The Top US Cities for Job Seekers in 2021

Fluctuations in the job market are usual. Some states will have better work environments, more openings, or an influx of foreign companies. Plus, job demands are also changing, and therefore influencing people’s preferences. Career changes and returning to school are quite common these days. That’s why people opt for states that promise better conditions, more opportunities, and stable sources of income. However, the decision isn’t the easiest to make. After all, moving is a demanding task one should take seriously. However, it gets easier once you pick an ideal place of residence. We at Best Cross Country Movers researched for you. As a result, we’re presenting you the top US cities for job seekers in 2021.

a man presenting The Top US Cities for Job Seekers in 2021
The top US cities for job seekers in 2021 share common traits.

As we have the opportunity to see, the covid-19 pandemic has affected labor market instability. Many small businesses were closed while working from home has become a necessity. On the other hand, the employment situation is changing and people realize that better working conditions should be the basis in every company. The following information should help you decide your next destination. Also, make sure to contact us and let us handle the move for you!

The best US cities for job seekers for the year 2021 offer a wide range of possibilities

As already mentioned, the current pandemic has affected the redistribution of labor. Rising real estate prices and tax rates have encouraged the move of many corporations’ headquarters to other cities. For example, companies are moving from California’s Silicon Valley to Arizona and Texas. This further opens up numerous employment opportunities for those who would like to advance in the IT sector. Also, jobs in government or the education system are dominant in countries with high employment rates.

Another key factor is job competition. The lower it is, the more stable is the job market. Furthermore, people have more chances to get a stable job or start their own business. According to the study, the following cities are currently known as most popular among job-seekers:

  • Salt Lake City
  • Hartford
  • Richmond
  • Jacksonville
  • Birmingham
  • Nashville
  • Tampa
  • Oklahoma City
  • Kansas City
  • St Louis

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has become a serious tech center in the past decade. The major tech boom has made this prosperous city into a tech hub that attracts young software engineers and developers. That’s why Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities are known as “Silicon Slopes”. Besides the booming job market in the tech field, other industries offer employment opportunities as well! Healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism promise prosperous careers and decent salaries. In addition, the city has one of the best educational programs. 

a team at work
A wide range of benefits attracts more newcomers.

Apart from the excellent job market and education, Salt Lake City offers many other benefits. People are warm, welcoming, and able to maintain a work-life balance. The quality of life in SLC ranks high, especially for its clean environment and air quality. There are so many things you can do here. For example, you have a chance to enjoy various outdoor activities. Also, SLC is ideal for families! For these reasons, many aspiring job-seekers aim to start or change their careers in SLC.  Furthermore, they can expect affordable house prices and much lower tax rates. A wide range of possibilities promises good quality of life for people of all ages. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the population of Salt Lake City is continuing to grow. 


The state of Connecticut has risen in popularity in recent years. Therefore, Hartford remains one of the most popular cities for those on a hunt for a decent job and a stable source of income. Besides the rising employment rate, the real estate market in Hartford here is a paradise. Furthermore, homes in this lovely city are considered as one of the most beautiful in Connecticut. In addition, affordable prices and decent living costs make this place perfect for families. Also, the school system ranks among the best in the state. Many graduated students later continue to college with an excellent knowledge base. Next, Hartford attracts many who seek to have a solid work-life balance. Residents also enjoy various outdoor activities and green landscapes.

Have you decided this city is your next destination? In that case, make sure to contact some of the best cross country movers Hartford offers!


Richmond is another amazing city located in Virginia that promises a variety of jobs. Many industrial and tech clusters have recognized Richmond as a perfect place for further work. The job market is expanding with companies like Amazon and Dominion Virginia Power as top employers. That further shows how Richmond is becoming a serious business hub. In addition, the healthcare system employs a great number of doctors, surgeons, and medical workers. Also, publishing companies and apparel companies are regular employers.

lab worker
Healthcare system is one of the main requirements for cities with great employment rates.

If you have already decided to be the next resident of Richmond, you’ve made a great decision. Your next step is to research and choose the best cross country movers Richmond has on offer! Life in this city isn’t that hectic and it’s perfect for a stable work-life balance. Moreover, the architecture and cultural scene are simply amazing.


Living in Jacksonville means diverse employment possibilities and a decent work-life balance. Due to the increasing economy, people often pick this city to find a job and start their new life. Besides, some of the best cross country movers in Jacksonville can help you settle sooner than planned! It takes only a little bit of research and organization to start fresh in a prosperous city like Jacksonville.

House pricing is surprisingly lower than in most states. That’s why many families opt for moving to Jacksonville for work and decent family life. Besides, the tourism and hospitality industries are booming. In addition, finance workers usually find their place in Jacksonville. There’s plenty of space and possibilities for those who want to advance in their career fields. Additionally, the educational system ranks high.


