Moving from Florida to Alabama

Have you decided to move to another state? If so, you will have to prepare yourself. Moving from Florida to Alabama, you will have to adjust to a new lifestyle. And, you will have to decide which Alabama city will best suit your plans. To help in choosing the right place, we will offer some general info about your new country.  And, once you choose the final destination, Best Cross County Movers will take over. They will organize your move. And bring you to your new places in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Why would you consider moving from Florida to Alabama?

Florida is a nice state. And it is a dream of many. Still, moving to Alabama can come with some benefits. Presently, Alabama is among four US states with the fastest growing economy. Which also means that it has a rich job market. So, no wonder that its unemployment rate is 4%. And that is lower than in the US, as well as Florida rates.  Besides, Alabama is among the states with the lowest costs of living in the US. Its housing and rental markets are also below the national average.

The median household income in Alabama is $53,913, and the median home value stands at $214,110. As a result, 70% of residents are property owners. In Florida is median household income amount to $63,062, while the median home value is $425,541.

Birmingham - your possible destination after moving from Florida to Alabama.
Birmingham is the biggest Alabama city.

Differences between Florida and Alabama

Many believe that Florida has become overcrowded. And many see it as a reason to move away. Well, it might be true. It has just 6% bigger territory than Alabama. And it has over 22 million residents. Also, many more are daily using the services of interstate movers Florida to move in.

The state of Alabama has just a bit more than 5 million inhabitants. So, moving to Alabama, you will definitely have a much calmer lifestyle. Also, the crime rates in Alabama are lower. And that is an additional factor that makes it attractive to millennials and young families. So, we can see that the median age in Alabama is 39, and in Florida 42 years.

The growing economy will give you plenty of job opportunities in Alabama

If you are moving to Alabama in search of good employment, be sure that you will easily find some. And, the main industries where you can search for employment are:

  • automotive
  • forestry
  • aeronautics
  • tech
  • chemical
  • heavy industries
  • metal extraction

Besides, the tourism industry is booming in Alabama. So you can easily find many job opportunities in this industry too. And, Alabama cross country movers will easily move you to your new country.

What climate to expect after moving to Alabama?

The geography of Alabama is very diverse. It ranges from breathtaking mountain ranges to white sand beaches. So you can expect the micro-climates, depending on what region you are moving to. However, in general, the climate will not differ too much from the one in Florida.

Boy Sitting on His Desk While Reading Book.
Alabama has top-rated schools.

So, you won’t need much time to adjust. The summers are hot and humid. The winter temperatures are mild, due to the influence of the Gulf. Besides, living in coastal parts of Alabama, you can expect strong storms and hurricanes, like in Florida.

Alabama has an excellent educations system

Bringing your kids to Alabama, you won’t make a mistake. The state has over 1,500 top-notch schools. So, enrolling your kid in a primary or secondary school won’t be a problem. And, they will receive an excellent education. Besides, there are also 17 universities in the state, all of them highly rated.  

Several more facts about living in Alabama that you should know

Although the two states have some things in common, they also have differences. So let’s see what to expect:

  • Alabama is part of the Bible belt, having about 64% regularly attending sermons
  • don’t get surprised to see the Confederation flags around
  • Alabama has a rich African American heritage
  • the people in Alabama are among the biggest furball fun
  • the state of Alabama has 3 nicknames

The best cities to live in after moving from Florida to Alabama

Alabama has many nice cities and towns. The choice of city may depend on your job. Or the university in case you are moving for studying. However, we will present the most popular places for living in the Heart of Dixie.


The capital of Alabama, with around 206,000, is the second biggest city in the country. The city is famous as the birthplace of civil rights. Besides, it has a strong art scene. It also hosts one of the biggest Shakespeare festivals in the world.  Montgomery is a nice city, with a lot of greenery. It is walkable, and you can also use the bike to go around.

People dancing on the street.
The first-ever Mardi Gras festival was held in Mobile.


With a population of around 213,000 people, it is the most populous city in Alabama. What makes it popular today are prices and excellent schools. Namely, the housing prices are much lower than in the capital Mongomery. Birmingham is also famous for its beautiful parks. And, like in the rest of Alabama cities, you will have an excellent work-rest balance living here. If you decide this is the right place for you, contact cross county movers Birmingham for a simple and fast relocation.


Mobile is another Alabama city that can meet all your needs. So, you can expect affordable housing, highly rated schools, and various job opportunities. Like other cities, it has a lot of greenery. And is especially known for pink and purple azaleas in bloom all over the city during the springtime.

Although New Orleans is famed for Mardi Gras festivals, the first one ever was held in Mobile. However, the celebration in Mobile is still going strong, with parades all month long.


It is nicknamed “The Rocket City”, as the first rockets that brought “man” to Moon were developed here. Today, the city hosts the US Space & Rocket Center, which is the world’s biggest space museum.

Moving to Alabama

So, there are many reasons for moving from Florida to Alabama. The nice weather, year-round possibilities for outdoor activities, booming job market, and low costs of living are just some of them. There are many more reasons why are people seeking to live in Alabama. Some of them we have presented here. And many more you will discover after moving to this charming state.

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