How to determine the number of movers you need

So you need to know how to determine the number of movers you need? The number of needed professionals is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining your relocation cost. Now, you want to set your budget and calculate your moving cost and you also need to know all variables beforehand. In this article, Best Cross Country Movers will show you how to calculate everything and what you can do to decrease the number of required movers, thus lowering your moving cost.

Determine the number of movers you need by taking into consideration the size of your home

You’ve probably guessed that one of the biggest factors when it comes to determining how many movers you need is the size of your home. Your movers won’t have the same work in front of them when moving a five-bedroom home or when moving a studio apartment. Even though not every studio and not every mansion are the same, statistical data says the following.

  • You’ll need 2 movers on average for a studio apartment and 2 or 3-bedroom apartments.
  • You will need to hire at least 3 movers for 2 or 3-bedroom houses.
  • You’ll need to hire 4 movers for a house that has 4 and more bedrooms.

Of course, the size of your home doesn’t have a say in how many movers you need. It depends on the type of your move as well, and whether you need last-minute movers or you have quite a bit of time until your moving date.

the number of movers
When it comes to determining the number of movers you need, the biggest factor is the size of your home.

What types of items are you moving?

The number of items you need to move plays an important role in determining the amount of help required for a move. Also, the type of items should be taken into account. It’s not a secret some things are more difficult to move than others. Sometimes a single specialty item might require two additional movers to help with the job.  So, if you’re moving a piano, a grandfather clock, a pool table, a hot tub, a big safe, any large appliances such as a fridge, a washer, a dryer, antique furniture, or any piece of furniture that’s too big, too heavy, or too awkward to carry, or any other extremely delicate, very bulky, or overly weight items, you’ll need more movers to ensure efficiency and the safety and of the relocation process.

Such difficult-to-move items require special care – which takes extra time and effort. Therefore, you need a larger moving crew to provide proper care to your items. You also need it to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and damages during the relocation process. Depending on the size of your move, you might only need two movers for the job. However, if you have some specialty items, the same move will need three or four movers just because of the additional care these items require.

Who will be helping?

Do you have family and friends willing to help you move? Great, you may don’t need to hire as many movers. If you’ve got enough people helping you won’t need help with packing of your belongings, loading, or unloading. Even in this case, it can be very helpful to hire one mover to direct the move and drive the truck. Hiring even one professional mover can help guide everyone helping with the packing, loading, and unloading. They load moving trucks for a living and they’ll know how to pack everything to make sure it’s moved safely to your new home.

Couple carrying cardboard boxes in living room
You won’t need as many movers if your family and friends are willing to help you with the move.

Getting different kinds of help

The safest and easiest way to move is by hiring moving professionals. They have the experience and knowledge needed for moving you across the state borders or down the street. However, in case your moving budget is low, your options are limited. You can always try to hire cheap movers and maybe stumble across a moving fraud, so be careful. Or you can just try to have a DIY move with some help from good friends.

When it comes to a DIY move, you should start by doing the necessary research. You’ll need to find packing materials, rent a moving truck, and learn tips and tricks about the easiest way to pack. Most importantly, you’ll need to find help with loading and unloading your items.

Moving costs for a long-distance move

It’s expensive to move nationwide. You’ll probably experience a lot of moving stress when organizing a long-distance move. The moving costs are more expensive than the local moves. You’ll have to pay around $4000 for a long-distance move. Distance is here the most important factor when calculating the moving costs. Other factors also include the weight of your shipment and special moving services. Now, let’s take a look at the numbers. These prices are all without additional moving services. You’ll pay around $1500 for one studio apartment where items weigh around 1900 pounds. Expect to pay anywhere between $1800 and $2500 for a one-room apartment with items weighing between 2500 and 3500 pounds. And lastly, for the three-bedroom house where the item’s weight is 6000 pounds, expect to pay between $3500 and $4000. Talk about the price, additional moving services, and the number of movers you’ll need for your move with your movers.

calculator with paper money and notebook with pen
It’s important to consider your budget when organizing a move.

Final words

Hopefully, this guide has helped you determine the number of movers you need and decide if there is a better alternative for you. Finally, if you’re satisfied with the services you received, make sure to reward your movers or your friends with some food and drinks or tips. It’s always great to show your appreciation for people who helped you.

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