Alabama has become a number one choice for a job hunt, especially in the city of Birmingham. Stable careers in production, agriculture, healthcare, government, and many other industries attract numerous workers each year. In addition, affordable living costs (19% lower than the average) and low house prices promise a quite stable life. The healthcare system is among the best in the country. If this is your next destination for a job hunt, pick your best cross country movers in Birmingham!

Birmingham AL is popular for diverse dining options. Cafes and restaurants serve delicious food and drinks. Simply, there’s the taste for everyone in Birmingham AL. Another strong reason why people move here is nature. Many workers prefer an outdoor lifestyle to relax after a long working week. Ruffner Mountain and Red Mountain Park are widely popular for incredible sunset hikes that promise mesmerizing views.


Government, healthcare, and higher education are three of the top employers in Nashville. Besides, a growing economy shows no signs of slowing. It’s evident that Nashville has become almost recession-proof, according to the experts. Not only do people get a wide range of employment options, but also get paid for their hard work. An absence of state income tax and low living costs are strong reasons to relocate to this city. Underpaid workers are rarely a case in Nashville. Therefore, wait no more and pick some of the best cross country movers in Nashville to start your new prosperous life as soon as possible.


Millennials are currently the most popular demographic group that moves to Tampa. Besides a dream working environment, they also have plenty of space for their start-up ideas! Tampa has seen an increase in the employment rate and urbanization. Creative spirit mixed with business surroundings makes this city in Arizona a top choice for many job-seekers. The relocation of corporations from states where tax rates are significantly higher contributes to the popularity of Tampa. That further prompts workforce relocation and attracts aspiring entrepreneurs.

a happy girl showing thumbs up
People are happier in cities with great work-life balance.

Does Tampa seem like an ideal place to start your career path? Then make sure to get in touch with some of the best long distance movers in Tampa! You’ll settle in your new environment very soon and start fresh!

Oklahoma City

If there’s a place in the US with improved public service, then it’s definitely Oklahoma City. It can be said the future is bright for its residents. The reasons are a strong, dynamic economy that promises a wide range of job opportunities! Moreover, a vibrant lifestyle, work-life balance, and moderate pace of life attract many job-seekers every year. Further, the unemployment rate has remained low throughout the years. Also, affordable housing makes it possible to own a home in Oklahoma City. In addition, families move here for the excellent school system and healthcare. People in Oklahoma City are welcoming to new residents and cultivate a strong sense of community. Wait no more and start looking for jobs in OC! After that, make sure to hire the best long distance movers in Oklahoma to handle your move!

Kansas City

Kansas City is another popular place for those on a job hunt. The job increase in a variety of career fields. That further makes Kansas City desirable for life and career change. Moreover, healthcare and housing are additional reasons for people to seek better opportunities in Kansas City. Don’t hesitate to find your best long distance movers in Kansas, and start your moving journey!


St. Louis has come a long way. The city developed into one of the most sought-after places for job-seekers. With a significantly reduced crime rate, improved housing, healthcare, and job market, St.Louis is a place to be. The neighborhoods have become much safer than ever before, and therefore attracted many new residents. Moreover, the city offers vibrant entertainment, excellent restaurant, and coffee shop chains, as well as a rich cultural scene. There are opportunities for everyone in any career field.

Hire reputable movers to help you relocate to the currently best US cities for job seekers in 2021

Once you have chosen the desired destination, it is time to organize for your move. Looking for a city with a great job market takes a lot of time, as does moving. It is important to have a moving company at your service whose team will execute every moving task.

gps on a phone
Relocations are successful with the right moving partner at your disposal.

Reliable moving partner will make your plans to start or continue your career in some of the top cities for jobs come true

Take some time to calculate the total moving cost. After that, research the companies that fit your relocation budget. It’s useful to make a list of reputable moving companies that offer a free estimate. After that, research thoroughly information about them. Also, consider customer testimonials. Pay attention to testimonials that speak of the services you’ll need:

  • relocation
  • storage
  • packing service
  • the crew’s capability

All the information you find will help you decide which moving company is ideal for you. However, be wary of movers that don’t have licenses and insurance. You wouldn’t like to deal with fraudulent companies that don’t put your best interest first.

The trends are always changing

Some of the top US cities for job seekers in 2021 may keep their top spots for a longer time. On the other hand, some of them may be replaced with other cities depending on the global changes. It’s inevitable that the trends will be changing each year. In addition, personal preferences may significantly influence the popularity of the cities. Also, it’s smart to keep up with the job-market changes. That helps further with finding your best place to start a career or continue to improve. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to contact Best Cross Country Movers. Our team will take care of your move and soon you’ll start your new chapter in your chosen city!

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