10 Tips To Reduce House Moving Cost In 2022

Moving your entire household can be quite expensive. On top of that, it is usually a long and complicated process for which you need to be properly ready and prepared. However, there is no need to worry! In this article, we are going to show you the top 10 tips to reduce house moving cost. In addition to this, we are also going to show you some of the top states to relocate to. Furthermore, we will mention the importance of doing research and getting matched with the right movers through a reliable movers database such as Best Cross Country Movers. Let’s now take a look at our list of ways of reducing house moving costs.

Declutter your household inventory

Decluttering is an important moving task that often gets overlooked or completely skipped. However, if you are looking for a more organized, and efficient relocation experience, as well as a cheaper one, decluttering is essential. What does decluttering really mean? Well, essentially, decluttering is a process in which you go through your inventory and decide what goes and what stays. Basically, you go through your items and your older, broken, or rarely used items are put into the decluttered pile while the rest of your inventory goes onto the packing list. So, why is decluttering so important? The bigger your inventory size the more expensive your relocation is going to be. Therefore, it is a good idea to declutter before the actual packing process. Decluttering helps you also save money by not having to get so many packing supplies and materials.

Couple making checklist to reduce house moving cost.
To efficiently reduce house moving cost, make sure you declutter your household inventory.

How to declutter efficiently

How do you complete your decluttering process properly? Firstly, start by creating a simple inventory checklist. This way, you know exactly what you are dealing with. From there, you can proceed onto checking areas of your home such as your garage, basement, closet, and so on. Usually, most of the items you declutter are going to be in these areas. Afterward, you can check the rest of your home and see which items can be replaced with new ones, which items can be left behind, and so on. What you do with your declutter items is entirely up to you after you put them on the decluttered pile. However, we recommend that you either:

  • Donate your decluttered items,
  • Sell your decluttered items,
  • Store your items.

If you plan on moving to the state of Texas, you are not alone. Texas is one of the top choices for relocation in 2021 and 2022. Texas is a state with around 28.000.000 residents. It has a very low unemployment rate of around 3% which is excellent if you are looking for a job here. The Median Household Income is $61,874 which is around the national average. Texas is an excellent choice due to no state income tax and plenty of amenities to enjoy. Choose reliable best cross country Texas movers and relocate here stress-free.

Reduce house moving costs by packing your inventory on your own

The packing process is often the most annoying and demanding of all of the moving tasks. However, it still needs to be done properly. Packing your inventory can be done with the help of organized, and experienced moving companies easily. However, sometimes, when trying to reduce the cost of your household move, it is best to do the packing on your own. The most important thing to do when packing your own items for the move is not to rush it. Additionally, make sure you start by going over your inventory checklist to find out exactly what you are dealing with. This will also help you figure out how many packing supplies you need to get. Speaking of packing supplies, it is important to get the essential ones. Make sure you get quality cardboard boxes, packing tape, scissors, labeling materials, and other protective materials.

In case you are moving to the state of Colorado, you are making an excellent choice. Colorado is a state with 5.600.000 residents and plenty of things to do. The unemployment rate is as low as it is in Texas and the median household income is slightly higher than the national average. The education system is excellent and this is a great place to enjoy plenty of different outdoor activities. Relocate to the state of Colorado easily with the help of trusted interstate Colorado movers.

Packing items.
Save some of your relocation budgets by packing items on your own.

Get as many moving quotes as possible before the move

Finding out exactly how much your move is going to cost you is extremely important. It will help you form your relocation budget and help you figure out where you can reduce your house moving costs. However, how do you do it properly? Professional moving companies can offer you free moving quotes and estimates for your relocation. Therefore, before hiring your movers, it is important to do as much research as possible. Get as many moving quotes as possible so that you can compare everything.

The state of Florida is an excellent place to settle down and retire. It has the most retirees and excellent weather. With a population of 20,901,636 residents, good neighborhoods and suburbs to choose from, as well as wonderful beaches, Florida is a clear choice for many looking to retire or settle down with their families. Move to Florida successfully with insured interstate movers Florida by your side.

Use recycled packing materials

Look for recycled boxes when obtaining your packing materials. This is a good way of saving up money on packing tools and materials. This is an excellent way of also helping the environment. So, when packing, make sure you use recycled or second-hand moving boxes to pack your home inventory. Generally speaking, most people buy new moving boxes and other supplies for their relocation. However, this can prove to be quite expensive, especially if you have a ton of items to pack for your move. There are lots of websites and companies from which you can purchase second-hand or recycled moving boxes.

Wisconsin is an excellent place to relocate to if you are looking for a job, or simply a nice, quiet place to settle down with your family. It has a population of around 5.000.000 residents. The unemployment rate is 2.4% and the Median Household Income is $61,747. Wisconsin also has low crime rates and good public schools. Move here by enlisting the help of reliable best cross country movers Wisconsin.

Packed cardboard boxes.
Reuse cardboard boxes to save money on packing supplies.

Set a good date for your upcoming relocation to reduce house moving costs

Choosing the right date for your move is extremely important. Usually, people move during the summer months. However, if you are trying to save up money and reduce the costs of your house move, it is best to focus on finding the right date for your relocation. During the summer months, since a lot of people relocate, moving rates can be quite high. Furthermore, there can be a lot more moving delays, and generally, the traffic can be pretty bad depending on the area you are moving to. Moreover, try to avoid weekends and holidays. This is where the moving dates are also higher and moving delays can happen.

