U.S. states people moved to most in 2021

States with low living costs and good business opportunities have always been a favorite of all those who decide to make a big change in their lives, such as relocation. At the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, lifestyles changed in many cities, as did costs and everything else. This led to a large number of people deciding to look for a new place to live with their families. And for this reason, in 2021 there were 20% more relocations than in the previous three. We will introduce you to some of the U.S. states people moved to most. Maybe some of them will be your new place to live. After you make a choice, Best Cross Country Movers are there for you to help you choose the best solution for your move. With the right organization and the right movers, it will be a wonderful experience for you.

Moving in 2021

As we all already know, the encounter with the Covid 19 pandemic was not pleasant at all. It was a difficult period that slowly, fortunately, began to end. At the beginning of 2020, we faced a very difficult situation, which took away a lot from us. During that period, the pandemic had a strong impact on the economy of the whole world, but America came out of that period even stronger. It left the biggest consequences on health, economy, and business opportunities. Which led to numerous layoffs. And that is one of the main reasons why people, when the situation stabilized a bit in 2021, started moving. In 2021, a lot of moving processes happened in the summer period, in June 13%, July 12%, and August 12%.

Covid 19 shook the world, and for that reason, many US people decided to look for a new place to live.

In search of a better life, more affordable expenses, and better business opportunities, a large number of people have decided to take this big step. They usually chose places that were less affected by the pandemic and that wasn’t so damaged by its consequences. People were looking for a better life, and some were looking for nature. The pandemic has led people to finally realize how much they really need nature. Moving in 2021 wasn’t easy at all, but fortunately, all the best moving companies fought very well, and provided their customers with a safe and successful move, respecting all precautions. They are still available to you if you decide to take this step.

Reasons why people move

There are many reasons why people moved in 2021. But we believe that everyone had a strong and justifiable reason. According to the new Census Data, about 29 million people move around the United States each year. That represents about 9.3% of the total American population. Of the total, 2.8 million interstate relocation processes take place annually. But you must be wondering why people decide to do this step the most. So, now we will introduce you to some of the most common reasons for moving.

  • Cost of living. This is one of the main reasons why people moved in 2021. Looking for cheaper living expenses such as rent, real estate, food, and other living expenses, they chose cheaper and more affordable places to live.
  • Proximity to the family. People who move for these reasons are mostly pensioners. When it comes time to retire, they often choose to live with their family, close to their children and grandchildren. Their choice is mainly Jacksonville, so if you decide the same, the best long distance movers Jacksonville can help you move. Quick, easy, and simple.
  • The job. Whether it’s a relocation or a better business opportunity this is one of the reasons why people have decided to take this step. It is quite normal for everyone to look for better opportunities, better-paid jobs, and better conditions.
  • Better schools. When it comes time for children to go to school or college, it’s quite normal that every parent wants to enroll their child in the best school where they will acquire quality knowledge. This is one of the reasons for family relocations.

4 main reasons why a large number of people are moving

All the reasons are justified. But in addition to the usual reasons such as the cost of living, work, and school, there are reasons you may have rarely heard of. Therefore, we will present you with 4 main reasons why people generally decide to take this step.

  1. More space. People whose home becomes cramped or want more yards, decide to tear down a new home. Then it’s quite normal that the price of a bigger house will be higher, but people who are looking for more comfort rarely pay attention to it. A House with several rooms, a swimming pool in the yard, and plenty of space sound tempting. But believe it or not, this is one of the main reasons why people are moving.
  2. Renovation. This may sound like a joke to you, but more and more people are running away from this hard work. It’s simply easier for them to move to a brand new home for someone to spend days with craftsmen and renovations that can be very stressful.
  3. Taxes. Tax rates in some states and cities can be really high. And that’s also one of the reasons people are moving. Looking for more favorable places, with a lower tax rate or without taxes. One of the most favorable places in Tallassee, Florida. Because Florida has no income taxes. And you always can count on the best long distance movers Tallahassee. 
  4. Crime rate. Everyone who wants a peaceful family life, and freedom, as well as security of movement through settlements or cities, decides to have their new home in a restless city or settlement with a very low crime rate. Such places are ideal for raising a family.

