Top locations for families in Texas

Are you planning to move to Texas? If you are having a family, you will have to make a good choice. There are many nice places in Texas, and it is not easy to choose one. However, when deciding, you have to take into consideration a few things. First, you have to check which place is the best for your children. Next, the place should have decent living conditions. And of course, you will need a job. So, the rich job market will give you more possibilities. And, knowing the area well, the Best Cross Country Movers can recommend some places to you. The final choice will be yours. But having more knowledge about the places will help you to decide. So, you will be able to find nice locations for families in Texas.

Austin downtown with river, bridge, and buildings is one of top locations for families in Texas.
Austin is the Texas capital city.

The Lone Star State is offering a variety of environments

Texas is famous for its hospitality. So, are the employees of the best cross-country moving companies Texas, Meeting such people will make you feel comfortable. So, very soon, you will start to feel Texas as your home. And this regardless of the part of Texas you move in. Texas is a huge state. So, you can choose the landscape you like the best. It has mountains, forests, rivers, and desert areas. It also has grasslands, prairies, and coastlines areas. With 28.7 million inhabitants, Texas is the second-most populous state in the US.

Texas has many great cities and cultural centers like Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Passo. And it has numerous mid-size and small cities. With such diversity, you can choose to live in a huge city in the middle of the desert area. Or you may better enjoy the smaller city nestled alongside the river. The fact is that all of them will offer you good living conditions.

What makes Texas a good state to settle in?

Texas is one of the fastest-growing US states. And that is for a good reason. Overall, it has affordable costs of living. The weather is nice, and the job market is constantly growing. Besides, it has a very diverse economy. Texas is home to many Fortune 500 companies, including Exxon Mobil, Sysco, and AT&T. Also, in the last two years, companies like Samsung, Tesla, Oracle, and Honeywell have moved to TX. It has also become the tech hub, hosting regional offices of Google, Apple, and Facebook. Besides, Texas has continuous growth in tourism, agriculture, and aerospace industries. Also, TX is one of the few US states without an income tax.

All this is making TX a good place to settle in. If you are already living in TX, you can easily get a better job offer in another town. So, using the reliable services of one of the best cross-country residential movers will make your relocation easy.

Houston skyline and skyscrapers.
Living in Houston is relatively inexpensive.

People and the Government of Texas are taking education seriously

In short, good employment possibilities, good quality local schools, and safety are attracting many young families. It is good to know that Texans are taking education seriously. That is a reason why Texas has so many higher learning institutions. They include private, but also some of the largest public universities. Locals are usually enrolling in some of the top-notch schools like the University of Texas, Texas Tech, SMU, TCU, etc. And, regardless of whether the schools are public or private, they are all affordable. That is the reason why young couples are looking for locations that are good for families in Texas. Here are some of the famous Texan schools:

  • Houston Independent School District
  • Dallas Independent School District
  • Northside Independent School District (San Antonio)
  • Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District
  • Fort Worth Independent School District
  • Austin Independent School District
  • Katy Independent School District

What if your kid is studying in one of the above universities? And you are living in another town? During the summer vacation, the kid will come home. Instead of moving his things, you can rent reliable and secure storage. So, the kid can leave things from the dormitory there during the summertime.

How should you decide what are the top locations for families in Texas?

You could already see that Texas is offering good jobs and education. Also, it is an affordable place for living. And it has a lot of places for outdoor activities. It depends only on you what kind of landscape you enjoy the most.

So, the most favorable combination of factors should determine what is for you the top locations for families. Some other families will have their own criteria. From our side, we can offer the best cross-country moving services. And we can offer information about cities that you might consider. We hope that will help you to make your final decision.

Dallas with bridge, buildings, and green areas is one of top locations for families in Texas.
Dallas is a great city for families.

Living in Austin with family

Located in Travis County, Austin is the Texas capital. It has almost a million residents and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Besides being known as a unique and authentic city, it is also very safe. Regarding education, you can be sure that your child will have great possibilities. Austin is also known for the University of Texas. Over 50,000 students are attending it. If you are a fan of music, clubs, and shows, you will truly enjoy living in this place. Those loving the outdoor activities better are happy to hear that Austin has more than 300 sunny days a year. With a pleasant temperature, it is giving them a lot of possibilities for hiking, biking, or relaxing on one of the city’s patios. All those are reasons for people to search for locations for families in Texas.

Austin is home to some of the worldwide known companies. So, you can easily find jobs in  Dell, Whole Foods, Apple, and Tesla. Living in Austin is not very cheap. The median home price is $639,839, and the median home income is $98,900. But, Austin has numerous beautiful neighborhoods. The home prices here are much lower. Thus the overall living costs are better. And, with good Austin area transportations solutions, commuting is not a problem. In case you decide to relocate to one of the suburbs, consider hiring professional packing services. They will make your move fast. So you will not have to take many days off from work.

