Moving From Minnesota to Alabama

If you’re considering moving from Minnesota to Alabama, selecting the right movers is one of the most important tasks. Best Cross Country Movers is here for you to help you find an ideal moving company for your relocation. We will also provide detailed insights and strategies to assist you. Here, you’ll find practical advice to organize your move effectively, preparing you for the journey from the frosty climate of Minnesota to the warm, welcoming atmosphere of Alabama. Continue reading to equip yourself with essential knowledge for a successful move!

Cost of Living in Alabama

When considering moving from Minnesota to Alabama with some of the best cross country movers in Minnesota, it’s useful to compare the cost of living in Alabama versus Minnesota.

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Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Overall costs for a family of four, including rent, you will spend about $4,600 in Alabama, while in Minnesota, you will run to $5,100; without rent, you will spend $2,600 in Alabama and $3,000 in Minnesota.
  • The average grocery price that Alabama spends is $1,500 every month, which is slightly lower than what you would pay in Minnesota, which is $1,600.
  • The transportation cost is just $160 in Alabama, while in Minnesota, it is about $210.
  • A typical visit to a doctor in Alabama will cost you $100, as opposed to $120 in Minnesota.
  • A meal in a restaurant would cost around $16 in Alabama, but it would cost $18 in Minnesota.
  • A gym membership is cheaper by about $10 per month in Alabama—around $40 average cost—compared to Minnesota, where it averages around $50.
  • Gasoline is cheaper in Alabama by about $3.20 per gallon compared to $3.30 per gallon in Minnesota.

These figures highlight Alabama as a generally more affordable option, potentially influencing your decision when planning a move. As you can save a lot while earning a similar salary!

Cost of moving from Minnesota to Alabama

The costs can vary significantly depending on the size of your living space. For a studio or one-bedroom apartment, the expenses can range from $1,200 to $5,000. If you’re moving from a two or three-bedroom home, the costs increase, typically between $2,900 and $6,700. For larger homes with four or more bedrooms, the moving expenses are even more substantial, costing anywhere from $5,000 to $9,200. The best thing to do is contact your cross country movers in Alabama. The movers can more accurately give you the information depending on what you are moving. These price variations reflect the scale of the move and the services required, including the distance between your current home in Minnesota and your new location in Alabama, as well as the volume of items being transported.

Cost of Housing in Alabama

Housing is more expensive in Minnesota, where the average price for a house is about $310,000, or $190 per square foot, compared to Alabama, where the median home price is around $200,000, or $130 per square foot. In some cities in Minnesota, it goes even higher. For example, the average Brooklyn Park, MN home value is $334,474. For renters, median costs are far lower in Alabama, at about $1,400, compared to around $1,550 in Minnesota. Such differences establish the relative cost-benefit of moving from Minnesota to Alabama. Believe us, with a move like that on the horizon, we want to suggest using the services of cross country movers in Brooklyn Park, who take the whole process over for you and help you face both the financial and control-related challenges of such a change in your life in as an effective a manner as possible.

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There are a lot of great housing options in this city at a very affordable price, waiting just for you!

Alabama’s Best Cities to Move to

When planning a residential move to Alabama, here are some of the best cities to consider:

  • Huntsville is known for strong aerospace and technology-related activities, this is a city with an active and good job market and, a high quality of life. Entrenched in the city is the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, so science and space aficionados should enjoy this spot. Here the median price of a house is $380,000 or around $190 per sqft;
  • Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, is a beautiful center comprising numerous museums, parks, and restaurants. In addition, it also houses medical breakthroughs and the banking sector. The median price of a house here is around $190,000, or $123 per sqft;
  • Mobile on the Gulf Coast is rich in history and is proud of a very robust maritime industry. It is known for the celebration of Mardis Gras annually, predating New Orleans as being the sugar-coated cultural Mecca to be. Here you can find a home for a median price of $240,000 or $136 per sqft;
  • The state capital, Montgomery, is steeped in history tied to American civil rights. Montgomery is home to a lot of educational and historical sites, so jampacked with historical importance that it should be on any itinerary by a visitor with an interest in American history. Last but not least, a median price of a home here is $215,000 or $110 per sqft.

The Economy of Alabama

Alabama’s economy reflects both traditional industries and modern innovations. This diversity is key to its economic stability and growth. Key sectors include automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology, which contribute significantly to the state’s economic landscape.

The automotive sector has flourished remarkably in Alabama. Major companies like Hyundai, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz have established significant manufacturing facilities here. These plants not only bring thousands of jobs but also attract a network of suppliers and related businesses, boosting local economies. Aerospace is another critical component of Alabama’s economy. The state is a hub for aerospace engineering and manufacturing, with Huntsville known as “Rocket City” due to its pivotal role in U.S. space missions. This city houses the Marshall Space Flight Center, which is pivotal in federal space endeavors and research, furthering Alabama’s reputation in the aerospace sector.

