Most tech-savvy US cities today

It has become increasingly popular and really good to work online from your home. That is why when people are looking for a place to move to, they look for the most tech-savvy US cities today. Depending on what they do, they will want to have access to good technologies and the internet. That is why today Best Cross Country Movers have decided to write you a list of the most popular high-tech cities you can move to. It will help you find the best place for your new home.

One of the most tech-savvy US cities is Seattle

Did you know that Seattle is one of the fastest-growing places in the Country? Here you can see that there is a lot of positive energy and a good vibe going on. But, that is not what’s important today. No, you would want wok to know about the bustling technology hub of the Northwest. Not only is this a center for the airline industry, but there are also traces of roots of big companies like Amazon and Microsoft. And over 10% of Seattle’s population works in IT.

A person working in one of the Most tech-savvy US cities
A highly-developed IT sector makes Seattle one of the Most tech-savvy US cities

But, Microsoft and Amazon are not the only ones that are operating here. You will see that T-Mobile, even Nintendo as well, have their divisions in Seattle. There are also a lot of healthcare and biotechnology companies. This can mean a lot if you are working in this field or looking for a job. But, before you find it, you need to plan your move properly. The best way you can do this is by letting us help you find the best interstate movers Washington. With their help, you will be able to move with ease.

Consider moving to Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the home of the state capital and the University of Wisconsin’s main place for students. The tech hub is developing fast placing Madison among the top tech-savvy places in the US. Did you know that over 95% of people living here have at least a degree from high school? This means that the workforce is good and educated. If you are looking for a job in the tech field, then this is just the place for you. Make sure to contact interstate movers Wisconsin to help you out with your move. When you are moving with the help of professionals, you will be able to move properly and avoid any delays and mistakes.

Moving to Huntsville can be a good idea

Huntsville has become increasingly popular among tech folks. The aerospace and military technologies, with their development, are all coming from Alabama. It is one of the best representatives of the Deep South when it comes to high-tech. As home to the country’s second-largest research park, you can rest assured that there will be jobs in the military industry. As it is one of the biggest research centers.

a person lifint an engine part
The military industry is very developed here

This is why moving here can be a really good idea. But before you move out, you would want to let us know how we can help you with your move. And the best way to do it is to use our database to find and hire interstate movers Alabama. Because if you let professionals handle your move, you will be able to relocate with ease.

Let’s talk about San Francisco

When it comes to percentage, you will notice that there is an increase of over 40% when it comes to the development of IT  jobs in San Francisco. This means a lot because it shows you just how much California invests in the High Tech industry.  And let’s be honest, there is a rich history in San Francisco. This place has made a big mark on the US economy because it is one of the best places for the banking industry and financial services. Those industries require the development of high-tech technologies in the security sector as well. That is why it is increasingly popular to move here. And as the tech sector is growing, so is the job market. You will certainly find a good job if you move here.

image of San Francisco
San Francisco is becoming increasingly popular in IT

In case of moving to San Francisco, you would want to let interstate movers California handle your move. The relocating process can be stressful and tiring. That is why letting professionals handle it for you can mean a lot. In this situation, while the pros are organizing your move, you can spend more time searching for your dream job in San Francisco. And trust us, having more time to do it can mean a lot.

Think about relocating to Lowell – Chelmsford in Massachusetts

This list would not be complete without talking about Lowell and Chelmsford. It is located 35 miles just northwest of Beantown. And this place is considered one of the best places you can move to if you are into high-tech. There are many companies here that are looking for skilled employees and a workforce. Did you know that the development of technology in Lowell began in 1879? It is the very first town that had phone numbers, once Graham Bell demonstrated how a telephone works. And it was one of the HQ for Wang Labs. It was a computer company that developed fast and had more than 33,000 people working in the 1980s. This can tell you a lot about the company itself.

image of an old telephone
Lowell is the first city in America to have telephone numbers

Just like with everything, Lowell is one of those dream come true places if you are looking for a job in the IT sector. But have in mind that competition is very hard here. Many seasoned experts try to get a job in this place. So make sure to polish your CV before you head out. And sometimes this can feel very complicated to do. Because if you have to balance this and organize your relocation, then you won’t have any time to do it properly. Why not let us find you the best interstate movers Massachusetts to help you out? While professionals are dealing with your move, you can focus on your job hunt.

