Ultimate guide to moving to Oregon of 2022

Each time someone decides to relocate to a different state, they know their life is about to change. If you are planning to move to Oregon, you are in for the most amazing life change. This is a state that brings a whole new meaning to beauty and comfort. At the same time, it brings many growth opportunities. Many good schools, colleges, and job offerings bring bright young people to the state. You can have high hopes and keep them too when moving to Oregon since it will not disappoint you. Choosing the best movers for your relocation is also very important. At Best Cross Country Movers, we made it our specialty to connect the best moving companies in the US with those in need of moving assistance. You can call us and get a free moving quote at any time.

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You can find some of the best moving companies with Best Cross Country Movers.

What to know before moving to Oregon?

If you want to relocate to Oregon in 2022, there are some steps you can take to make it easier. Firstly, you can try and find some of the best interstate movers Oregon you possibly can. Opting for movers who are reputable and skilled can make your entire moving process seem like a breeze. If you don’t know how to find good movers, you can contact us and we will research for you. Our priority is helping great moving companies and customers alike find each other, and our extensive list of partnering companies speaks for itself. No matter the challenge, we can help you overcome it. Moving to Oregon can be a very pleasant and smooth experience with the right kind of help.

Secondly, it is advisable to come up with some basic info on the state of Oregon. Getting to know your future living destination is going to help you get accustomed to the change. At the same time, it might make you feel happier about the move. Since Oregon is such an amazing state to live in, you will find many reasons to look forward to it. The nature, the amazing schooling system, the people, and the affordability of many locations truly make this one of the best places to live in the US in 2022.

Relocating to the US in 2022: the basics

The past couple of years has brought the world many differences. One of these differences was certainly the COVID-19 pandemic, which influenced both the way people made decisions and the way they did business. When it comes to moving trends, they were affected by the pandemic in some specific ways. For instance, moving services went much higher than usual because of staff shortage, health risks, and more frequent moving rates. At the same time, some cities and states became more popular for settling down. One such state is Oregon because of the nature it provides the locals with. However, big cities such as Miami or New York have seen both moving out and moving in tendencies, proving yet once again that they will remain popular destinations despite the circumstances. If you need some of the best long distance movers New York, count on Best Cross Country Movers to help.

two women having fun with boxes when moving to Oregon
Moving can be fun, especially if you have the right approach!

Moving to Oregon in 2022

The year 2022. is looking a bit different than the previous years. The pandemic is beginning to slow down its pace, but the political upheaval seems to influence decisions around the globe. Places that are close to nature are still a big thing because of health, food and safety, so Oregon cities remain popular destinations for relocation. Count on our trustworthy long distance movers Salem for a stress-free relocation. The global supply chains, which are frequently used for shipping and moving purposes, have seen some solutions implemented. The US has seen a supply chain crisis during the year 2021, and experts have suggested many ways to make it function better. All these factors together mean that you will have a more pleasant relocation to the US during the following year.

There are many things to look forward to when moving to Oregon

The state you have chosen as your future living location is considered to be one of the best in the country. It has many developing cities, including Hillsboro, Portland, Salem, and Eugene. When moving to Oregon cities, it is best to try to find reputable interstate movers Portland. This means looking for recommendations, testimonials that are real, and proof of legal verifiability. It can be difficult to find movers who are truly reliable and not scammers. This is another reason we decided to make the choice easy for you at Best Cross Country Movers. All of the moving companies we recommend have great ratings and are certified with the national trucking companies.

The geographic positioning makes this state a natural gem

The first thing you notice about Oregon state is its geographical positioning. It borders many wonderful US states, including California, Washington, Nevada, and Idaho, and it also has a large coast. This means that if you want a trip to some of these locations, they will be available to you at all times. However, knowing how many truly breathtaking locations Oregon offers, you will probably be too busy exploring them. It is known for the most amazing scenery, fresh air, and hiking/walking opportunities. You can visit the rivers, the forests and the desert areas as well! With such an abundance of natural habitats, who could imagine a better place to relocate?

a woman writing down a financial plan on a table
Make a realistic financial estimate before any relocation to make it easy and bearable.

Housing and everyday expenses in Oregon

As with any US state, the pricing of individual houses to buy or rent will depend on the specific cities and neighborhoods. Some cities have lower housing rates, while others attract a large number of inhabitants and have higher overall living expenses. This is why it is best to make a realistic financial estimate before your move. Knowing how much you can and are willing to spend can make you choose the best place to live and the best long distance movers Hillsboro you possibly can.