Healthcare also plays a vital role, with major employers including the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital. UAB is not only one of the largest employers in the state but also a leader in medical research, drawing professionals from across the globe. Moreover, Alabama is growing its footprint in the technology sector, with an increasing number of tech startups and established companies choosing to operate there. This growth is supported by a favorable business climate, competitive cost of living, and initiatives from state and local governments to foster innovation.

These industries together create a robust economic environment in Alabama, making it an attractive state for business and employment. The synergy among these sectors promotes sustainable growth and economic opportunities, positioning Alabama as a dynamic player in the national economy. If you want to move your business here, commercial movers will help you!

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You can make significant earnings when moving from Minnesota to Alabama.

Job opportunities in the city

There are a lot of career opportunities in Alabama.  And if you are moving from a place like Plymouth, you can expect a big change. A lot of opportunities for you across different sectors and industries, make it a likable city for career growth. Some of the notables in that category include numerous clinics and a major hospital with many offshoots. All offering a stable source of employment in this key sector. Aerospace industry also offers a lot of possibilities for engineers. Retail and hospitality similarly offer a vast array of local employment opportunities, boosted by the high energy surrounding Alabama’s busy shopping centers and exciting tourism.

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There are a lot of job opportunities waiting for you just around the corner!

There are opportunities for you in the professional services and technology sub-sectors that tend to grow with time. And since there are major urban centers in the state. For those considering integrating those opportunities by moving into the city, hiring cross country movers in Plymouth is the best decision. They will simplify the process by offering an easy shift into the local workforce. This makes Alabama a place where one finds the feasibility not only to live but to also grow.

Average salary and unemployment rate in Alabama

In both Alabama and Minnesota, the economic climate provides average incomes per year of approximately $51,000. Although the potential to earn is the same in both states, the unemployment rate is just slightly different. Alabama reports an unemployment rate of about 3%, while Minnesota is slightly lower at 2.8%. This difference is just slight. And on the other hand Alabama has much more to offer when it comes to the different job opportunities in the city. When you are ready to move, book moving services. So you can get to your new home without any issues. And, in turn, allows you to acclimate to your new environment and to take the job opportunities readily available.

Schools in Alabama

When moving from Minnesota to Alabama, you need to look at the education system from preschools to high schools. It is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of learning needs and preferences. For younger learners, the Auburn Early Education Center is noted for its innovative approach to preschool education, emphasizing play-based learning and parental involvement. At the elementary level, Forest Avenue Academic Magnet School in Montgomery offers a rigorous curriculum aimed at fostering academic excellence from an early age. For middle school students, Liberty Park Middle School in Vestavia Hills is recognized for its strong emphasis on both STEM and the arts, providing a balanced educational experience. High schools like Bob Jones High School in Madison are well-known for their advanced placement programs and extracurricular activities, preparing students effectively for college and future careers. These institutions highlight Alabama’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and effective education at all levels.

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There are a lot of schools that are worthy, your job is just to pick.

Higher education

Alabama is home to several prominent institutions of higher education that cater lots of academic interests and professional aspirations. The University of Alabama, located in Tuscaloosa is the one worth mentioning. It’s renowned for its comprehensive programs in law, business, and engineering, drawing students from across the nation. Auburn University offers strong agricultural, mechanical, and architectural programs, capitalizing on its historical roots and modern research facilities. For those interested in medical and health sciences, the University of Alabama at Birmingham is highly regarded for its medical school. Alabama also hosts a variety of smaller colleges and universities that provide intimate learning environments. Specialized programs, such as Birmingham-Southern College, known for its liberal arts education. These institutions collectively enhance Alabama’s educational opportunities, preparing you or your children for successful careers in various fields.

Lifestyle Change When Moving From Minnesota to Alabama

Moving from Minnesota to Alabama offers a distinct lifestyle change. Marked by warm weather, rich cultural heritage, and a relaxed pace of life. The state is famous for its Southern hospitality, where community and family ties run deep. Outdoor activities are plentiful, thanks to its diverse landscapes that include beautiful beaches, lush forests, and scenic mountains.

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And for all nature lovers- get ready to explore wonderful landscapes across Alabama.

In contrast, Minnesota experiences harsh winters and milder summers, shaping a lifestyle that values indoor activities and community gatherings during the colder months. The state is also known for its colorful arts scene and numerous lakes, which are popular for fishing, boating, and ice activities. The shift from Minnesota’s brisk climate and outdoor lifestyle centered around its lakes. To Alabama’s warm, culturally rich environment offers a unique change of pace that appeals to many looking for warmth and tradition.

Consider Moving From Minnesota to Alabama, We Promise You Won’t Be Disappointed!

Moving from Minnesota to Alabama offers varied advantages, from more economical housing. And also, very nice educational options to a strong job markets and a welcoming, warm lifestyle. Alabama’s lower living costs, combined with its rich cultural heritage and community-focused environment. Provide you a distinct contrast to Minnesota’s cooler climate and lake-centric recreation. Understanding these differences helps in making an informed decision about your move. Leveraging professional moving services can streamline this shift, allowing you to take full advantage of what Alabama has to offer.


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