Tips for relocating a movie set

Every kind of relocation requires special preparation! This is no different when it comes to relocating a movie set! Now, in order to do it properly, you need to know all the things about it! In the following article, we will tell you more about how to move that delicate filming equipment, properly pack and transport them! Continue reading and find out more!

Relocating a movie set requires patience

As with everything else, a movie set requires patience and careful planning in order to transport it. There are items that are common on movie sets, and then, there are those that are not. Depending on what kind of movie they are filming, you will have different kind of items to transport. Well, this is easily planned if you get to know what kind of movie set you are transporting. It’s not only about the cameras, lightings, cables, etc. It’s about the scenes, props, costumes, and catering! So, before relocating a movie set, learn more about the movie itself in order to get the proper packing materials and equipment required for it! And it is easy to do it if you have professional long distance movers Columbus by your side. You will know your items will remain safe and sound during the transport!

man solving rubicks cube with the patience he will use when relocating a movie set
Relocating a movie set requires a lot of patience

Make sure to measure everything

Relocating a movie set is not only putting the items in the truck and transporting it. It is about safe loading and unloading. Transportation is safe only as much as the packing supplies you have with yourself! So, when you begin your preparation, learn more about the size of the items you are about to transport. For instance, lighting and props can take too much space in regular trailers. In fact, you should probably go with high trailers, so you can put everything inside. They are often specially equipped to transport such items with ease! You will have proper straps and locks that will keep those high stands and other props. So, before relocating a movie set, get measuring tape and start taking sizes of every item you are transporting.

A measuring tape!
You need to take measurements before packing those items

This is especially important if you are moving long distances! Here is where you can acquire help from reliable long distance movers Savannah and relax about the safety of your items.

Get proper packing materials

When it comes to movie props and equipment, regular straps, wraps and other packing materials won’t do. You are dealing with very expensive items and you need to pack them properly. Most of the time, they already come with hard cases. These are called rack cases and they are specially made for it! There are some items you need to have to move a movie set! Let’s start with the basics:

  • You will have to get proper tools for the job! And we do not mean some tools that you use in house repairs. We mean professional tools that you will use to dismantle movie set and then put it back together.
  • Tapes and strips strong enough to hold the items together during transportation.
  • Safety gear is a must-have since you are operating and moving heavy items all the time!
  • First aid gear is something you need to have! There can be some injuries during your move, so its better to be safe than sorry!
bunch of tools
Make sure you have all the tools before moving a movie set

Moving long-distance? Calculate the route

This is one of the moving and driving for that matter, mistakes people often make! and when it comes to relocating a movie set, like in every industry, you will have to be efficient and fast. And, at the same time safe with your items and yourself! Use the internet and GPS to track down the quickest and safest route for your truck to take! Now, you also have to have in mind the time you are leaving the set! If you are leaving early in the morning, then you will avoid any traffic jams that can happen. But, still, be ready to get stuck if you happen to move in the noon or during the day! All in all, this is one of the long distance moving mistakes you need to avoid!

An image of GPS
Use GPS to calculate the route you will have to take

Money is everything in this industry

No matter how bad this sounds, it is actually what drives this industry to be precise and efficient. You are planning on relocating a movie set then you need to have a good moving budget. Not all movie sets require special equipment in order to be relocated. But, those that do, will require some funding and patience! For instance, are there any special props that need to be taken care of? Dismantling them, then packing in proper crates will take time and patience! You need to know those details in order to make a moving budget for that movie set! Without it, you may end up paying more than you have planned!

Like with every relocation, having a moving budget is very important! By having a moving budget, you will be able to make a good moving plan, get appropriate packing materials, pay workers and plan your relocation! And all that within your budget! There are, of course, things that can make moving more expensive you should know more about!

There are many tips for relocating a movie set you can follow, but these are the basic ones you need to know more about! It is not like with any other relocation! Movie sets can be huge and they can require a lot of manpower and work. Dismantling, packing, loading and then unloading, and again putting it all back together can be tiring. This is why you can follow our guide and use these tips for your advantage! If you are an experienced movie set mover, then please, share with us your experience on and off the set! You can do it in the comment section!

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