Aerospace & aviation
  • Life sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Information technology
  • Tourism

Many people are moving to Florida after retirement

Maybe you just got retired. So, you may be looking for a warm and relaxing place to move to. And, Florida could be the right place for you. And you are not the only one who has such an idea. So, soon as you start to search for a good place to move to, you will discover that Florida has a lot of Retirement communities. You may like to join one of them. Or you may better prefer to live on your own, but to be close to one of the communities. Whatever is your preference, once you find the right place for yourself, you can count on cross-country moving companies Florida to handle your relocation.

The most common reasons for moving to Florida

Reasons for moving from one place to another are various. And every person has his own reasons for moving. However, the biggest number of people are moving due to better employment possibilities. So, here are the most common reasons for moving from Nebraska to Florida:

  • Finding better-paid jobs
  • Starting a career in an industry that is not available in Nebraska
  • Joining the family in Florida
  • Joining retirement communities
  • Better weather conditions (especially for people who are living in the cold areas)
  • Enrolling in Miami Dade College or some other famous educational center


People Sitting Inside Well Lit Room.
Florida has some of the best private and state colleges.

Many young people are moving to Florida for studying

Florida has many famous school districts. Some of them are private. And, some are state-owned. However,  all of them are offering excellent educational possibilities. Also, most of the students are moving to dorms. However, during the summer vacations, they are joining their families. During that period, they don’t want to move their belongings back home. So, instead of moving their belonging back and forth, they are looking for better solutions. And, in case you are one of them, you will need also need to store your belongings during that period. If so, you can find some reliable storage services. And you can be sure that your things will be safe. And also well taken care of.

When you are moving long-distance, hiring movers is always a better option

Many people, especially when they are moving without too many possessions, consider moving on their own. It is also possible to find many tips to help you with such a move. However, moving long-distance is full of challenges. Such is the case with moving from Nebraska to Florida. So, instead of going through such a process alone, it is better to consider hiring professional movers. With them at your side, your move will be fast and successful.

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