Dealing with unexpected office moving expenses

If you are planning to move your office, you undoubtedly expect to see some expenses. It’s almost impossible to move business without spending some money. From business downtime to relocation costs, many different factors you have to consider are overwhelming – so plan ahead! Despite all your plans and preparations, unexpected office moving expenses can still arise. Luckily, Best cross country movers team is here to help you prepare for that.

What are the unexpected office moving expenses you need to deal with?

Construction and repair works

Find out if you can cover these costs through a contract with the office building manager. Or if you can split the costs in some way. Before you formally agree on any new office building, speak with commercial design experts, construction agencies, and also other organizations to get a quote for any repair or construction work needed. Then plan for the work to go over the budget.

Man painting wall
Even a small paint job will cause some unexpected office moving expenses


Shrinkage is a euphemism for reducing inventory size due to theft and loss. And, unfortunately, this is something you must consider! Even if you carefully take your inventory and pay close attention to every item that leaves your old office and enters your new one, you can still experience shrinkage due to damaged items. Spend some time wrapping all your equipment to minimize the amount of money this problem will cost.

Worker downtime

Moving the office is much less stressful if you plan ahead for staff downtime. You can try to minimize downtime when moving a business, but that may not be possible. And employees may find that they cannot work normally during the move, no matter what. Consider whether it would be better to close the business for one day and complete the move.

Services and utilities

Don’t forget your utility costs! Remember that you may need to pay for services such as internet access, vending machines, electricity connections, furniture relocation, and commercial property insurance when you move into an office. And that you may need to pay cancellation fees or terminate contracts with business providers when leaving the old office. If you plan your move in advance, you can plan for these costs and move your services from one location to another without any problems.

Informing the world

An often overlooked expense associated with office relocation is the cost of updating online profiles, letterheads, stationery, business cards, and other items to reflect that you have changed your office address. You might want to inform your existing clients about moving your office.

Man reading newspaper
You can even send press releases to newspapers or discuss your move with the media

Organizing your budget and controlling expenses is an integral part of moving your office with Orlando long distance movers. Companies of all shapes and sizes are surprised by unexpected office moving expenses and over-budget plans. If you urgently need to move your office, it may be difficult for you to control the rising costs. But if you are able to plan months ahead, you can keep your expenses under control.

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