Moving From Miami to NYC

Moving from Miami to NYC is based on a distance of 1,091 miles. And, as such, it belongs to the group of long distance or cross country moves. So, these types of moves require adequate professional help. If you decide to move, we advise hiring a proven moving company and making the whole thing easy for you. Simply visit Best Cross Country Movers and we will help you find the best moving option. When it comes to moving from Miami to New York City, this move can bring you many new things as a new culture, a new way of life, new business opportunities, etc. Moving in general is known as a new chapter in your life, and for that reason, you need to be ready to face new life challenges. So, today we will reveal to you all the new things that moving to NYC can bring!

All you need to know about moving from Miami to NYC

These two cities are some of the most popular cities in the USA. But, if you have lived in Miami until now, you surely know how wonderful this city is. One one the main characteristics of the state of Florida is its beaches which makes Florida one of the top states Americans are moving to. Of course, Miami has a big influence on this. But, when it comes to NYC, it’s also one of the most beautiful cities in the USA, and like Miami can give you interesting and exciting life.

Miami is one of the most popular and beautiful cities in the USA.

When you decide to move from Miami to NYC there are some things you need to consider. First of all, you need to be familiar with the main differences between these two cities. And, some of them are:

A graph that says "Climate Culture Cost of living Business opportunities Crime rates Education Healthcare Transportation"

Considering that this move belongs to the group of challenging moving processes, you need to have a real moving expert by your side. For that reason, we can help you to find the best cross country movers in Miami who will be your right hand during your move.

Climate – One of the main differences between Miami and NYC

When you start packing for yo move to NYC from Miami, be sure to pack your winter boots and thick jackets instead of your summer footwear. Because this move will bring you big differences when it comes to climate. Miami is generally a warm city with a lot of sunny days, while NYC is a significantly cooler place. The climate in NYC is humid continental, and here winters are snowy, cold, wet, and windy while summer is warm, humid, and wet with a lot of rainfalls during the whole year. So, if you get used to Miami’s climate, moving to NYC can be a big challenge for you!


Life in New York City is a little different compared to Miami. Here, people are focused on work and don’t have much free time. You can see people rushing somewhere on the streets of NYC, so don’t blame them if they don’t say “hello” to you. People who live in NYC really cherish their culture. In this city, you can find many cultural places you can visit. Some of them are The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA Art Gallery, Metropolitan Opera, Little Italy, Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway, and many other places. All these places give you the opportunity to meet the culture of this city.

On the NYC streets, you will see even more crowds of people than in Miami.

NYC is a diverse city where people from all over the world are moving. And based on that we can say that here you will meet different people, traditions, and customs. And currently, according to NICHE data there live about 8,736,047 people. So, this data tells that NYC is a larger city in terms of Miami because Miami has a population of 440,807 residents.

Cost of living

We all already know that Florida is known as one of the most affordable states to live in. But, that’s not the case when it comes to NY. According to the index, the cost of living in Florida is 122.4/100 national average, while in New York is 168.6/100. As you can see, NY is a more expensive state in addition to Florida. But, when it comes to Miami and NYC, the thing is the same. Living costs in Miami are $3048 for a single person, while in NYC average living costs are $3723. So, based on these data, higher living costs in NYC can be one of the great challenges of living in this city. Think about that!

New York City may be an expensive city to live in, but that’s not the case when it comes to best interstate movers in New York City we will recommend to you. We will present you with the most affordable options for your move.

A graph that says "Moving from Miami to NYC: Cost of living comparison (100 - the US average) Florida cost of living index: 103.1/100 New York cost of living index: 121.5/100 Miami cost of living index: 124.4/100 NYC cost of living index: 168.6/100 Average living costs in Miami: $3,048 per month for a single person Average living costs in NYC: $3,723 per month for a single person Miami housing costs: 136.5/100 NYC housing costs: 224.3/100 Miami transportation costs: 144.5/100 NYC transportation costs: 181.1/100"

Business opportunities

The business opportunities in NYC are generally similar to business opportunities in Mami. But the main difference is in the types of industries. For example, in Miami, the main industry is tourism, finance, hospitality, media and etc. While in New York City you can find business opportunities in industries like financial services, healthcare, professional and business services, education, manufacturing, etc. There is also a difference in the annual income. NYC gives you the opportunity to earn about $70,663 per year according to Niche data, while the annual income in Miami is about $47,860. 

People shaking hands after moving from Miami to NYC at the business meeting
Moving from Miami to NYC will bring you better business opportunities and the possibility to earn more.

Crime rates

Miami and New York City are both major urban centers with diverse populations and bustling streets. However, when it comes to safety and security, there are some notable differences to consider. Especially, if you are moving from Miami to NYC with your kids. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, New York City has a lower overall crime rate than Miami. In 2020, the crime rate in NYC was 2,317 per 100,000 people, while Miami had a rate of 4,235 per 100,000 (FBI, 2021). This difference is partly due to the substantial reduction in crime rates in NYC over the past few decades, which is often attributed to innovative policing strategies such as the “broken windows” approach.

crime scene
If you are moving from Miami to NYC, it is good to know that NYC has a lower crime rate

Moreover, NYC’s extensive public transportation system is generally considered safe, with an overall crime rate of 1.57 per 100,000 riders (MTA, 2021). Miami’s public transport system, in contrast, has limited coverage and higher crime rates, although exact figures are difficult to obtain. It is important to note that while NYC may have a lower crime rate overall, it is not comparable with the safest neighborhoods in Miami. The experience of safety can vary greatly depending on the specific neighborhood and time of day in both cities.

