Moving from Louisiana to Florida

Reasons for moving from Louisiana to Florida are various. They, in general, defer from person to person. So, what are the main reasons to switch between those two similar states? Both states have access to the Gulf of Mexico and similar weather. However, there are also certain differences between them. However, in most cases, people are moving due to better employment offers. Or, since they have enrolled in one of Florida’s famous universities. So, the reasons for relocation are usually personal. Also, some are joining a spouse or family. Whatever the reason you may have, you can always count on the Best Cross Country Movers to help you out. With their help, your move will be easy, fast, and safe.

Florida International University, Miami can be one of reasons for Moving from Louisiana to Florida
You may be moving from Louisiana to Florida due to various reasons.

Here are some interesting facts about Louisiana

Louisiana is located in the southern part of the USA, in the Gulf of Mexico. It is known for its rich history. Also, the mixture of various people has resulted in distinctive Creole and Cajun cultures.  New Orleans is the most attractive and famous city in Louisiana. It is known as the birthplace of blues and jazz. Also, it is famous for the Mardi Gras festival.

Louisiana is also known for its 38 State Parks. They are favorite places for family tours. In parks, you can experience the unique natural beauty and historical riches. Also, in those parks, you can enjoy activities such as canoe trails, fishing, hiking, and biking. Moreover, in the Gulf, you can find several gorgeous sandy spots. They are not so famous. But they are still beautiful places for resting.

What weather conditions you can expect after moving to Florida?

Weather conditions in both states are similar. Weatherwise, moving from Louisiana to Florida will not present a big change. Thankfully, you are already used to high temperatures and humidity. Due to that, you will easily adjust to your new place in Florida. You will also be prepared for occasional heavy storms, as they are happening in both countries. So, you will not have weather issues like some people who are coming from cold areas.

Living costs and employment possibilities in Louisiana and Florida

Living costs in Florida are 5,1% higher than in Louisiana. However, the median home income in Florida is $55,660. At the same time, the median income in Louisiana is $49,469. So, living in Florida is,  for this reason, still affordable. The main industries in Florida are:

  • aerospace & aviation
  • life sciences
  • manufacturing
  • security
  • information technology
  • and tourism

In Louisiana, the main industries are:

  • agriculture
  • commercial fishing
  • oil extraction
  • natural gas
  • and chemical industries

Depending on your vocation, you will be able to find good employment for yourself. The Florida job market is rich. And it is steadily increasing.

Median Home Prices in Louisiana vs Florida

In both states, the median home price depends on the area. So, the houses will be more costly in New Orleans, than in some other parts of Louisiana. Also, homes in Miami city are more costly than in some other Florida towns. So, the home purchase prices will largely depend on the area you are moving to. Also, you will have numerous possibilities for renting.

Subsequently, you will have to check the moving companies. Moving such a long distance is a rather demanding task. So, having proper help is always a good decision. And, opting for the excellent services of the best cross country movers in Louisiana is a good decision. They will move you fast and easily. And they will do so regardless of which part of Florida you are moving to.

Fireworks over fairy castle in Disney World, Orlando, FL.
When living in Florida, you may enjoy some of the world-renowned attractions.

The most common reasons for moving from Louisiana to Florida

Using the I-10 E you will need about 13 hours drive to move from Louisiana to Florida. So, whatever reason you have for moving, don’t DIY. It is much better and safer to use the services of interstate movers in Florida.

We already noted that various people have various reasons for relocation. So, here is the list of the most common reasons for moving from Louisiana to Florida.

  • Securing a better-paid job
  • Want to start a career in the industry available in Florida, but not in Louisiana
  • Starting a private business that is more valued in Florida
  • Join a family or suppose
  • Enroll in some of Florida’s prestigious colleges
  • Florida tax regulations

Entertainment possibilities in Florida

Florida is full of stunning attractions. It is known for its beautiful beaches and clear ocean waters. Besides, you will enjoy the delicious foods and diverse festivities. So, living in Florida, you will have many possibilities to entertain yourself.  The favorite activities in Florida involve water sports. Such are sports fishing, snorkeling on reefs, scuba diving, and boating. Also, there are many wonderful courts for golf lovers. So, you may enjoy some of the world-renowned attractions like Jurassic Park, Disney World, and many more.

While living in Florida, don’t miss visiting some of the inland gems. They are rarely known to visitors. Some of those hidden gems are:

  • National Park Dry Tortugas
  • Three Sisters Spring
  • Devil’s Den spring
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Southwest Florida Ale Trai
  • Florida Caverns State Park
  • Venetian Pool
  • Wacissa Springs County Park

You may be surprised to discover so many incredibly beautiful places. And we are sure that, while exploring, you will find many more of them.

Brown tortoise and a man in a water, over reef.
There are many places in Florida for snorkeling over reefs.

Hiring movers is always a better option

By hiring a reliable moving company, your belonging will be insured. Besides, the professional movers know the best routes to move you from Louisiana to Florida. So, you will reach your destination much faster. In case you find out that you don’t have enough space in a new home, don’t panic. Instead, talk to your movers. They will be able to provide you with convenient storage services. There, your belongings will be safe. And you will have time to decide what to do with them.

People usually think that DIY moving is cheaper. That may be true in the case of local moving. However, when moving interstate, having the assistance of professional movers is a much better option. 

Additional tips for moving to Florida

As with any other move, you will need to prepare for moving from Louisiana to Florida. When moving, it could be a great idea to declutter your possessions. That way, you will have fewer possessions to move. Thus, your moving costs will be lower. Also, you will dispose of all items that you don’t need anymore. Also, after setting a moving day, be sure to complete preparations timely. And, in case you have to move on short notice, the moving company can help you. They can provide you with good moving supplies. Also, they can offer some extra services, like packing, which will speed up your preparation.

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