Where to Find Free Packing Material?

The ability to set priorities is a sure sign that you are a mature and responsible person. Nowadays, especially, there are so many contents and opportunities that a person who does not take care of primary needs can easily find himself lost in the little things. This skill is especially important when meaningful tasks need to be done when life changes occur. A great example of this is moving house. In that situation, it is very important that you know what to emphasize, what is important to you, and what you should spend fewer resources on. Spend time and money carefully when moving. An excellent example of savings is finding free packing material. This is a case where you can achieve the same effect with much less money, and our team at Best Cross Country Movers is here to show you how to find these supplies that you won’t have to spend money on.

Why is it important to find free packing material?

When you plan a long-distance move, you have to think about how to do everything as detailed and well as possible. With such moves, any mistake can cost you dearly. That’s why every move must be planned. Any spending of money from the budget intended for resettlement must be purposeful. Packaging materials are, unlike movers, something you can and should save on. If you start planning in time, you will be able to take some advice from the best long distance movers and secure enough materials to pack and protect your belongings. These necessities can cost you a lot of money, especially when you are packing the whole household. If you have the opportunity to find free packing materials, do it.

Best places to look for free packing material

There are several places where you can search for free packing material, and here are a few ideas.

  • Online findings
  • Local stores
  • Recycling drop points
  • Start saving

Let’s not forget that this is not just about boxes. Packaging materials include paper, bubble wrap, foil, plastic bags, cardboard, and packing peanuts. In addition to this, you will need duct tape as well as markers to mark the contents of the boxes, to indicate what is breakable and what is unpacked where.

Find free packing materials and use them wisely
Packing is the most demanding task of moving

On the internet, you can find so many things for free, including packing material

If you have enough time to search through the Internet there is a great possibility that you are going to find free packing materials. For example, you can reach out to community groups, and order some free boxes from the post office, or other courier services. The postal service, for example, will even send the boxes to your address, making it even easier for you. Social networks are a place where many different people gather, with different goals. Florida is one of the states that has a lot of these communities. And also, if you’re moving from or to this state, know that some of the best interstate movers Florida will put your collected packaging material to good use. There is a good chance that you can find someone in groups on social networks who no longer need moving boxes. People often collect and throw away large amounts of old newspapers that you can easily use to protect things and fill gaps in boxes.

Local stores are the right place to find free packing supplies

What is garbage for someone, can be a real treasure or a way to save money for someone else. By finding free packing materials, you will significantly reduce moving costs. One of the easiest ways to find boxes is to visit local stores. After placing the products for sale on their shelves, most retailers throw away the boxes. Apart from the grocery stores, you should visit furniture salons, liquor shops, and stores that are closing. You will certainly find larger boxes in furniture stores. They can also have some bubble wrap or styrofoam lying around that they want to give you. In liquor stores, in addition to boxes, you will find convenient cardboard dividers that protect bottles from breaking during transport. They can be used to protect your fragile goods.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your items during the transport, even if it’s a coast-to-coast move, like for example, relocation from Georgia to California. With some of the best interstate movers Georgia, and proper packing material, your belongings will be protected during transport. Stores that are closing will be happy to give you all the packing material they have.

Styrofoam in the box
Free packing supplies are well within reach.

Reuse and be eco-friendly

Finding already used boxes and other packing supplies, in order to use them again, is a form of recycling. In addition to saving money, you will also do something good for the planet by not putting a large number of new packaging materials into circulation. You can find many of these materials, suitable for reuse, precisely at the places provided for the collection of recycling materials. And, maybe it would be useful to check out the website of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This is a group of people who pass on things that someone no longer needs for further use. When you advertise to them that you need moving materials, there is a high probability that someone will give you what you need for free.

Nothing is thrown away

You can do it all by yourself. If you really start planning your move in time, you can easily gather all the necessary packing materials yourself. When furnishing a new home, we all usually furnish it with new old, and knick-knacks. For the bee, it is preferable to leave those things in their original packaging as much as possible before the move. If you have already placed them in a new space, use the boxes and protective materials to pack the remaining items. Keep all packages from shipments that you think you can use. Although these materials, in this case, will make your apartment crowded for a while, they will prove to be very useful later during the move.

Remember that staying safe is the most important thing during the relocation. After all, moving is challenging and many factors can affect safety, such as weather for example. Some states, like South Carolina, are prone to hurricanes. So, even though your stuff should be safe as long as you have interstate movers South Carolina by your side, it’s better to be safe than sorry and gather even more packing material than you need. You’ll get a chance to get rid of it afterward.

a person using free packing material they've found earlier
Save everything you think you might use and find some free packing material

Don’t forget that friends and family can help you even with this. Ask them, on time, to save the boxes, paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, styrofoam, and packing peanuts.

With these tips, rest assured that you’ll save a lot of money on packing material

Intention to find free packing material may require additional commitment and effort, but the benefits are manifold. You will save significant amounts of money that you can invest in high-quality moving services. On the other hand, recycling these materials and their reuse is desirable. During this endeavor, you will be forced to communicate with some new people, and exchange ideas and experiences, which is also good. Because of all the above, it is worth the effort.

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