Things to Know Before Moving to Tampa

Moving can be stressful, but the right information can make it much easier. With the internet at our fingertips, it is easier, but you still need to filter out the relevant information. If you’re eyeing Tampa as your next home, this guide is for you. Brought to you by Best Cross Country Movers, here you’ll find essential things to know before moving to Tampa. From lifestyle perks to practical tips, we cover it all.

What Makes Tampa’s Lifestyle Unique?

So, what’s life like in Tampa? Well, one word sums it up: sunny! With the sun shining for an average of 246 days per year, outdoor activities are a huge part of local life. You can soak up the sun at famous beaches like Clearwater Beach or go kayaking in the Hillsborough River. Interested in sports? How about a game of beach volleyball at Ben T. Davis Beach or perhaps a round of golf at the Rocky Point Golf Course? But Tampa isn’t just about sun and surf.

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Tampa offers a mix and natural and human-made attractions

Indeed, the city has an energetic cultural scene to offer as well. For live performances, the Straz Center for the Performing Arts is a hub where you can enjoy everything from Broadway shows to local theater productions. If you’re a sports fan, the Raymond James Stadium is the place to catch a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game during football season. Music lovers won’t be disappointed either; venues like the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre host concerts spanning all genres, from rock to hip-hop. And let’s not forget the family-friendly options. The Florida Aquarium offers an engaging day out for families, where both adults and children can learn about marine life. The Gasparilla Pirate Festival is a unique local event attracting thousands each year. All in all, Tampa’s lifestyle offers a balanced mix of outdoor excitement and cultural enrichment, making it a great place to call home.

Budgeting in Tampa

Living in Tampa is relatively affordable when compared to other cities in Florida. As of 2023, the average rent for an apartment hovers around $2,300 a month. If you’re in the market to buy, the average home price is approximately $393,000. These numbers are useful, but it’s crucial to remember that costs can differ depending on the neighborhood. For instance, areas like South Tampa and Hyde Park tend to be pricier, while places like Seminole Heights offer more budget-friendly options.

To stretch your dollar further, consider utilizing public transportation instead of owning a car, as Tampa’s bus service starts at just $2 for a one-way fare. Grocery expenses can also be reduced by shopping at local farmer’s markets like the Ybor City Saturday Market, where you can find fresh produce at lower prices. Another tip is to look into apartment complexes that include utilities in the rent, which can save you a considerable amount per month. Additionally, attending local community events often provides free entertainment and a chance to socialize without splurging. Understanding these financial details and budgeting tips can be a significant part of the things to know before moving to Tampa, helping you make an informed decision about your move.

The Job Scene is One of The Things to Know Before Moving to Tampa

If you’re seeking employment, Tampa has several growing industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance, and
  • Technology

These sectors offer numerous job openings. The average salary in Tampa is $60,000 in 2023. Job growth is also steady, making it a good place to move for career opportunities. The unemployment rate is also quite low, at 3.20%.

Tampa’s Educational Spectrum

Education is another factor that might influence your move. Tampa has many reputable schools for children and adults alike. Public and private K-12 schools offer solid curriculums. For those considering higher education, the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa are just a few options.

Picture of school supplies
Educational options are varied and of good quality

A Neighborhood for Everyone in Tampa

Tampa offers various types of neighborhoods to fit different lifestyles. If you love city life, Downtown Tampa has many high-rise apartments and is close to many businesses and restaurants. For a laid-back atmosphere, consider Seminole Heights, known for its historic homes and growing food scene. Then there’s Harbor Island, which offers waterfront living. A reliable way to make your move to any of these areas is to choose the best interstate movers Tampa has to offer.

Knowing Tampa’s Weather Patterns is Important

Tampa is known for its hot and humid climate. On average, Tampa experiences 81 rainy days per year, mostly concentrated during the summer months. It’s crucial to be aware that Tampa falls within the hurricane zone. Between June and November, hurricanes can hit, so staying prepared is vital. When moving here, packing essentials like emergency supplies should be high on your to-do list. As a tip, refer to our guide on how to pack for an international move, as it has valuable packing information that also applies to local moves.

You will have various transit options available

The city is served by various modes of public transport, including buses and trolley service. However, around 81% of residents prefer to use their own cars. If you’re moving from a far-off state, you might find it helpful to look into the best interstate movers Florida can provide to bring your car along with your household goods. Also, for those considering biking, Tampa has about 120 miles of on-street bike lanes.

Healthcare Services and Other Health-Related Things to Know Before Moving to Tampa

Healthcare is another key aspect of life in Tampa, especially for kids and the elderly. Primary healthcare providers include Tampa General Hospital and AdventHealth Tampa. The average wait time to see a general practitioner is usually around 24 days. So, finding a healthcare provider should be on your checklist of things to know before moving to Tampa.

Picture of a stethoscope
One of the things to know before moving to Tampa is that healthcare is easily available

When Will You be Moving to Tampa?

Being prepared can make all the difference – whether we are talking about researching or downsizing before the move. The things to know before moving to Tampa will hopefully be all the preparation that you need to get to know this city better. But keep in mind that other people’s experiences shared online might not be experienced by you the same way. Tampa is a magical place that everyone will experience in a unique way.

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