How Much Does Out Of State Car Shipping Cost?

Moving to a different state sounds like a pretty complicated thing to do. While many different factors can make this process difficult if you follow certain tips your relocation will turn up pretty smooth. Since there are different parts in each relocation, let’s see the one that may pop up at any point in your life. Out of the state, car shipping cost depends on different things. What kind of car is in question, where exactly are you shipping it to, and much more. Here are a couple of situations and what to pay attention to!

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The easiest way to find out how much does out of the state car shipping cost is to calculate the distance

Make A Shipping Plan

Since there may be a couple of possible reasons to ship your car to a different state, the outcome should be the same. Your main goal is to ship your car safely at an affordable price. In order to achieve this, you should make a detailed shipping plan first. Many moving companies can be at your service during your relocation, and they will provide a shipping service as well. You will have to provide them with a couple of details as well, and once everything is ready car shipping may start. In order to be perfect, your shipping plan must include a number of vehicles, destination, and date. The more accurate these details are, the more accurate price will be. Out of the state, car shipping cost may change if you decide to make some differences last minute. 

Prepare Your Car In Order To Avoid Spending Extra Money

Now that time has come for a price to be determined, it will depend on what car you own. If we are talking about a regular-size car, then out of the state car shipping cost can be between 500$ and 1,000$. Other vehicles like minivans or smaller trucks can go up to 1,100$, again depending on different factors. On the other hand, if you have multiple vehicles, the best thing is to ship them all at once. You may even get a special deal in this situation and that is something you shouldn’t miss!  If you are moving, and residential movers have already taken care of your items you may start preparing your car for shipping. Before you ship your car make sure to: 

  • Clean it– You will also feel much better greeting a fresh and clean car at the new location
  • Disable alarm– Although your car is going on a road trip without you, leaving the alarm is unnecessary.
  • Don’t fill up the tank and check for leaks– Just making sure that your car is in good condition will make you feel much more relaxed about not being there while it is being shipped.

Just like Best Cross Country Movers advise- it is much better to prepare all of your items for both shipping and relocation. By doing this you are getting rid of all potential risks and time-wasting. And we all know by now that time really is money. 

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Shipping price includes insurance so your car will be safe during the transportation

How Much Does Out Of The State Car Shipping Cost?

As suggested by leaders in moving business, the shipping destination will determine the final price. This depends on how big the state is, how far away it is and what protocols it has. Regular-sized cars will go up to 1,000$-1,100$ in total. The price includes shipping to a certain destination and insurance for the entire trip. Some states like California may set you up even higher, up to 1,500$ for a regular-sized car. California is a big state and prices there are set by a state economic standard.

In the United States, the average price is around 2,92$ per mile which can help you calculate the final price on your own. Moving companies customers who decided to ship their vehicles on their own, claim the same. Once you do the calculations you may decide will you do it on your own or with the help of a moving company. If you are shipping multiple cars, you may get special deals at some places which will reduce the price and upgrade the insurance. 

What To Avoid

Make sure to follow a couple of simple rules in order to avoid spending extra money. If relocation takes place, many people tend to use car shipping as a way of transporting their items as well. There are many reasons as to why you should avoid this at all costs. Among distance and type of a car, weight plays a huge role in determining a final shipping price. Although filling your car with items may sound like a clever way to ship them to your new home, it will only cost you more. The items in question will certainly add to the weight and the final price would be much higher than simply not doing it. 

Will out of the state car shipping cost less if you arrange it in advance? Yes! Make sure to avoid doing it last minute. The shipping price may go up to 100$-200$ if you arrange it last minute. This is due to space and many reservations people make in advance. 

mover carrying a box
If your relocation takes place, you can hire a moving company so you have plenty of time to deal with your car

Bottom Line

Shipping a car to a different state in the United States is something that happens daily. Prices may change because of certain factors, but if you give yourself enough time to do it- you will end up with a windfall! While searching how much does out of the state car shipping cost, you can also look at many online reviews. Chances are big you will find super useful advice and great deals for your car as well. Just like in any other business- organization is the key, so make sure you are the boss of this entire process! 

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