Documentation you will need for a cross-country move

If you’ve done at least a little research, we’re sure you’ve realized by now that cross-country moving is one of the more demanding moving types. Also, a lot of work and tasks to do await you. What is very important at this moment is that you have the support and help of professionals by your side. You just need to call our Best Cross Country Movers. And in that way, you will provide yourself with the best support on this journey. Also, one of the important tasks that you need to take care of is the collection of documentation. This task may confuse you a little, but that’s not a problem, that’s why we decided to help you. We will present you with the ultimate guide about the documentation you will need for a cross-country move. Be sure to check it out!

List of the important documentation you will need for a cross-country move

In order to make it easier for you to prepare for a cross-country move, and to help you to have all the necessary documentation with you and not miss anything, we decided to first present you with a list of all the documentation you need. Based on this list, you can check your documentation and make sure that nothing is missing.

  • Personal documents (identity card, passport, medical card, driving license, birth certificate extracts, visas and immigration documents, military records)
  • Employment documentation (Biography, references, diplomas, etc.)
  • Your children’s school records
  • Medical documentation of the whole family
  • Financial statements of income
  • Your car’s travel documents
  • Documentation of your new home (purchase agreement, rental agreement, etc.)
  • Documents for moving (agreement with the moving company, inventory of the same, assessment report, receipts)
Woman sorting documentation for cross-country move
It’s very important that during your cross-country move, you take all documentation with you, as well as personal documents.

It would be ideal if you check this list at the very beginning of your move. Because, in that way, you will have enough time to prepare everything you need. Also, if you are moving your business, the movers who will provide you with commercial moving services will remind you at the beginning of the move to take care of all the necessary documentation. Also, if it’s a commercial move, you should add documentation on employment, employees, financial reports, and contracts, as well as documentation on the change of location of your company to this list.

Sort and organize your documentation before the cross-country move

In addition to the fact that you need to sort and organize all your things before packing, you need to do the same when it comes to documentation. We are sure that everyone in the home has a place (box, drawer, folder) that is filled with important papers, documents, guarantees, etc. As if every time you opened it with the intention of organizing your documents, you immediately closed it with the sentence “Another time…” So, now is the time to do it. Even though you thought it was a task that would take a lot of time, believe us, it’s not, an hour at most.

Woman sorting documentation
Sorting the documentation is a job that will take you at most an hour, so don’t put it off.

Moving is a time when you can’t postpone your obligations for the next time. So, first get everything you need for packing documentation including folders, bags, or boxes. Some of the packing services include packing and moving supplies. And you can always check with your movers if they can provide you with all the necessary packing supplies. After that, make yourself a coffee and start sorting through your documentation. We advise you to first look at what you need and separate it from the other side. Next, compare what you have with our list of documents you need for a cross-country move. And after that, you will see what you are missing. And in order to compete with your documentation, make an effort to collect everything you are missing.

Collect everything you’ll miss

When you finish sorting your documentation you will have a clear image of ​​what is missing. After that, take your time and start collecting the missing documents. Examples of documentation that may often be missing and that you will need after the move are medical reports of the entire family, vaccination records, as well as school documentation. You need to have complete medical documentation in order to successfully register at a new health facility after moving. And also, to enroll children in a new school, complete school documentation is required. Also, if you have a pet, you will also need documentation for it. Especially when you are moving to another state. What you will need is a pet passport, vaccination certificates, and a veterinarian’s report on your pet’s health.

Keep your documentation safe

Not only when it comes to packing, but also when it comes to packing other items such as personal belongings, furniture, jewelry, dishes, etc., it’s always important that they are safe during the move. The safety of such things can be guaranteed by residential moving services. But when it comes to important documentation, in that case, it’s best to take matters into your own hands. Important documents such as business papers, certificates, contracts, shares, title deeds of land and real estate, etc., you can always keep in special bags/handbags that are protected with a code of your choice.

the person holding the documentation bag
Keep your documentation in a safe place and make sure you don’t misplace it.

In addition, you should keep all other documentation with you. Other documentation, such as personal documents, and medical and school reports, can be kept in folders, or in one bag that you will use just for that. So, when you finish with the documentation you will need for a cross-country move, you can move on to the next obligations that await you in this process. Also, we have one last tip for you – Don’t start your cross-country move without professional movers!

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