How to pack your bathroom when moving to Columbus

To be able to properly pack your bathroom when moving to Columbus you will need time and proper packing materials. Your bathroom usually holds a lot of fragile items that need special care. Aside from that, packing your bathrooms means you will need to do some heavy lifting as well. Let’s see what advice we can give you to make this move a lot easier.

Throw away excess items

Even your bathroom holds a lot of clutter that needs to be thrown away. Make sure you do not overbuy products closing in on the move. Call long distance moving companies Columbus after you declutter your bathroom and home. This way you will have a more clear picture of how much you own. Transferring liquids is not an easy job and you should try and avoid it. Moving alone or with a moving company should not impact your decision not to relocate liquids. So make sure you spend everything you have from the bathroom before you start packing it.

garbage bin where you will throw excess items before you pack your bathroom when moving to Columbus
It’s easier to pack your bathroom when moving to Columbus when you throw away items you do not use anymore

Some of the cleaning supplies may be flammable, so make sure you leave them behind. If there is a lot left, consider giving them to your neighbor. Transferring them may put you in danger and your other belongings. Check for expiry dates on all your products and medication. Throw away items with the expired date. Also, check all the products you do no use often. If there is any change in color or smell, toss them away. Seal the rest well so it doesn’t spill, wrap and then pack in a box or a container.

Packing services

Packing services are a great choice if you want to spare yourself some trouble and save time as well. Professional packers and movers like Best Cross Country Movers are extra careful when doing their job and also super fast. Your bathroom and the rest of the home will be packed in a heartbeat. If you still want to be active and not let professionals do the entire job, do not worry. You can choose partial packing services if that suits you better. With this type of service, you will be working alongside packers to ensure everything is going smoothly.

image of bathroom
Movers can help you pack your bathroom with ease

Packing services are also great if you are about to relocate a washing machine or a tub. Preparing to do so on your own may take some time. Buying supplies can also be a bit pricey, and confusing as well. With movers and packers, that will no longer be your worry. There is less chance that anything will be damaged due to their training and expertise. In the meantime, you have the room to finish up tying the loose ends. There is always something more that needs to be done when relocating so use that time wisely.

Use proper supplies to pack your bathroom when moving to Columbus

Proper packing supplies are a lifesaver when it comes to the entire moving process. Same as with good movers, they can make or break this moving process. Buying quality packing supplies is a huge step towards your new home and a job half done. Missing key elements when packing can cost you time and money later if some of your property is damaged. There is a large variety of relocation boxes for you to choose from. Prevent excess money from the drain after the move by investing it in supplies. To pack your bathroom when moving to Columbus you may need some extra packing supplies.

The bathroom contains a lot of fragile items that need some special care. But do not worry, there are some steps you can take to ensure your items stay safe. Plastic containers are your holy grail when packing fragile items. They will protect them from outer damage and do a great job. You will still need to ensure items are protected inside the container by acquiring:

  1. Packing paper
  2. Peanuts
  3. Dividers
  4. Padding if necessary
packing supplies
Use packing paper to protect your bathroom items from damage

How you place items in a moving truck is also crucial when relocating. Bulky and heavy items that are durable should always be placed on the bottom. The rest goes on top, to ensure nothing is being crushed. If you chose to move with a moving company and opt for packing services you won’t have to worry about this. Consider purchasing moving insurance so you can worry less and do more before the moving day.

Emergency bag

Packing an emergency bag is a must in any relocation process. This especially goes if you are moving far away and have a long way to go. A lot of the content of your emergency is coming from your bathroom. Since the bag is the last thing we usually pack, don’t forget to set aside what you need. Depending on the miles you are about to cross, pack your bag accordingly. Count in at least the first night in your new home before packing your bag. After a long hard day of moving, the unpacking process will be the last thing on your mind.

Let every family member pack their bag for the trip. You can customize your kid’s bags so they do not look boring to them. After that, they will be happy to help with packing. Let your kids pack their bag, to make them feel included. After that check to see if anything is missing. Toiletries, towels, and medicine are your top priorities when packing an overnight bag. The rest depends entirely on you and your plans once you relocate. Make sure you wrap any sharp objects like razors both in the boxes and in your bag.

Pack your bathroom when moving to Columbus easy and fast with our help and the help of your movers. Once you have packed, the majority of your work here is done. It is now time to move to Columbus and enjoy your new home. Make sure you rest, eat well and do not overwork yourself when packing. There is still a lot to be done once you get there, so save your energy!

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