How to pack car parts for shipping

Whether or not you are a car manufacturer, or just want to send some parts, it is very important to know how to pack car parts for shipping! There are certainly several ways to do it properly, however, they all revolve around the same few principles. These principles are based on parts safety and protection during transportation! In the following article, you will learn more about the proper techniques of car parts shipping! That way you won’t have to worry about their safety and will avoid any possible damage!

Take measurements before you pack car parts for shipping!

As with everything, it is really important to take precise measurements of your car parts that you intend on shipping. Based on this information you will know exactly what you will need and more importantly, how much packing materials to use. And also, depending on the material the car parts are made of, you will have to use different kinds of packing materials! Remember, if you leave too much empty space in the boxes or cases you will risk getting them damaged. Mostly because they can waddle around in the box. With the exact measurements, you won’t find it hard to pack car parts for shipping. That’s why there won’t be too much empty space in the boxes as well!

a meter that you will use to measure before you pack car parts for shipping
Take measurements before you pack car parts for shipping

This is especially important if you are planning long-distance shipping or moving! In this type of situation, good preparation is the key to good shipping. You may know that if you hire a good and reliable long distance movers Charleston SC you will rest assured your car parts are well packed and transported without any problems!

Find the boxes for your shipping

When it comes to boxes, you will find it hard to find appropriate ones! And that is because you can’t use regular cardboard boxes for something like this! Car parts can be heavy and hard to move. And the regular cardboard boxes do not provide the best protection during the shipping process. In this case, the best thing you can do is search for some wooden cases or crates if the parts are big. This will largely help you when you have to pack car parts for shipping! Now, remember, you need to get either very hard and durable crates and cases, or compact boxes that won’t have any extra empty spaces in them.

a car part
You will need better boxes if you want to ship heavy car parts

Now, when you have to transport a large number of car parts, it is necessary to have good transporters on your side as well. This largely helps with the shipping because you will know your cart parts are shipped in good trucks and cases. Such is the case when you have good long distance moving Sarasota movers at your side!

Clean and polish the parts before shipping them

With every part you need to ship, you will have to clean it and polish it first. And depending on the materials they are made of, you will have to do it differently. But the most basic car polishing items you will have to have are some microfiber cloths, polishers, wax, etc. These items are not that hard to come by. After all, you would want to clean and polish them before you pack car parts for shipping. So the person who is getting them doesn’t have to deal with dirty car parts when they arrive! There are a lot of car cleaning tips and tricks

Packing and padding materials

This is that very important part that people keep skipping when they want to pack car parts for shipping! Because they forget it, they end up with broken parts! There are several packing and padding materials used when shipping car parts. And just some of them are:

  • Packing peanuts – Are excellent when you have to pack small-sized car parts! They can’t get into them and won’t damage them during the transportation
  • Packing hey is mostly used with bigger and heavier car parts! It is not regular hay and is made out of biodegradable materials. Mostly used when shipping parts that have to be placed in something soft 
  • Sponges and pads – People use them when they want to be absolutely certain their car parts are safe and well protected during transportation.
packing hay
Packing hay is often used when transporting car parts

Looking for crates and boxes

Once you have found the appropriate packing materials it is time to search for the good boxes. If the parts are small and durable then you can pack them in regular cardboard boxes. They will provide the parts with all the necessary protection. For any bigger and delicate parts, look for wooden or plastic crates! They are especially important if you are shipping large quantities of car parts! Or, if the shipping company transports other items in their shipping containers. Knowing that your parts are safe and sound in the wooden crate will leave your mind at ease at all times. There are a lot of benefits to using plastic boxes when shipping! And you can learn more about them by reading articles on the internet!

wooden crate
Wooden crates are the best solution when you need to transport car parts

Shipping cars

Now, we do not talk only about the car parts, but about whole cars as well. Or just the very huge parts! There are several ways to pack car parts for shipping you need to know more about! And most importantly, how to do it properly! Look out for good car shipping guidelines you can use as your advantage when you are about to ship your car or car parts!

When you want to pack car parts for shipping it is extremely important to have all the materials for the packing! Including packing pads, supplies and appropriate boxes. With our guide at your hands, you will have no trouble at all with your car parts shipping task!

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