How to organize an affordable move to Atlanta

Relocation can get quite expensive and this is why we often prepare for it months even years in advance. But what if even that is not enough, or you are to move on short notice? Organize an affordable move to Atlanta with us without deepening your budget much. Best cross country movers will assist you in finding the right moving company.

Organize an affordable move to Atlanta by booking movers early

If you are lucky to have planned this for a few months now, this is an ace up your sleeve. Long distance movers Atlanta have amazing deals if you book them early. A lot of moving companies do. That way you are giving yourself and them as well, time to prepare.

A calendar people use when they have to organize an affordable move to Atlanta
Make sure to have enough time to organize an affordable move to Atlanta

Just compare that to booking a flight or putting in a reservation for this summer early on. If you do it at the beginning of the year and not in May, for instance, prices can be way lower. So if you do have the luxury to do that, do not miss that chance. Booking movers early will give your plan a soling ground and you can start organizing from there. This should definitely be your number one move when you want to organize an affordable move to Atlanta.

Clean and declutter to save some money

Decluttering should be a part of the moving process even if you have some money to spare. This is not just about saving up money on your move. It is about liberating yourself from things you no longer need. Do this before you contact Best cross country movers. It will save you money on packing as well. We have no idea how much we tend to hoard over the years. Some go into storage and others all around the house. You do not want to start this by sorting out trough the trash.

Start decluttering process from the storage areas of your home which usually hold the most clutter. Tackle one room at a time until you finish. Not everything needs to go to trash. You can sort through the stuff. Divide them into a keep pile, sell, and toss. Organize a yard sale or some of it, to collect money for supplies. This is a great way to let the move finance itself. The less you have to pack, the more money you will save on packing supplies and even the size of the truck.

Call for some help

Having someone to help you out will save you time and money. Hiring professionals might not be an option for some of us. But there is no need to dwell. Organize an affordable move to Atlanta by asking friends for help when moving. Just do some research with your friends on how to manage to move on your own. It might seem hard at the beginning, but as things unravel you will get a hold of it.

a woman talking on her phone
If you can, call some friends and ask them to help you

Friends and family helping you might be a great opportunity to bond and have a good time. This does not have to be all about work. Loved ones will also keep you straight with decluttering. They will know just what you need to keep and what to toss. You can gain all sorts of help and support by asking your loved ones for help.

Improvise with your packing supplies

Improvising with packing supplies is something close to us all. Using what you have around the house is how you organize an affordable move to Atlanta. By using what you already got laying around your home you will save up double. Not only on buying packing supplies but having to pack huge items such as blankets. The most efficient way of cleaning out your home is not always the most complicated one. Organize an affordable move to Atlanta by using items such as:

  1. Blankets
  2. Towels
  3. Shoe boxes
  4. Newspaper
  5. Old wardrobe

Most of this can double up as packing paper and to protect a TV for example. You can also use your fridge drawers as boxes. Make sure not to pack fragile items in them though. Find boxes for free by popping up in your local store early in the morning. They have a lot of boxes from the goods that arrived. Usually, they just toss them at the end of a shift. So you can stop by to pick up some and be on your way.

bunch of towels
You can use towels when packing items

Decide what kind of truck you need

Opting out to do a DIY relocation is not an easy decision. You will have to do an estimate on your own and a lot of us can’t do it correctly. If you rent a truck too small, you will have to rent another one and that can cost you a lot. Start to organize an affordable move to Atlanta by knowing how much you got. Not knowing how to pack your moving truck before moving is also a waste of money. This is why you should declutter before you start looking at trucks. You will have a clearer picture about how much you own. There is less chance that you will make a mistake.

Small trucks are for a studio or one-bedroom apartment approximately. Medium is most used as they can hold the content of a smaller home. Opt-out for large trucks if you have an average-sized, three-bedroom house. Take into consideration the size of your current as well as your future home. Small can hold up to 50 and large trucks up to 150 boxes. Information like this can help you determine the size of a truck you are going to need. Make sure you consult with someone who has more experience in DIY moving.

We hope we have helped you organize an affordable move to Atlanta with some of our great tips. You can use this for moving always and anywhere as they are not meant only to save money. Tricks like these can also help you stay organized and on track with your belongings and moving. As we said, make sure to call some friends, and let’s begin.

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