How to pack fragile items with ease

Ask any person what the hardest and longest part of the moving is and the chances are you’ll get the same answer. For most people, it is packing. This strenuous process includes everything from deciding what you will pack and getting packing supplies to stuffing everything into boxes and taking them into your new home. But then, the hardest part of packing if figuring out how to pack dishes and glassware as well as other fragile items. And this is why where we come in to help you! In this article, find out about how to pack fragile items for your move with ease!

Find good packing supplies

You need bubble wrap to pack fragile items.
You need good packing supplies for your fragile items.

So, the first thing you want to do is visit your local hardware store. There, you will stock on as much packing supplies as you can. You will need everything from bubble wrap and packing paper to cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard. Do not forget to pick up some markers and packing tape as well! You will need to use these to secure boxes and, of course, mark the room which they go into.

Finally, you will need a lot of cardboard boxes. Experts recommend you get more boxes than you will need. When you are trying to pack fragile items, it is better not to cram them into one box. This way, they can be under a lot of pressure during the transport and break. Instead, having some extra boxes at the end of packing won’t hurt.

When getting boxes, make sure they are firm and sturdy. If you use boxes for a long time they become soft. These are not good for moving because they can bend easily. There are also many ways in which you can find good boxes for free. You can try visiting local stores and asking for spare boxes, or you can find them online. Many websites, such as USPS, offer boxes for cheap or even for free!

Create a packing station

One of the best organizational things you can do when you are starting to pack is to create a packing station of some sort. It can be anything – from the floor in your living room to your kitchen table. Just designate an area in your house, clear that space and only have your packing supplies there. Then, you can bring items from each room and pack them carefully.

Designating a packing station helps in many ways. First, packing is messy. Any order you can bring into it will help. And setting up a dedicated space just to packing is the first step. That way, you will know where your packing supplies are, and you will know where to put everything ready for packing. If you are moving to Florida with a family, you should think about including them in the packing too. Even children can help bring stuff to your packing area!

Any clear area in your home can be your packing area.
Designate a packing area.

This also helps when you want to pack fragile items because you will have a lot of free space to move around. Fragile items will require special care when packing, and by setting up a packing station, you have the perfect conditions for it.

Prepare the boxes to pack fragile items

After you have found your packing material and set up the pacing station, you should, obviously, start packing. But first, you need to prepare each box. Inspect them thoroughly. See if they are easy to bend if they are broken or compromised in any way. If you got plenty of boxes, it will be easy for you to discard the ones that don’t seem ready for the trip.

Then, crumple the packing paper and stuff it in the bottom of each box. This layer should be somewhere around 4-6 inches thick. Its purpose is to stop the items inside the box from jumping around. During travel, it is not uncommon for the long distance movers Florida to run into bumps in the road. They make everything in the truck move around a little. By setting up a protective layer at the bottom of the box, you will secure them from this.

Don’t overpack your boxes

When packing things in your boxes, it’s important not to overstuff them. This is why we got a lot of boxes in the first place. Adding more things inside one box will just make it easier for something to break. The excess of items also puts pressure on the walls of the box, and it is easier for the box to break. You do not want to have to deal with an ugly surprise of a broken box when you open the moving truck.

When packing, make sure you pack by rooms. This way, it will be easy to just take the boxes to their respective rooms in your new home when unpacking.

How to pack fragile items

Pack your glassware with care.

As we mentioned before, when you want to pack your fragile items, especially when packing for long distance move, you need to be both careful and creative. Depending on the item you are packing, there are certain tips to remember.

When packing glasses, wrap each one in wrapping paper separately. Make sure you also crumble the paper and put it inside the glass as well. We recommend you use white packing paper, but you can use the newspaper as well. However, remember to wash your glasses after wrapping them in a newspaper, because of the color they use when printing.

For dishes, similar rules apply. Wrap each plate in separate packing paper. Then, stack 5-6 plates together and wrap the stack in the paper as well. This will protect the plates even more, but will also ensure that they don’t jump around. Stacking them together offers a layer of security.

Finally, windows, mirrors and similar objects are one of the biggest concern when you want to pack fragile objects. Here, you want to use bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard. Before that, however, use packing tape to form a star (or asterisk) shape on the surface of the glass. This will help against the vibrations the objects go through when moving. Then, wrap the item in bubble wrap and put it between two sheets of cardboard for extra security.

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