Moving From Madison to Chicago

Every move is a special experience. If you’re moving from Madison to Chicago, you will have the opportunity to meet many new things. But also to meet many moving challenges. Moving in itself is known as a difficult and complicated process. But, Best Cross Country Movers will assure you that this is generally not the case! We will find the best moving option for you and ensure your move is a nice and pleasant experience without obstacles and high costs. If you have lived in Madison until now, then you know that it’s a friendly city famous for the American founder and president James Madison. But after you move to Chicago, a whole new world of vibrant culture awaits you to discover. So, today we will not talk about packing. We will introduce you to the most important things about your moving to Chicago!

What moving from Madison to Chicago will brings you?

Moving is a completely new experience for everyone. Regardless of how many times you’ve moved, each time you’ll have a different experience. By now, you may have heard various myths about moving, but the only truth is that moving represents a new chapter in your life and opens the door to new life and business opportunities. This time, together with you, we move to Chicago, a city that knows no borders. And which can offer you a lot. And here’s what.

Moving to Chicago brings you:

  • New challenges
  • Many life opportunities
  • A lot of fun
A view of river surrounded by buildings in Chicago
Windy City is a great place, but it has its pros and cons, and for that reason, it’s necessary to explore them before moving from Madison to Chicago.

So, are you ready to discover together the benefits of living in Chicago? This story may not give you much advice about moving furniture, but it will reveal all the challenges of life in Chicago, business and life opportunities and possibilities, and the best places to have fun. And you can always contact the best movers in Chicago to help you settle there. So if you’re ready, let’s go!

Challenges of settling into Chicago

First of all, we want to tell you that one of the biggest challenges of your move is getting to know a new environment, meeting new people, getting used to different living standards, as well as the cultural shock that you can experience. But don’t worry too much, because all these challenges can be overcome. Just like the moving challenges you may encounter during the move. And to avoid them, hiring professionals when moving to Chicago is the best option. So, when you move to Chicago you may face challenges like:

  • Cold winters. During winter, temperatures even drop below 0. Snows, winds, and blizzards are frequent occurrences. But that is not a problem, because Madison has a humid continental climate with also cold winters.
  • Above the average cost of living. Although the cost of living is not that high, according to data from the index the cost of living is 107.4, while in Madison, the cost of living is a little cheaper and they are 101 compared to the national average.
  • Not so a safe city. A record 774 murders were recorded in Chicago in 2020. And also, there are about 60 different street gangs in this city, with over 100,000 members. But think about it, because Madison is a slightly safer city with only 29 crimes per 100 residents.

What life opportunities await you after moving from Madison to Chicago?

In Chicago, you will very easily choose your perfect neighborhood. If you don’t know where to live in Chicago, there are about 70 districts in this city and each one is special in its own way. Some of the best choices are Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and Pilsen. So, depending on your life needs, you will surely find an excellent option for you.

Park to visit after moving from Madison to Chicago
Chicago is a city that is also known for its divine nature.

Also, another opportunity that Chicago offers is public transportation. This city has the most developed public transportation in Illinois, which consists of 145 train stations and 129 bus lines. Chicago, like Madison, has a very well-developed public transportation system, with St. Madison offering specialized transportation for people with disabilities. And in addition, there are also very affordable housing and real estate prices. The monthly rent in this city according to NICHE data is $1,209, while the average real estate price is around $277,600. The real estate market in Chicago isn’t much different compared to Madison, because real estate prices will be about the same. The difference from the price is about $100 (Madison, average home price – $277,800).

Does Chicago offer a lot of fun?

Chicago’s nature and almost its biggest attraction are 26 public beaches on Lake Michigan. Each beach is special, but the water is very cold for swimming. These are also ideal places for socializing and afternoon picnics with family and friends. And if you want fun, Chicago offers you the opportunity to visit The Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry, 360 Chicago Observation Deck, Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, and many other places where you will really find a lot of attractions and interesting things to do.

Are you sure about moving from Madison?

Madison is known as the capital of Wisconsin. But it’s also the second-largest city in the same state, with a population of 265,447 according to NICHE data. While Chicago is one of the most populated cities in Illinois with a population of 2,742,119 inhabitants, also according to NICHE data. You are familiar with the lifestyle of the urban suburbs, while after moving from Madison to Chicago you will become familiar with a more urban way of life. Chicago, like Madison, is home to excellent museums, art and music venues, as well as numerous festivals such as Taste of Chicago, Chicago Blues Festival, etc. What you must have realized by now is that Madison is an extremely good place to live. But, if you decided to leave this place, you surely have a good reason for it.

Madison is one of the best cities to live in Wisconsin.

So, regardless of the reason you decided to leave this city, you can always count on cross country moving companies in Madison. As we have already said, we will find the ideal option for you that can fulfill all the needs of your move. What is important to know is that your move is in a group of a cross-country move, even though the distance is only 147 miles. So, this move requires dedication and planning in order to have a successful end.

If you are ready, start moving!

So, now that you have familiarized yourself with the basic characteristics of this city, we are sure that you are ready for the next step. Maybe now is the time to start packing and preparing for your move. But don’t stare, Chicago stays in the same place and waits for you. Together with all its possibilities for life, work, and fun. Have an enjoyable move!

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