Make sure to have a good moving plan

When you are about to move to any of these cities, you would want to know that everything is going smoothly and without any issues. But sometimes this can be hard if you never moved before. Most importantly, you might make some moving mistakes that can cost you a lot, and even cancel your move. That is why you need to make sure to write down a moving plan you can follow. This is a perfect thing you can do because it will ensure that you keep everything under control. So, what you can do is the following:

  • Make sure to spend some time looking for professional movers for your move. It is always a good idea to do this at least 2-3 months before the move.
  • See if you can declutter your home. You can deal with the items you don’t need by organizing a yard sale, donating, recycling, or throwing them away.
  • Make sure to have enough packing supplies you can use for your items.
  • Pack everything properly so you can avoid any damage during the move.
  • Stick to the moving plan and avoid any stressful situations.

These are some of the best and most important things you need to do before you move out. It will help you deal with your relocation, and you will be able to move with ease. It is important to have a moving plan because it will help you keep everything in order.

Washington, D.C. is a great choice

What makes Washington a great place, if you are looking for a high-tech city to move to, is that there are a lot of military installations, civilian contractors building places, research facilities, etc. Of course, this will happen, after all, this is the nation’s capital. It is one of the biggest reasons why it is on our list of the tech-savvy cities in the US. There are many federally funded types of research going on, so to do that, the infrastructure has to be top-notch. This means good public transportation, connection to the internet, and other things that can help you work properly.

an aerial view of Washington
Moving to Washington can always be a good choice

This is one of the things that make Washington D.C. one of the best places you can move to. And if you are moving here for a job, you would want to know that everything is packed properly so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your items. Especially if you are moving your expensive tech with you. In this case, trying to pack it on your own can be difficult. That is why you should consider using our services to find the best packing services near you. When professionals are handling your items, you will know that they are properly packed and moved.

Miami is emerging as a new and high tech city

Although it is known as one of the best tourist places in the US, Miami began its development into a High-Tech center fast. There are many things you can do here since a lot of companies opened their divisions in Miami. The development of the startup culture has invited many new entrepreneurs to come and open their businesses here. And South America is pretty close to you as well. Also, did you know that many other large companies like Twitter, Google, and even Facebook have their places here?

This information can mean a lot for anyone who is thinking about moving to Miami for a job. That is why you need to prepare for your move properly. And if you are moving your company to Miami, then you would want to do it with the help of professionals and the best commercial movers you can find. By using our services, you will be able to find the best commercial movers for your upcoming relocation.

One of the most tech-savvy US cities is Phoenix

This was once a place that was focused on the production of hardware. And after that, they moved to making software and providing other services for startups and companies in Silicon Valley. It is one of the biggest reasons why companies and people are moving to the Southwest. The IT sector is set to grow by 20% in the upcoming years. This is something that can mean a lot for anyone who is planning to move.

programing language on the screen
There is an estimated rise in the IT field in the coming years

Moving here for a job in the IT sector can be a great decision. And we are certain that you will not regret it. Furthermore, we are here to help you out with it by helping you find the best interstate movers Arizona. Because when you have professional help while moving, you will have minimal risks of any delays. And this is something that can mean a lot for anyone who is moving on a tight schedule.

Always have Houston in mind

This list would not be complete without mentioning Houston. It is well connected and developed. This is what makes Houston take a spot on our list. More modernization projects are coming up soon, and that can attract many big companies here. And especially in the healthcare sector. It is something that can mean a lot for anyone looking for a job in this field.

This is something that many people are waiting to happen. And 2022 is the year for development. During this time, you can focus on many job opportunities here as well as how you can move with ease. Well, with interstate movers Texas, you can have just that! Stability, efficiency, and safety. So make sure to contact them before you head out.

This is our list of the most tech-savvy US cities you can move to in 2022. We are happy that it provided you with all the necessary information you can use for your upcoming relocation. And if you are looking for more info about the moving process itself, make sure to read our blog. It will guide you through the whole process just like a professional would.

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