What Should You Move First When Moving State to State?

People often wonder what to pack and move first when moving state to state. Is it heavy furniture? Maybe breakable items? Believe it or not, there is an unwritten rule when it comes to the order of moving the items. That’s why we at Best Cross Country Movers created this comprehensive guide to help you organize your move. When you know how to do it the right way, moving becomes a piece of cake. Also, it wouldn’t go smoothly without a well-trained crew. If you don’t want your search process to last for too long, you can always come to us for help. Our extensive database of various reputable movers and different moving services is just a few clicks away!

You have to come up with a plan when moving state to state

Before we go in-depth about your upcoming state-to-state move, let’s talk about the organization. Without a solid moving plan, you are more likely to find yourself overwhelmed and confused among the scattered boxes. This is the last thing you need in addition to your already busy schedule. Therefore, before you even start packing for the move, write down the schedule. Take all your responsibilities and moving tasks into consideration.

a person having fun moving
Organize your moving duties to avoid the mess.

Once you are done with the schedule, make a separate checklist:

  • Decluttering
  • Special rooms and miscellaneous 
  • Bedroom(s)
  • Bathroom and kitchen

Decluttering makes moving state to state easier

Although you might think you don’ have as many items to move, the truth is usually the opposite. Once people start packing, it turns out they have in their possession plenty of items they don’t need at all. That’s why it’s important to spend at least a day decluttering your entire home. First, sort all the items, then decide whether to sell them, throw them away, or donate them to a local charity. Moreover, there’s probably someone you know who would wear shoes or make good use of an office chair you don’t want to take with you.

Besides keeping home clutter-free, you also save some money by decluttering. The money you earn from selling your stuff can be further invested into, for example, a better storage unit. Also, unpacking comes easier when you end up with much less stuff compared to the beginning of your moving preparations. So don’t waste time, and declutter all stuff before your chosen cross country movers Georgia arrive.

Extra pre-move tips

Transfer your utilities at least a few days before your moving day. Don’t forget to also cancel utilities in your previous home right before you fully relocate. People more often than not forget to do it on time, which is why the post-move period tends to be complicated. You don’t want to come to your new place tired from a long moving journey, only to realize your electricity and the Internet aren’t fully set up. This is why you should make sure all utilities are transferred and functional. Make sure to be when the workers are activating the services. If possible, give your new place a good clean before you move all boxes from the storage unit. On the other hand, it’s useful to write a post-move schedule, so you can be ready for upcoming cleaning, furniture set up, possible refurbishment, etc.

Another important thing to do is to get enough moving supplies:

  • standard-sized cardboard boxes
  • special boxes for odd-shaped items
  • plastic containers (optional)
  • packing paper
  • spare fabrics
  • scissors
  • packing tape
  • permanent markers 

Bedrooms and least used rooms are the first to pack and move when moving state to state

Whether you have a game room, basements, or any special room – put them first on the list of rooms to pack for the move. Beds and bedroom furniture are one of the biggest items to pack, and it’s always a good idea to start with them. Also, don’t forget to empty your wardrobe and pack clothes separately. Pay attention to the boxes you are using when packing:

  • Small-sized boxes: breakables, books, souvenirs, and other heavy but small items.
  • Medium-sized boxes: miscellaneous items that aren’t that breakable.
  • Large-sized boxes: clothes, beddings, pillows, blankets, and other lightweight items.
  • Special boxes: TV, computer screen, large and odd-shaped furniture, etc.

Prepare mattresses and sleeping bags on time. Put them in a separate place so you don’t pack them by accident. Clean the floors in the room where you plan to sleep until moving preparations are over.

Leave heavy furniture to moving professionals

Long-distance relocations won’t be difficult to handle if you rely on some of the best cross country movers in Texas or any other state you’re moving from. They know how to properly disassemble beds, wardrobes, and other heavy furniture pieces. Rest assured it will take them much less time to complete the packing while you’re taking care of the items that don’t require special packing skills. Moreover, you’re less likely to get injured when experienced packers are there to do the hard work instead of you.

The bathroom and kitchen items are the next to pack and move

It’s the unwritten rule of unpacking to start with the bathroom and kitchen. However, it’s a good idea to move them last. The reason is simple – you need to eat and shower while preparing for longer moving journeys. However, you can at least leave basic kitchenware, dishes, and cutlery, and pack the rest. You should also consider plastic plates, forks, knives, spoons, and cups as disposable alternatives. The same applies to your bathroom –leave the essentials and pack the rest.

a person writing kitchen on a moving box
Be careful when packing kitchen items.

Forget about long cooking sessions

If you still want to prepare food rather than ordering it while moving, make sure to stick to simple recipes. Forget about making a feast since you won’t have a lot of time for that. Plus, you don’t need additional mess as you already have a lot of work to do while moving.