The state of Washington is a good place to move if you are looking to enjoy the strong infrastructure and well-paid jobs. It has a population of 7,404,107 residents. The Median Household Income is $73,775. Public transportation is fast and the traffic is not bad. Both healthcare and education systems are excellent in the state of Washington. Relocate safely and successfully with professional interstate movers Washington by your side.

Use alternative packing tools and materials

No matter how hard you try to save up money on packing supplies, you will still have to set some of your relocation budgets on packing tools and materials. However, there are additional ways to save up money and reduce the costs of your packing supplies. Namely, you can choose to pack some of your household items with alternative packing supplies. What do we mean when we say alternative packing supplies? Well, instead of getting regular packing foam and bubble wrap, you can reuse some of your old newspapers or clothing. Make sure you wrap each item carefully before placing it inside a box. This is especially the case if you are packing highly sensitive and easily breakable items.

You likely have a ton of old clothing pieces that you would normally declutter. So, instead of this, you can choose to use them as packing materials. Clothing works really well for some objects that are harder and heavier. You can also use it to wrap around glassware and other sensitive items as long as your clothing items are thick enough and are clean. If you are packing on your own to reduce house moving cost, make sure you know also know how to properly construct moving boxes to avoid accidentally damaging your inventory.

The state of Minnesota, with a population of around 5.000.000 residents, is a good place to relocate to if you are looking for lots of different opportunities. Whether looking for a job or a new career path, you will surely find it here. The economy is very strong in Minnesota as well as its infrastructure. Relocate to Minnesota by hiring the help of experienced cross country Minnesota movers.

Packing for the move.
Pack using old newspapers or clothing items to save some money on your upcoming move.

Dismantle and reassemble furniture pieces yourself

It is well known that a great number of moving companies offer specific furniture moving services as well as the option to let them dismantle and reassemble your furniture. Although reliable movers can do this efficiently, it is a good idea to try and complete this on your own if you plan on reducing the costs of your move. If you have relatively new furniture in your household inventory, you might still have reassembly instructions that you can closely follow to avoid accidentally damaging some of your furniture. On the hourly rate, time is money. Some movers will charge extra for this service and some will just run this service on the hourly rate. If you can dismantle your own items you can save yourself and your movers some time and money.

New Hampshire may be one of the smallest states, with a population of 1,348,124, but it is very safe and the crime rates are extremely low. This is an excellent place to raise your family. If you are moving here with your kids, do it with the help of reliable New Hampshire interstate movers.

Get moving insurance on time

Insurance is crucial when you plan on relocating cross-country. Make sure you enlist the help of reliable, insured, and licensed movers to help you relocate. In case your items get damaged or accidentally lost during the move, you know that you will be compensated for them through the moving insurance that you got.

Idaho is well-known for its gorgeous landscapes but also its excellent economy and fiscal stability. This state has a population of 1,717,750 and is an excellent place to settle down with your family. The Healthcare System is also well-organized and there are lots of different opportunities here. Relocate to Idaho with the assistance of trusted Idaho cross country movers by your side.

Getting insurance.
Ensure you hire licensed and insured movers to help you relocate.

Ask your friends to help you with your move

The moving process consists of a ton of different moving-related tasks. In order to have a successful move, you need to complete these moving tasks properly. Sometimes, it is simply impossible to do everything on your own. If you find yourself in need of some assistance, do not hesitate to ask your friends or other family members to help you relocate and reduce house moving cost. Packing with friends can be more efficient as well as fun than if you were to do it on your own. It will also reduce your moving costs and you will be able to save some energy and time.

Nebraska has a population of 1,914,571 residents, and low unemployment rates, and its corn, livestock, and ethanol production drives an industry that is quite massive and provides an excellent economy. Moving here is advisable if you are looking for a job. Relocate to Nebraska properly with the right cross country movers Nebraska helping you.

Try to get moving discounts and negotiate a better price with your movers

Reliable and professional moving companies can offer you a ton of different, quality moving services for the needs of your relocation. However, each relocation is different, and the services you might need for yours can vary. Always keep an eye out for discounts and lower rates when organizing your move. If you are taking a lot of moving services from your moving company, you can see if there is room to negotiate a better and more practical price. After all, you have nothing to lose here only an opportunity to reduce house moving cost.

The state of Virginia has a population of 8,454,463. Healthcare and education systems are great here and the Median Household Income is $74,222 which is well above the national average. Virginia is filled with things to do and whether you are a young professional looking for a job or moving here with your family to settle down, you will not be disappointed. Move to Virginia with the help of reliable Virginia movers.

Discount sign.
Try to look for moving discounts and better rates when organizing your upcoming relocation.

Ways to reduce house moving cost – In summary

So to sum up, these were the top 10 ways to reduce house moving cost as well as some of the best places to relocate to in 2022. Make sure you always have a good plan for your move and do a lot of research. Once you’ve chosen the right place for you, be sure to enlist the help of reliable and experienced movers. With the right movers by your side, your long-distance relocation journey is going to be fast and stress-free.

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