How to compare cross country movers reviews in Florida

When you’re in the market for a moving company that will make your relocation go by in a flash, there are quite a few things you should consider. You can never just hire the first company that comes up in your search results. Instead, you should spend some time researching different companies in order to find the best cross country movers available. A big part of this research is reading reviews online. But how to compare cross country movers reviews in Florida and know who to trust? Don’t worry, we’re about to explain. We want to tell you all about movers reviews, watching out for scams and ensuring that you make the best, safest choice. So, if you want to know how to find the best interstate movers and compare their reviews, stick around.

For starters, look at the reviews on the company’s website

The starting point when you’re researching moving companies is looking at their website. Usually, cross country movers in Florida include a few customer testimonials on their web page. You should, of course, take a look at those to get a glimpse into their track record.

Woman on a bed comparing cross country movers reviews in Florida on her laptop
Start your research by looking at the reviews the movers published on their website.

However, you should keep in mind that the movers probably aren’t going to publish any negative reviews. It would be bad for business. So, if you want to compare interstate movers reviews in Florida, you can’t stop there. After you’ve browsed their website and read the reviews there, it’s time to move on.

Read moving company reviews on different websites

Once you have some basic information about the moving company, you should get the bigger picture. A good way of doing so is by looking at publicly available reviews. There are various websites that provide clients with customer reviews of different moving companies. These public reviews will give you a much clearer and more objective picture. Therefore, it will be easier to compare interstate moving companies reviews in Florida when you read these. Here are a few websites where you can find reviews.

Man putting boxes in the moving van
To compare cross country movers reviews in Florida, read their reviews on different websites and you’ll find a company you can rely on.
  • Best Cross Country Movers
  • Google Local Business
  • Yelp
  • BBB

What we suggest is that you search for reviews of the desired company on all of these sites. If you’re researching Allegiance Van Lines, for example, see what the people are saying on different review websites. This will paint the full picture, help you spot fake reviews, and make the right decision. You’ll learn a lot more about the companies and how they conduct business if you make the effort to do diligent research.

Beware of fake movers reviews – don’t get scammed

Of course, we need to mention that you could run into some fake reviews out there. It shouldn’t come as a shock that these reviews exist. Certain movers post fake reviews of their own company to present it in the best possible light and attract clients. Other movers post fake, negative reviews of other companies to sabotage their competition. Of course, you want to find companies like New Leaf Moving Group that are legitimate and reliable and who aren’t trying to trick their clients. So, we’ll tell you how to compare cross country movers reviews in Florida and avoid scams and frauds.

Reviews that are too short aren’t to be trusted

When you’re looking at reviews, you probably want to read at least a few sentences about the movers you’re researching. So, the reviews that only contain a few words or no words at all aren’t very helpful, are they? If the review is too general, doesn’t say much and gives you no real information, you have nothing to base your opinion on. So, you might as well disregard these when you’re comparing movers reviews in Florida.

If the reviews are too similar, it could be a scam

A big giveaway when it comes to fake reviews is a noticeable pattern. If you see that several reviews of a moving company sound a little too similar, they could be a scam. Also, elements that repeat in different reviews – names, structures, writing styles, etc. – are often a bad sign.

Overly positive and overly negative reviews are probably fake

One of the biggest signs that a review is fake is exaggeration. This could go in two ways.

Man in front of three desktops looking up cross country movers reviews
If a review is too over-the-top, that is a good giveaway that it could be fake.
  1. For one, the reviews could be so overly positive that they start to seem suspicious and too perfect. When a satisfied customer is describing their experience with residential movers, they usually don’t go too overboard with compliments and excitement. Remember – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.
  2. On the other hand, the movers reviews could be heavily negative. Of course, it is possible that an unsatisfied client is complaining or warning people of their bad experience. But there is one thing that is a clear sign that the negative review is fake. Do they offer an alternative moving company that’s a better choice? This is a huge tell that the review is not to be trusted.

So, when you’re comparing interstate movers reviews in Florida, watch out for this red flag. If you spot that the reviews are over-the-top, beware.

Watch out for use of unnatural language

Another thing you want to beware of when comparing cross country moving companies reviews in Florida is strange and unnatural language use. This can include weird, uncommon words or language constructions, using all caps and too much punctuation, etc. Basically, if it doesn’t sound like something a customer would write or it sounds like it was written by a PR expert, it’s a little suspicious.

Be careful, but don’t worry too much

Of course, the whole reason you should compare cross country movers reviews in Florida is to ensure safety. You want to be sure you’re working with a company that is legitimate, has your best interest at heart and is to be trusted. So, the steps we mentioned definitely are important. However, don’t get too much in your head and worry that every company is out to scam you. The truth of the matter is that most moving companies are legitimate and trustworthy.

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