Tips for a smooth delivery day

Having a smooth delivery day is surely a dream of every person who is planning to move. Even though you have prepared all you will need, you want to make sure that the day when your stuff is traveling is successful and calm. You may be surprised, but preparing for that day starts long before moving. As a matter of fact, a good preparation for it is a very important requirement in order to provide a smooth delivery day.

 Preparing for a smooth delivery day

Many people do not know that preparation does not start with choosing a good moving company. It is also important to make other small steps which lead to good results. Some of them include even knowing a law. Others include services for easy and safe moving.

A smooth delivery day is preserved by starting on time, as this clock will show.
Make sure that you have started on time to preserve a smooth delivery day

Prepare everything before a cooperation with the moving company starts

Even though you may feel that moving company has a task to provide you secure, many things you must do on your own. That includes getting an insurance in first place. Many Georgia cross country moving companies have their insurances and you can consult them for advice. After that, you must preserve workers that will prepare a home after arriving. You cannot turn on electricity or resemble a furniture on your own in some cases. It is much easier if they wait for you at the new home when you arrive.

Find out what you cannot move

Even though many moving companies will help you to take everything with you, do not rely on them. Moving things that are dangerous or harmful will not ensure you a smooth delivery day. It is good to know what you cannot take with you, like poison, acid, but also plants, or pets. It is also important to know how you will organize your kids before moving. They cannot travel as adults. The best way is to consult an interstate moving company about these questions.

Measure doors and furniture

It is obvious that the size of the furniture is very important to the moving company. Thanks to that information you will be able to choose a proper truck or a van for moving. That will also help you. So, before you start with negotiating or finding a moving company, simply measure all things you will take with you.

Create an inventory list

It will be simpler to you if you make an inventory list. Write down what you will take with you. Even though people usually think that they will take “everything” what they see, it is not that simple. When moving company arrives, you will face with the packing of small or things that you do not use every day. You should also pre-pack small items in boxes or separators. That will provide smooth packing and delivery day. It is not bad if you disassemble everything you can. You should also sort of everything you can.

Organize traveling for kids and pets

As we said, they represent very sensitive traveling package. You simply cannot move without a plan on how to move them, too. Make sure that you have prepared for them a comfortable traveling and a proper escort.

Comfortable traveling for kids preserve a smooth delivery day
Do not forget to make traveling comfortable for kids in order to preserve a smooth delivery day

Bear in mind the weather

It is hard to find a jacket when you have packed and prepared everything in a truck. It is not bad to check the weather on the day when your moving is planned. Take a jacket, hat or soft footwear for a smoother delivering day.


As you can see, having a smooth delivering day usually includes protection from stress and unnecessary drama. Sometimes the worse is to see your stuff damaged or unpacked at arriving. In order to prevent that, you should follow these steps:

  • Clean and organize the home you leave (unplug an electricity, drain the fuel from machines, protect floors and furniture from workers in moving company);
  • Moving companies advise to be present on that day when delivering is starting – that provides smooth delivering day;
  • Protect the house from robbery and damaging when arriving;
  • Label all boxes, but also a home you will move in – rooms, parts of the house.

Final arriving

Now, when all is protected and saved, you can finally come to your new home. However, there are a few things that you should consider of, in order to provide smooth delivering day.

Make a lot of photos of the old and the new home

Taking the photos of the houses is an important part of providing a smooth delivering day. We do not say that because of memories you should keep with you (although it is not bad at all). This is important in order to save all evidence of the houses’ conditions. On that way, you have a proof how the house looked like when you left or firstly saw it. Take a real estate agent with you if it is needed.

Boxes and bags in the back of a pickup truck
A smooth delivery day starts with the protection of every item

Check the route with the delivery man

We are sure that cross country movers Atlanta know their jobs, but it is not bad if you check the route with their driver just in case. Sometimes they will know the shorter route to your new home. On the other hand, you can give them an advice where is better to go.

On the other hand, it will be much easier for you to know where your stuff will be at every moment of moving. One experienced movers’ advice is to travel with the truck and show them a route. If you can do this, it could be the simplest way to track your stuff. You should believe in your moving company, thus.

Tape marks, names and directions on the doors and walls

You may feel that this is boring and maybe takes time. However, it will provide not only a smooth delivery day but also simple and fast unpacking. Pack things by rooms they belong and label boxes on that way. When workers enter boxes into the new house, they can put them in the rooms. It will be much easier to unpack them in accordance with the rooms where those boxes belong. It is not bad to arrange the rooms and parts of the house before moving starts, though.

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