Common relocation delays to consider

Planning a move is complicated. You have to find reliable long distance movers Atlanta, get packing supplies, pack everything before the movers come, deal with all the paperwork and so on. And even if you do all that, even if you plan everything till the last detail there’s no guarantee that everything will go smoothly. There’s much that can happen that is out of your or your movers’ control. But, if you hire the best moving company it’s less likely that something bad will happen. Plus, if you consider common relocation delays you’ll be more prepared to handle any unpredictable situation. So, without further ado here are the most common relocation delays to consider!

Make sure you are not the reason for common relocation delays

Common relocation delays usually happen when something isn’t planned right or arranged beforehand. You wouldn’t believe how often it happens that you have a moving company like Best Cross Country Movers that is reliable and customers that are irresponsible. So, you have a situation where the movers arrive on time to pick up the goods and people who hired them are still packing. Or they give the wrong address in the first place so movers can’t arrive on time. All this causes moving delays that can be easily prevented!

If you’re one of those persons who have a tendency to procrastinate, then it’s high time you stopped doing that. And yes, I know that it’s harder than it looks but that’s why I’ll give you the following tip. You can make a moving checklist where you’ll write every single task and deadlines for them. When you’re deciding whe- to set a deadline, try to set it at least a day earlier so that you are safe if something unexpected comes up. Once you’re done with a task just tick it off from your moving checklist. This will help you stay on top of things and do everything on time.

A checklist - Common relocation delays
Even if you’re not one of those persons, think about making a moving checklist.

Common relocation delays – bad weather

We can’t talk about common relocation delays and not at least mention bad weather. For bad weather is one of the most common causes of relocation delays. What you can do is check the weather forecast when you’re choosing the moving date. And you can pay attention to, for example, 10-day weather forecast in the days before the relocation. This way you will know beforehand if it’s going to rain and you can do something to prepare for it.

Thunderstorm - Common relocation delays
However, you should bear in mind that the weather is extremely unpredictable.

Even though weather forecasts are usually right to predict the weather it can easily happen that it rains or snows. If it rained the day before your moving day and the weather forecast says that it will be sunny without rain, maybe it’d be wise to prepare for rain just in case. Because moving in the rain, or even snow, is not impossible and it doesn’t have to be the reason for a delay. You just have to be prepared.

Dealing with dishonest movers

If you’re moving to another state it’d be wise to talk with your long distance movers Georgia about the move. Moving companies that offer long distance moving usually use one truck to transfer more than one household. Furthermore, that means that the movers stop a few times along the way to deliver other households. And if you hire a moving company that is not reliable this can be one of the common relocation delays.

Because moving companies that are not reliable will often overextend themselves and take up more relocations than they can handle. In that case, your belongings will arrive later than planned. Plus, it can happen that they estimate the time of the arrival in the first place. If they lack experience they can’t really estimate how long it will all take.

A piggy bank
You aren’t actually saving your money if you hire inexperienced and cheaper movers.

Common relocation delays due to inexperience are many. If you’ve hired an inexperienced moving company, estimating the time of the arrival will be the least of your problems. I’m hoping that this doesn’t happen to you, but accidents when packing and loading a moving truck are a common occurrence. Movers are carrying heavy things often through narrow hallways, up or down the stairs and round tricky corners. So, an accident can easily happen even to the most experienced movers, let alone inexperienced ones.

Are you missing that one paper?

In the midst of such a stressful event that moving is, it’s quite easy to forget something. But when you forget to get all the papers in order you’re not just delaying your relocation for a few hours. You will have to postpone it for a few days. Sometimes even a few weeks. Some paperwork takes more than a few days to get and that’s what you should always have in mind.

The problem here can happen because a lot of people don’t even know what paperwork they need when they are relocating. And they end up missing a single piece of paper that stops the whole move. For example, the movers can’t just park and load the moving truck in front of your house. You need to have paper for the parking spot. Or if the papers for your new home are not in order you won’t be able to get into it. And those are just examples of paperwork you need to handle before moving. So, make sure that you know what you need and to get it on time.

To summarize common relocation delays

In conclusion, there are many common relocation delays to consider when moving. Some can be customers’ fault and some movers’ fault. Some can be prevented and some can’t. Here’s a list of the ones we’ve talked about here:

  • procrastination
  • bad weather
  • inexperienced moving company
  • lack of necessary paperwork.

So, the most important thing is to prevent the most common relocation delays and prepare yourself for the ones you can’t prevent.

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