Houston could be the right location for families in Texas

Living in Houston is relatively inexpensive. The median home value for a single-family home is  $395,316. As a thriving metropolis, Houston is a desirable place for living. It is the 4th largest city in TX, and it boasts a healthy job market. There, you can easily find work in companies like Phillips 66, Hewlett Packard, Waste Management. Also, 20 of the 500 companies have headquarters in Houston. So, you can easily start and grow your career here. During your free time and weekends, you have numerous recreational possibilities.

If you like living in a suburban area, Houston has a lot of them. With an excellent transportation system, which is characteristic of the whole of TX, commuting is easy. Also, although Houston is a big place, it has a low crime rate. And it has an excellent schooling system. So, this can be one ideal city for families. If you decide Houston will suit you, hiring cross country movers Houston is the right solution for you. Despite its size, Houston is a workable place, especially if you are living in one of the suburbs. And it is also known for numerous museums. Particularly popular is the Museum District. And it attracts many visitors with its performing arts venues and galleries.

San Antonio downtown with riverwalk and restaurants.
San Antonio is an excellent place for young families.

Moving to Dallas is great for families

This is especially true for several Dallas neighborhoods. Moving there with affordable services of cross country movers Dallas, will feel like coming back home. In those neighborhoods, you will find everything. From top-notch schools to affordable housing, to a very low crime rate. Besides, you will have many job opportunities. The main industries in Dallas are technology, financial services, and defense. Those jobs are well paid, so you will enjoy affordable living and a relaxed lifestyle. The most popular seven Dallas neighborhoods for families are:

  • Highland Meadows
  • Lakewood
  • Preston Hollow
  • Plano
  • Cottonwood Creek
  • Heights Park
  • Coppell

However, Dallas itself, despite having 1.3 million residents, is a family-friendly city. So, if you are the city type, it is the right place for you. Although Dallas’s living costs are 2% higher than the national average, they are still very affordable. And you can also be sure that your kids will love this city. It has numerous parks and places for outdoor sports. It also has some walkable parts. And it has an independent school district, which is not covering only Dallas but several smaller communities as well. Many Dallas schools have specialized programs like the Two-Way Dual Language Program. So, the students have classes in English and Spanish, enabling them to learn both languages.

Living in San Antonio is comfortable

Many families have decided to call San Antonio their home. Once they come to this nice TX place with the help of best cross country movers San Antonio, they usually stay forever. The place is excellent for raising families. It also has a warm and comfortable climate. And moving to San Antonio, you will find yourself becoming a part of the community very quickly. The costs of living are very reasonable, and the job market offers enough employment possibilities. This family-friendly place is safe and has excellent schooling possibilities.

To reach San Antonio, you need about a ninety minutes drive from Austin. The main industries in the city are bioscience and healthcare. Lately, the city has become a hub for talented tech and cybersecurity individuals. San Antonio is also known for its iconic downtown Riverwalk. Walking alongside the river, you will pass by many restaurants offering authentic flavors of Latin America and Mexico.

Rangers Ballpark Baseball in Arlington.
Arlington TX is one of the Texan affordable cities.

Living in Arlington TX

If you can’t make your mind about living in Dallas and Fort Worth, you can move to Arlington TX. It is located between those two cities. And it is one of the good locations for families in Texas. Also, you can easily travel to each of those cities. And you can always use the services of the best cross country movers in Fort Worth, as they know the Arlington area well. The city is very affordable, with median home prices of about $390,000. Located in Tarrant County, Arlington is one of the best places to live in TX. It has a huge population of young families and young professionals. It is also known that the schools in the city are having results above average. Having in mind the city safety, and good schooling conditions, this could be an excellent choice.

 The sports fans are especially happy because they can see the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. Both teams are playing in Arlington TX. The city is also known for the South Street Art Festival. And finally, living in Arlington, you have three job markets that you can choose from. If you don’t find a suitable job in Arlington, you will find it in Dallas or Fort Worth. And in case you have a private business, you can count on professionals specialized in commercial moving.

There are a few more cities in Texas that are good for families

It is not easy to choose among many wonderful Texan cities. They are offering excellent conditions to young couples. Besides possibilities to start family life in affordable places, they have other amenities too. So, they offer good education, have a low crime rate, a rich cultural scene, and excellent recreational areas. In case you are not fully satisfied with the stated cities, here are a few more proposals. Checking them can be worthwhile. So, looking for locations for families in Texas, you should also check:

  • Hutto
  • Richardson
  • Round Rock
  • Anna
  • Coppell
  • Garland
  • Deer Park
  • Lake Jackson
  • League City
  • College Station

Please, keep in mind that our list is meant to be a starting point for your own explorations. As the old saying goes – different people have different tastes. Thus, you may like the cities we described above. You may also discover some other interesting and affordable places. Still, it is good to have an idea of how to start with research. Thus, we hope you will find our opinions valuable.

What benefits do the families have from moving to Texas?

One of the biggest benefits is that there is no income tax in Texas. In addition to that, housing prices are affordable in most cities. And Texas is having a rich and continuously growing job market. The overall security is high, and the Texas Government is investing in education. Thus, one can find many good schools there. So, young families can easily find some top locations for families in Texas.

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