What is the Best Day of the Week to Move Cross Country?

If you decide to move, and you want to schedule your moving day and think of some that are the Best Day of the Week to Move Cross Country then you are at the right place. We will reveal to you the ideal days for your cross-country move. What is very important to know is that the choice of the ideal day for moving can be influenced by several factors. And it can also depend on whether you are planning to move forward or last-minute moving. In some situations, you will not have many choices. And the best way is to plan ahead. Contact Best Cross Country Movers, because they can help you. Keep reading and find you the best moving day!

Find your ideal moving day!

Finding the ideal day to move may not be as easy as it seems. The simplest way would be to schedule any day, and that would be it. But not! This can be a big risk that can lead you to face various challenges and problems. So, when you decide to choose the best day for your move you need to be careful. Especially when it comes to cross country moving, which in itself is a big challenge. And as such, it requires a serious approach and long planning. When it comes to cross country moving usually then the main thing is the great distance which is one of the main factors that can influence the choice of your moving day.

Monday and Thursday can be the best days for the cross country move.

When you decide to choose the best day for you to move, you must be ready to consider all the factors that may affect it. This may sound stressful and complicated to you but it’s not. Let’s say you’re moving to New York, one of the most populous U.S. states with a very urban lifestyle and frequent traffic jams. Monday is one of the days when there is complete chaos on the streets of New York because everyone who rested for the weekend starts working. Which means traffic jams. And what you certainly wouldn’t want to do is get in a traffic jam with your best cross country movers New York and stay there for hours. So, you have to choose carefully. And most importantly, consult your movers about everything.

What can influence the choice of your moving day?

The choice of your ideal day for moving can be influenced by several factors. And the most important thing is to look at them all.
So, let’s see:

  • Weather conditions. Rain and snow are unfavorable weather conditions for relocation. That is why it’s best to choose sunny and warm days. But let’s say precipitation is announced for Thursday and Friday, and choose a better day.
  • Free days at work. Your boss will certainly not like being absent from work for any reason. And for that reason, make sure you choose the days when you have a day off or a vacation.
  • Kids. Kids who go to school or kindergarten during the move will have to be absent. Your children may react negatively to the move. That is why it’s best to choose the period when they are on vacation.
  • Moving season. This period lasts from April to the end of October. This may mean that you will have a hard time finding your ideal day. And for that reason, it’s recommended that you don’t look for it at the last minute.

These are some of the common factors that can influence the choice of the day of your move. Also, you can list some private reasons from your life. The most important thing when choosing a moving day is that the day suits you and your family, doesn’t disturb your daily obligations, etc.

What is the Best Day of the Week to Move Cross Country?

Summer is one of the most popular seasons to move. But Is moving in the summer heat a good decision? The answer is perhaps. High temperatures and peaks can adversely affect you and the movers. Because working in the heat and in winter is equally adversely affected. But because of the holidays, and most of the free time, summer is the ideal time. Well, you already know that people move the most in the summer months. But let’s look at what the statistics say when it comes to all 12 months of the year.

  • January: 3%
  • February: 6%
  • March: 9%
  • April: 8%
  • May: 10%
  • June: 13%
  • July: 12%
  • August: 12%
  • September: 9%
  • October: 7%
  • November: 6%
  • December: 3%

As summer is the most popular period for moving in the same way, weekends are the favorite days of all those who decide to take this step. But sometimes weekends aren’t an ideal period. Research has shown that Friday is the most common choice of all those planning to move. And look at the statistics for the other days of the week:

  • Sunday: 8%
  • Monday: 16%
  • Tuesday: 11%
  • Wednesday: 13%
  • Thursday: 14%
  • Friday: 20%
  • Saturday: 18%

So, based on all the data, we concluded that Friday in the summer months such as June, July, and August is the most popular day to move. But is he also the best?

Friday is one of the favorite days for the cross country move

Florida, Texas, and California are the countries where people move the most. And their favorite day to move is Friday. The main reason for this is that Saturday and Sunday come after Friday, which in most cases are non-working days. So, that way they actually have three days off to do the process of their cross country move. The move, which starts on Friday, will end on Sunday. And the new working week will start in a new home, in a new location.

