How to pack and transport office supplies?

The office move is a little bit different from the home relocation. The main difference is in office supplies and equipment which can be very difficult to transport to the new place. This means you will have to be extra careful when moving them to a new office. If some of your office items aren’t packed properly and secured, there is a big chance you will end up with a broken or damaged item. And damaging office equipment isn’t the same as damaging your favorite vase. Your favorite vase means a lot to you, but office equipment and supplies are very expensive. So, make sure you know how to pack and transport office supplies in a safe way.

Prepare for packing

If you want to have a successful move and move your belongings safely, you will need to prepare for it and plan the whole moving process. So what do you need to do in order to pack and transport office supplies properly?

Create a checklist

Firstly, create a moving checklist. Write down everything that needs to be transported to your new office. This is very important if you have a lot of electronics or important files. Once you know the number of items that you’ll be moving, you’ll know whether you need the help of the professional moving company. If the cost of hiring movers scares you, know that there is an option for you to get a free moving quote. This way you will know whether you can afford their services or not.

Close up of a man hand writing in a notebook.
With a moving checklist, every relocation is easy.


Find the right packing supplies

Office supplies can be very hard for transporting. These items tend to be heavy, bulky, strangely shaped. Big office equipment usually has many detachable parts so you’ll need to find the best way for packing them. In order to pack everything properly, you’ll need to find the right packing materials. It is very important to know how to secure everything if you want to keep your office supplies in one piece. Since these items are very difficult for packing, you can ask cross country movers Columbia for their packing services.

Declutter before you pack and transport office supplies

Whether you are moving to a smaller or to a bigger office, decluttering is necessary. Every office has papers and unnecessary office supplies all over the place. If you want to have a tidy office and to relocate faster, decluttering is the answer. For most people this is a very boring task, so work together with your colleagues. It will be much easier for all of you.

Donate what you don’t need

Even though you can sell your office furniture, think about donation and reusing office items. There are many non-profit organizations which will accept your old furniture and give it to those in need. This is a great way for you to help other people. The only important thing is to donate only the furniture that isn’t damaged and that is still in a good shape.


When packing office supplies make sure you label your moving boxes. Especially if they are going to be filled with important files and documents. Labeling your moving boxes will make unpacking much easier and you’ll know where to find every item.

Rent a storage unit

If there are some office supplies that you want to keep but can’t find a place for them in your new office, you will need storage services Florida. There are many pros of renting a storage unit. In some states, you can even run a business from a unit! But people mostly rent these units for keeping their belongings safe. Renting a storage container will be great for storing your important and old files, or bulky equipment.

Blue door of a storage unit.
Renting a storage unit is necessary when working in a small office.

Keep your office electronics safe

When you want to pack and transport office supplies,  you will need to focus on transporting your office electronics. Whether you are doing the office move by yourself or with the help of others, mistakes can happen. In a matter of seconds, you might end up with a broken computer. In order to keep your computers safe, firstly create a backup of all your files. This way, even if a moving disaster happens, your data will be saved. After you make a backup, know how to pack and transport office supplies without damaging them. Use cushioning packing materials and they will stay intact.

Hire professionals

Moving office supplies is hard. There are many things you should do, and you will need to transport a lot of heavy and expensive items. Instead of putting these items to risk, the best way for having a successful office move is to hire Charleston interstate movers. These professionals will know how to pack and transport office supplies in a safe way. All you have to do is to find a trustworthy moving company and your office equipment will be in good hands.

Keep your business going while moving

Moving office supplies can affect your business and you can lose a lot of money because of it. Instead of putting your business in danger, try to keep it going during your move. Here is how you can do it:

Working together is necessary when you want to pack and transport office supplies.
Working together is a great way to pack and transport office supplies faster.
  • Stick to the moving plan. Your goal is to have a fast and successful office move. Stick to your moving plan and you’ll have that.
  • Don’t pack everything. If you want to keep your business going, you can’t pack all of your office equipment. Make sure you have at least one working computer and one printer by your side so you can work during the move.
  • Notify your customers. If you are relocating to a distant place, notify your regulars.
  • Work together. It is very important to work with your colleagues when you need to pack and transport office supplies. Working together will get the job done faster and will create a good atmosphere in your company.
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