U.S. states people moved to most

Bearing in mind the events from 2020 until today, and the general situation in the world, as a consequence of the Covid 19 pandemic, the largest number of relocations took place in 2021. As much as 20% more than in 2020. People mostly chose affordable safe places that provided them with exactly what they needed. Or, to put it simply, it fulfilled the very reason why they decided to move. Among the first places we can single out that belong to the group of U.S. states people moved to most is Florida. Then, at number two in New York, then South Carolina, then North Carolina, and finally Tennessee.

Happy family that moved in 2021
A large number of families in 2021 decided to start the search for a new, better, and more affordable place to live.

Each of these states has something of its own, unique that attracts new residents. If you are looking for an ideal place to start a new life, you will find out what it’s based on your needs. Because when the place meets all your conditions, then it’s the right place for you and your family.

South Carolina and North Carolina – States where people moved most

South Carolina is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. With its 5 million inhabitants, beautiful nature, festivals, good business scenery, developed economy, and excellent education, it has become the most common choice for everyone who decides to move. An interesting fact is that 59% of people decide to move to this country. The benefits of living in South Carolina are low taxes, low crime rates, various outdoor activities such as hiking, enjoying the beach, boating, and fishing, and of course a strong economy. It’s easy to get a job, and the salaries are more than excellent. Also, this state is the choice of pensioners because it has very low taxes for them. The best cross country movers South Carolina can help you plan your move and relocate you to this beautiful state. If South Carolina is your choice, believe us, you aren’t wrong.

North Carolina has ranked 5th among the U.S. states people moved to most. And of the total population, two million inhabitants are immigrants alone. 48% of people moved to this state for business reasons, due to the need for better opportunities, advancement, etc. 26% of people immigrated for family reasons, to be closer to their families or to start and raise their own. 15% of people moved to North Carolina for real estate and housing, they found better, more affordable homes. And 12% of people immigrated for other reasons such as education, entertainment, etc. Also, here you can find very affordable and best long distance moving companies North Carolina that can take care of your move. It’s very important that you have real professionals by your side in such moments.

Florida – One of the best U.S. states people moved to most

Apart from being the most beautiful and popular destination, Florida is one of the most favorable states for living. Life in Florida is very affordable and more and more people are choosing to pack their suitcases and move to this state and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and wake up to the sounds of the waves. But not only is its beauties the main attraction that attracts new immigrants, but it’s the way of life itself, the orderliness of the state, taxes, and a lot of things to do.

Miami is the one of U.S. states people moved to most n 2021.

This state offers you a lot of benefits, and one of the main ones is that Florida has no income taxes. That is why all those who decide to save money that they would pay for taxes, can immediately move to this state with the help of the best long distance movers Florida and enjoy life. Florida is also one of the most frequent choices during the Covid 19 pandemic. Jackson Villas, Miami, and Tallassee are the three most popular cities in Florida and are also the choice of all those who decide to start living in this country.

Miami is one of the most popular cities in Florida and is often the choice of young people looking for good fun. Also, Miami can offer you a beautiful, decent and affordable life. Low real estate prices and rents, as well as good business opportunities and opportunities, to earn money. Moving to Miami does not have to be a stressful process if you have one of the best cross country moving companies in Miami next to you. They will take care of everything, and it’s up to you to enjoy.

New York and Tennessee – States with great opportunities

One of the main reasons why a large number of people are moving to New York is endless business opportunities and quick and easy career advancement. Whatever business you want to do, you can do it in New York. New York City can be your new place to live if you are in need of better business opportunities. And if you decide to move best cross country movers New York can be your best help during the move. Also, New York can be an ideal place to party, because it can offer you the great nightlife. But that’s not all, this state will offer you great housing opportunities.

Tennessee one of U.S. states people moved to most
Tennessee is one of the states in the US with the most beautiful nature.

Tennessee is the most common choice of all those looking for nature and various activities. Exploring this country will give you a wonderful and unforgettable adventure. Whether you want to live in the West, Middle, or East Tennessee, you will enjoy nature and its emperors alike. This city can also offer you security, as it has a very low crime rate. And if such one is from the U.S. states people moved to most. Best long distance movers Tennessee can help you if you decide to move to this place. Everything that you need to do is to contact them!

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