Keep toiletries away from dust

Use see-through plastic containers to store towels and basic toiletries. Keep them away from dust and dirt as much as possible. Also, don’t forget to disinfect the containers prior. Further, check if you’ve sealed the caps of cosmetics products properly to prevent them from spilling. Travel kits come in handy when moving, so you don’t have to take an entire bottle of moisturizer/lotions, and so on.

More packing tips

  • Label all boxes and containers with permanent markers. Use different (preferably bright) colors. Assign a specific color to a specific room. For example, write with a blue marker on the boxes containing bathroom items, use a yellow color to mark kitchen items, and so on.
  •  Use a box, plastic container, or bag to pack essential items.
  • If you have small kids, make sure to keep their favorite toys close to them.
  • When packing breakables, it’s important to let your movers know about them. Remind them you’re not in a hurry and you’d rather move such items at a slower pace. Also, don’t forget to put a label “fragile” or “breakable” on each box with a sensitive object.

Let your cross country movers North Carolina, for example, to handle heavy loads instead of you. You will avoid the risk of injuring yourself, plus the move will run smoothly and effortlessly. Also, pay attention to each item when packing for the move. Instead of doing it in a hurry, take time to pad the boxes, wrap all items, and carefully seal the boxes (preferably cross-wise).

happy couple rolling up the carpet
The items you should move first when moving state to state are the ones from the least used rooms.

Professional movers can help you quickly pack and move all items when moving state to state

Organizing the move can seem difficult, as there’s so much to do. Furthermore, it’s not possible to complete it all by yourself. That’s why you need skilled cross country movers Utah or any other state has on offer. Once you find a suitable team for your move, you will have a smooth and stress-free relocation. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay a bunch just to have a courteous crew who will do the work for you in the best way possible. Nowadays it’s easy to find the movers who offer excellent services at affordable rates, but only if you know how.

First and foremost, you have to keep in mind that only licensed cross country moving companies in Washington (and beyond) should come into consideration. That way, you will save yourself from various suspicious schemes that usually try their best to convince customers into paying for their services. This is risky for the following reasons:

  • Companies without licenses can’t guarantee their expertise. Plus, they aren’t easy to track if something goes wrong.
  • Such companies offer neither a free moving quote, let alone much-needed moving insurance.
  • The companies that don’t keep it honest with their customers never disclose the additional fees you find out about as soon as you sign a contract with them.
  • Thefts are common with unregistered companies.

Protect yourself by learning about your customer rights and responsibilities

Before you even start searching for cross country movers in Indiana, for example, make sure to learn your rights and responsibilities. By doing so, you can easily recognize a company that doesn’t care about your best interest. Furthermore, don’t forget to go with the company’s personnel through all points in the contract before you sign it. Try to resolve immediately whatever seems unclear.

happy family moving out of their old home
Also, discuss with your family members what to move first when moving state to state.

Customer-oriented companies can help you find the best movers for you in no time

Thanks to customer-oriented companies, it has never been easier to get in touch with licensed, reputable movers. This is what our mission has always been, which is why we count as one of the best movers-matchmaking companies on the market! Whether you seek top cross country movers in Ohio or Arizona – rest assured we got your back! With so many certified professional movers in our database, it’s almost impossible not to find the one that fits your needs and moving budget.

Where to move the items first?

Keep in mind that state-to-state move may leave you drained despite having professional moving help at your disposal. Although the move can be completely stress-free, it’s still energy-consuming. Therefore, it’s good to think in advance about post-move unpacking. Do you want to unpack right after the move, or would you rather wait a bit?

two guys discussing what to move first when moving state to state
Pick a reputable company with top-notch packing and storage services.

No matter what you decide, you’ll need a decent storage solution for your items. This is yet another important factor that tells you if the company you want to hire is worth the investment. However, don’t rush and rather take time to research the storage options by yourself. For example, make a list of some of the best cross country movers in Florida, then check their storage services. That way, you can further narrow down your list of potential movers. Here are important things you should pay attention to when visiting a company’s storage unit:

  • Safety – Make sure the storage units are CCTV monitored. You will want your items to be safe from unwanted guests.
  • Cleanliness – This is non-negotiable. Pests and rodents can damage your items if the storage isn’t well-maintained.
  • Size – You will need the most fitting storage size for your belongings.

Have a post-move break

One thing that’s extremely important when moving is a post-move plan. Be sure you won’t be unpacking as soon as you step into your new home. No matter how excited you are about the whole process, you must remember that moving is still time-consuming work. Therefore, you must stay realistic. Most people who unpack in a hurry forget that the items they move first when moving state to state aren’t the ones to unpack right away. The first items you will need to unpack after the move are beds, sheets, and essential items. Rest assured you will need a nice nap after a long day. Once you gain some energy back, you can start planning your post-move activities without feeling overwhelmed.

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