Oregon state is considered to be a lot higher in housing prices than the national average. This means that the most popular cities you move to, such as Hillsboro and Portland, will require you to have a steady income to keep the balance. However, it is such a big state that you can easily find more affordable locations to live in. The health services are probably more affordable than you are used to (88 compared to 100 on the national cost of living index scale), which is a major plus. You will also be very pleased to know that this is one of the few US states where there is no sales tax. You can save a lot of money this way, especially compared to other states where this isn’t a possibility. Just imagine this: you will be saving while shopping!

Did we mention that the nature in Oregon is astonishing?

If you want to enjoy some of the best natural surroundings, you have chosen the right location to move to. This is a place where you can enjoy almost any type of nature you prefer, whether it be trees, rivers, the sea, deserts, rocks, and parks. You can plan out your weekends and dedicate them to exploring nature whenever you feel like it. Oregon State is widely known for its beautiful nature. But you can always visit some of the more urban surroundings, such as if you choose some of the best interstate movers San Francisco. The vicinity of popular destinations will bring more charm to your weekend possibilities.

Some of the most famous natural sites you need to know before moving to Oregon

Among many amazing sights to see, the following stand out for their beauty:

  • Mt. Hood – this is one of the most famous sites, and you would probably recognize it from popular media instantly. The view of the stratovolcano brings awe to onlookers everywhere. You can see the peak every day if you decide to move to Portland.
  • Painted Hills – these are no ordinary hills, and they are included in the seven natural wonders of Oregon state.
  • Smith Rock State Park – a favorite among canyon lovers and those who enjoy a more untamed view of nature. Climb rocks and hills in this park alone or with your friends.
  • Neskowin Ghost Forest – if you want to see something extraordinary, this is the place to visit. It represents the remnants of an ancient forest and includes many tree stumps as old as 2000 years. The forest offers an eerie but fascinating view.

This is just the peak of the many natural sights to see. You can spend days and days exploring the many natural landmarks in Oregon state, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

a woman looking though shelves full of books
You will find some amazing study prospects at Oregon University.

The job market and school system in Oregon state

No matter your age and occupation, you will be interested to learn more about jobs and schools in Oregon. Many young parents like to move to cities with favorable schooling systems, for example. This allows for a more favorable view of the prospects for their children. If you want to move to Nevada, count on some of the best cross country movers Nevada has to offer.

Although there are many good-rated schools to choose from, the most famous higher education institution in Oregon is Oregon University. It offers many quality study programs in areas such as education, writing, psychology, landscape architecture, and more. Even more importantly, these programs are in the top 20 nationally acclaimed study programs. If you are looking for study advancements, this is some exceptionally good news.

What are the most popular jobs in Oregon State?

When it comes to jobs in Oregon, there is a very wide field of opportunities. If you are moving to Oregon because of possible job prospects, you will find many of them. Nurses, medical assistants and technicians are highly requested job positions. As usual, jobs in the medicine field are always high priority. Sales representatives, drivers and cashiers are also very popular job demands, but you will find many other career paths as well. The average salary in Oregon is very close to the national average. On a yearly level, it is approximately $92,300. However the full salary range is from $23,400 to around $400,000, meaning it depends greatly on the type of job you have. If you want to find affordable yet reliable movers, call our long distance movers Idaho for further information.

a woman and her child having fun while unpacking a suitcase
Moving to Oregon with your family is an amazing idea!

Moving to Oregon is great for singles and families alike

If you are moving to Oregon you will find it to be full of possibilities. When it comes to relocating with your family, Oregon has a lot to offer. The nature is amazing, which is always good for health. You will find many walking and hiking options, and can have picnics whenever you prefer. There are plenty of museums in Oregon as well. Salem, Eugene and Bent are some of the best cities for families to live in. However you will find many amazing unexpected living options in Oregon State. Call our interstate movers California if you plan to move further away.

Moving to Oregon can be one of the best decisions you can make

We know that every relocation takes time and effort. Not only do you have to do the planning, you also have to say goodbye to your previous home. Sometimes you even have to part ways with friends and family. Therefore, keep in mind that every big change takes time to adapt to. Put your best effort into exploring Oregon and its beauty. That way, you will find this process of adaptation to be more pleasant. Look for fun or amazing places to visit in Oregon and enjoy the sightseeing. Moving to Oregon has brought happiness to many people from around the globe. There is no doubt it will bring new ways of fulfillment to you as well.

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