Best places to raise a family in Florida

When it comes to your family, nothing is good enough! There is always something you can do to give them a better life. We are here to help you pick a place to raise a family in Florida. Those that will live up to your standards and make you and your family happy. So let us dig in and find you a new home.

What to keep in mind when choosing where to raise a family in Florida

There is a lot to think about, especially if you are looking for a long term solution. Moving around a lot with kids is not a great idea. They need stability and a place they call home. Besides parents giving them that, they also need a place to call their own. Long distance movers Florida will get you to your kids’ dream place.  If you are moving around with them a lot it can cause a great deal of stress. To raise a Family in Florida means you will be seeking:

  1. Good commute time for you
  2. Great education opportunities
  3. Safe neighborhoods
  4. Housing types and prices
kids happy with school at one of the best places to raise a family in Florida
Best places to raise a family in Florida are the ones with good education system

All of the factors are super important to raise a family in Florida or anywhere else. What that means is that you will have to do your research and invest yourself. All that effort is nothing when it comes to the happiness and safety of your family. Always ask for advice from friends and family when t comes to stuff like this. And cross country movers to get you there. Other members of the family quite possibly have a lot of experience stories to share. Listen to what everyone has to say. Make an informed decision when all of you are ready for it.

Best locations close to Orlando

If your family doesn’t like snow, Winter Park is your place! We know it sounds odd, but this place is sunny all year round. So it is perfect for those who dread the cold. It is somewhat small with around 30 000 residents. What is great about this place is that it is family-friendly. And also close to other family-friendly places in Orange county. Kids will not lack amusement because Winter Park is full of it from parks to shopping and beaches.

Education is not a problem either. The place has plenty of schools to choose from. So there is no need to worry that your kids will move far away one day. Speaking of that, Maitland is also your pick if you would want your kids nearby. Same as Winter Park, it is surrounded by water and nature. And to raise a family in Florida means taking advantage of all the beauty. Maitland is on the top of a lot of lists when it comes to the best places to be relocating with your family. This is a small and very tight community that will take your heart in an instance. No matter the size, Maitland has college parks and museums. Everyone in your family will enjoy this place.

image of Orlando
Orlando has some good places for families

Kissimmee near Orlando is for those who like a bit of a crowd. This place has around 70 000 residents. Nevertheless, it is a very family-friendly place. If you want to raise a family in Florida in a place full of diversity, this is it. Your kids will learn kindness and tolerance as they grow up. And there is no better education than that. In addition to that, there are a lot of activities you can choose for your family. Kissimmee is right under Maitland on the lists of the best family-friendly places in Florida.

Amazing places for your family near Tampa

Well, of course, Tampa itself will be the first in this region for us to mention. Do not let the big city scare you from raising a family in Florida or Tampa. Since this is a big place, there is a lot to choose from. Diversity is great here like in Kissimmee, only on a bigger scale. Tampa’s population is growing. This means you will have no problems in finding life long friends in your new place of residence. As well as families for playdates.

Another huge benefit is the affordability of the place. So many benefits in Tampa for you to call it home. Speaking of Tampa, Lutz is a small suburb in it that will blow your mind. Rents here are bellow nationals average. And that means more money to invest in your kids’ future! It has a typically low rate of crime as it is a suburb. Filled with great parks and just 15 miles from Tampa’s center. That is also great news regarding your job and commute time.

Image of Tampa Florida
Moving to Tampa is a good idea

Speaking of the short commute time, maybe you should consider New Tampa as well. This neighborhood is a 20-minute drive from downtown. The place is swarming with families which makes it a perfect place to raise a family in Florida. A lot of well-ranked schools are close to New Tampa so no need to worry. For those who like festivals and meets, New Tampa will meet your demand for such events. For you as parents as well as your kids. It is definitely never boring in New Tampa. There are plenty of homes to choose from. Varieties of luxury and affordable places as well. So there is definitely a place for your family in New Tampa!

We hope we have helped you grasp the idea of where to raise a family in Florida. There are just so many choices available! Now, we will leave you to it, to decide with your family about your new place of residence. Making this choice will be hard. But only because there are so many great choices for you and your family. Make sure you really think this through. And when you do, start packing your bags and get going!

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