If you are moving to Florida, which is one of the most popular and at the same time the most favorable countries for living, you can consider your decision correct. Because Florida’s greatest advantage is affordable living and low living costs. So, when you decide to move to Florida, make sure you find your best long distance movers Florida on time. And in agreement with them, choose your own day. Since Florida is a frequent move, the weekend could be overbooked. If you move to Florida, choose weekdays, because then there are fewer crowds.

A couple packing boxes
Most people for their move choose Friday as the Best Day of the Week to Move Cross Country.

The same is the case with California and Texas. Working days are almost always free, and you will easily find a suitable date even when it comes to last-minute moving. You can find many of the best long distance moving companies Texas who are real experts on last-minute relocations. And in agreement with them, you can choose the Best Day of the Week to Move Cross Country.

Monday and Tuesday can be your Best Day of the Week to Move Cross Country

As these are the days at the beginning of the week, they can bring you a lot of benefits. If you decide to move to California on Monday, it could be a winning combination for you. Because not only will you have enough time to complete your preparations, but you will also very easily find a free appointment with your best cross country moving companies California. Plus, you’ll have a whole week off to do all the after-moving work. And decorate your home the way you want.

Tuesday may be an ideal day to move long distances between countries such as Washington and Georgia. But Tuesday can also be an ideal day for last-minute relocation. Before Tuesday, you will have the whole weekend and Monday to finish your preparations, and your chosen long distance movers Washington will surely have a free date. Also, after you move into your new home on Tuesday by the end of the week you will have plenty of time to rest and explore your new city.

It’s important to note that in moments when it comes to last-minute relocation you don’t have much time to organize and plan. And so it will be an ideal solution to look for one of the best cross country moving companies Georgia. Because for this process you need real moving experts. And one more thing, Tuesday is the day when people move the least, so you will definitely have a free moving appointment.

It’s important to plan your cross country move on the time

Long-distance relocations such as moving from Nevada to Virginia require forward planning. With such types of relocation, in 80% of cases, it’s possible to choose the day of the relocation. Because what is common is that such relocations are planned up to several months in advance. Because it’s a journey through several countries. In that case, you will be able to choose the dates of the move together with your best cross country movers Nevada. They will be your right hand and help you make important decisions during your move. Such relocations usually take place at the beginning of the week, for example on Tuesdays or Mondays. Because that way you will have enough time to rest.

Cross country relocation planning is one of the most important tasks of any relocation. Detailed planning will allow you to enter organized during the move and to complete all obligations on time. When it comes to moving days, when choosing your ideal day, in addition to the things we have already said, it can affect your moving company. So, your moving company will offer you free dates based on which you can choose the day that suits you. The middle of the week and days such as Wednesday and Thursday can often be free. So, together with all the best cross country movers Virginia, choose the ideal day. Try to reconcile free dates and your private obligations. Because when you harmonize everything then you will be able to choose the best day for cross country move.

For last-minute moving, you may not have much choice

If you are in a situation where you don’t have much time and the move is at the last minute, choosing the best day to move may be a little harder. In such situations, you may not have many choices, but what is important is that you always make a smart choice no matter what. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to move to New Jersey urgently, for example, then you have to be ready for action.

last minute for cross country move
For a last-minute move you may not have many options around choosing your day for the cross country move, so consult your movers about that.

New Jersey is a small but highly developed state with a strong economy and excellent business opportunities. People most often moved to this country due to a change of job, career advancement, or starting a business. Moving to work is always sudden and you don’t have much time to prepare. But if you have one of the best long distance moving companies New Jersey next to you then you won’t have a problem. Sudden relocations are usually last-minute relocations, and the best day for them is Friday.

Friday is the best day for a cross country move!

Whichever way you look at it, and whatever situation you find yourself in, Friday is the best choice. The weekend that awaits you after Friday will give you the opportunity to relax. And the days before Friday get well organized, plan and do all your responsibilities around moving. Also, Monday can also be considered an ideal day to move, due to fewer crowds and because you have 6 days left to rest, unpack and have fun after moving. What is important to say at the end is that you choose the day for your move according to your possibilities and the possibilities of your moving company. And also, if you are well organized and fully prepared, any day will be the best for you! Good luck!

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