A graph that says "The overall crime rate in NYC (2020): 2,317 per 100,000 The overall crime rate in Miami (2020): 4,235 per 100,000 NYC public transportation crime rate (2020): 1.57 per 100,000 riders Estimated Miami public transportation crime rate (2020): 3.5 per 100,000 riders Violent crime rate in NYC (2020): 528 per 100,000 Violent crime rate in Miami (2020): 1,026 per 100,000 The property crime rate in NYC (2020): 1,789 per 100,000 The property crime rate in Miami (2020): 3,209 per 100,000 NYPD officers per capita (2020): 42 officers per 10,000 residents Miami Police officers per capita (2020): 30 officers per 10,000 residents Number of surveillance cameras in NYC (2020): Approximately 15,000 NYPD cameras Estimated number of surveillance cameras in Miami (2020): Approximately 3,000-5,000 cameras"


New York City and Miami both offer diverse educational opportunities, but there are differences in the scale and performance of their respective school systems. New York City has the largest public school district in the United States, serving over 1 million students across 1,800 schools (NYC DOE, 2021). Miami-Dade County Public Schools, on the other hand, serves approximately 350,000 students in over 500 schools (MDCPS, 2021). In terms of academic performance, New York City students have consistently outperformed Miami students in standardized tests such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP, 2019).

Moreover, NYC boasts a high number of prestigious institutions of higher learning, including Columbia University and New York University, while Miami is home to the University of Miami and Florida International University. Despite the differences in size and performance, It is worth noting that neither New York nor Florida is among the best US states for education. Still, both cities offer a variety of public, private, and charter school options, as well as programs catering to diverse learning needs.

A chart saying "The overall number of students in NYC public schools: Over 1 million The overall number of students in Miami-Dade County public schools: Approximately 350,000 Number of public schools in NYC: 1,800 Number of public schools in Miami-Dade County: Over 500 NYC students' performance on NAEP: Above average Miami students' performance on NAEP: Below average Top universities in NYC: Columbia University, New York University Top universities in Miami: University of Miami, Florida International University NYC high school graduation rate (2020): 78.8% Miami high school graduation rate (2020): 93.1%"


If you are moving from Miami to NYC, you need to consider healthcare. New York City and Miami both have extensive healthcare systems with numerous hospitals and medical facilities. However, there are differences in healthcare costs, accessibility, and quality between the two cities. The cost of living in NYC is generally higher than in Miami, which is reflected in healthcare costs as well. According to the Health Care Cost Institute, NYC’s healthcare prices are 25% higher than the national median, while Miami’s prices are only 5% higher.

checking hospital beds after moving from Miami to NYC
NYC’s healthcare system is more robust but also more expensive

Both cities are home to top-ranked hospitals, with NYC boasting institutions like NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and NYU Langone Health, while Miami is known for the University of Miami Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital. In terms of health insurance coverage, Florida has a higher uninsured rate (13.2%) compared to New York (5.2%) (U.S. Census Bureau, 2019). This difference may impact healthcare accessibility and affordability for some residents in Miami.

A chart saying "NYC healthcare prices: 25% above the national median (HCCI, 2019) Miami healthcare prices: 5% above the national median (HCCI, 2019) The uninsured rate in New York: 5.2% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2019) The uninsured rate in Florida: 13.2% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2019) Top-ranked hospitals in NYC: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, NYU Langone Health Top-ranked hospitals in Miami: University of Miami Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital Number of hospitals in NYC: Over 60 (New York State Department of Health, 2021) Number of hospitals in Miami-Dade County: Over 30 (Florida Health Finder, 2021) Average healthcare spending per capita in New York State: $10,029 (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2019) Average healthcare spending per capita in Florida: $8,076 (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2019)"


New York City and Miami offer different transportation experiences, with NYC transportation being known for its extensive public transit system and Miami relying more on personal vehicles. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates the largest public transit network in the U.S., including buses, subways, and commuter trains. In contrast, Miami has a less comprehensive public transit system, consisting of Metrorail, Metromover, and bus services. While both cities have rideshare services and taxis, Miami residents are more dependent on cars, contributing to traffic congestion. And that is one of the reasons why people are moving from Miami to NYC.

A chart saying "NYC public transit ridership: 7.7 million daily Miami public transit ridership: 292,000 daily NYC subway stations: 472 Miami Metrorail stations: 23 NYC public transit annual budget: $17 billion Miami public transit annual budget: $827 million Average commute time in NYC: 40.8 minutes Average commute time in Miami: 30.6 minutes NYC car ownership: 45% of households Miami car ownership: 91% of households"

Are you ready for moving from Miami to NYC?

Now that you are familiar with some of the main differences between these two cities you can start moving from Miami to NYC. At the same time, throughout this story, we revealed to you some basic things you need to know about life in NYC. So, if you are sure about your decision, now you can start searching for the best cross country movers in New York. And, we can help you find them, so check out our database and find your moving team today!

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