The Top States Americans Are Moving to in 2023

We all know that real-time relocation begins, is once you actually start thinking about it. And while it may take a while to deal with the idea of moving, you should start gathering the information as soon as possible. As a result, you will choose a perfectly suitable place for you and your family to call home. Those who have no idea where to start, have come to the right place. Best Cross Country Movers proudly presents the top states Americans are moving to and reasons why they could suit you as well! Here is everything you should know!

Texas: Low living costs and plenty of space

With more than 30 million residents, this state has been the number one choice for many years. One of the main reasons is affordable living costs that go below the average. With an overall rate of 94/100 and housing costs at 83/100, Texas offers something that a lot of people are looking for. Those who plan to permanently settle in will usually start looking at the real estate market in this state right away. Most people will have a limited budget when it comes to purchasing a property and Texas is one of those states that can help you preserve it.

woman in the museum as top states Americans are moving to often offer different attractions
Texas is not only affordable but it has important historical places

Once you get there with the help of the best cross country movers Texas, low prices are not everything that will be waiting for you. This state is home to countless ranches, country music, and of course great job opportunities. Austin and Houston are home to huge companies like Amazon and Dell and are attracting many young people. But even those who will be moving with kids have a lot to expect from this state too. Get ready to spend time with them in lovely outdoor areas and attractions.

One of the top states Americans are moving to is Florida

Next on the list is wonderful Florida. A little bit less populous, this state is home to around 21.78 million people. One of the most popular ones, not only among Americans but among people from all around the world. Countless of them will choose this state when coming to the USA and their reasons usually vary. If we are to take a look at the statistics, nice weather, and lovely beaches are the ones to blame. This state is a popular vacation destination and a huge number of people will simply decide to stay permanently. Not to mention Florida is home to attractions like Walt Disney Studios and Universal Studios.

Besides that, Florida is one of those states that can skyrocket your business for a very short time. No matter if you are into tourism or something completely different, you will be able to find your targeted audience in Florida. Cities like Miami and Jacksonville are extremely popular among tourists but newcomers as well. Best cross country movers Florida can help you reach the destination you are interested in so you will have plenty of time to explore it on your own. According to official statistics Americans from other states will usually choose Miami and Orlando. 

Let’s not forget about Arizona

Of course, a lot of Americans don’t care how populous the state is, but actually how lovely the scenery there is. As soon as we mention beautiful outdoors, Arizona has to pop up. Once best cross country movers Arizona get you there, you will get a chance to explore some of the best locations in the entire world. Yes, we are talking about the Grand Canyon and Saguaro National Park. Countless gather at these locations every day to enjoy the beauty of nature and lots of fresh air. But apart from them, this state is attracting Americans with its excellent education system and of course the University of Arizona.

Grand Canyon
A huge number of Americans tend to visit Grand Canyon so many times that they will eventually decide to move to Arizona

Considering how popular this state is among all nature lovers, you would expect high living costs. However, Arizona is pretty suitable for many wallets out there, as living costs currently rate 106.4/100. Even though they go a little bit above the average, residents of this state are extremely protected by its good economy. With a nice job and stable career, you will get a chance to find a lovely home on the market and buy it for a reasonable price. Both bigger and smaller cities have an excellent housing market but to secure a dream home, start looking for one on time.

North Carolina is one of the top states Americans are moving to as well

With Raleigh as its capital city, North Carolina is also on the list of states Americans are moving to. It is mainly famous for important historical spots and amazing things to see and do. Residents love visiting places like Grandfather Mountain and Chimney Rock, and schools often use them in their spring and summer trips. But apart from being beautiful, North Carolina has many other traits that could be suitable for living and working. The economy is pretty stable and job opportunities cover many fields including medicine, tech, and education.

You will find that people usually chose this state when they want to secure a good education for their kids. North Carolina is famous for a couple of excellent universities that rank pretty high. The most popular one surely is North Carolina State University which is welcoming students from all around the world. It is located in the capital city and it counts more than 34,015 regular students. If you are thinking about getting your kids to a great school, best cross country movers North Carolina will help you get there.

Next, we move on to Georgia

Not many states and countries can say that they have beautiful beaches and mountain peaks at the same time. In Georgia, you will find both of them and with that, it is one of the top states Americans are moving to. Just like the entire world, Georgia also suffered great losses during the Global Pandemic, but it managed to pull out quickly. This is mainly because of the good economy this state managed to keep for so many years. With beautiful farmlands and a lot of preserved history, Georgia often welcomes a huge number of newcomers. Best cross country movers Georgia can take you to its capital or any other city and town you find interesting.

people sitting in the park
Georgia is one of the top states Americans are moving to mainly because outdoor locations and low living costs

Younger people will usually go to bigger cities like Atlanta, while those who are moving with their families will choose places like Athens or Marrieta. With the living costs that 94.5/100 Georgia instantly becomes heaven for many people. More than 12% of people who will decide to move there will do it because they want to downsize, while the rest of them are looking for a new job or a property to buy. And once you find yourself there feel free to explore everything this state has to offer. Take a look at the World of Coca-Cola or apply for a job at Atlanta Botanic Garden.

Tennessee: The state of flowers

And that carries a lot of different meanings. Living in Tennessee will give you a real taste of the American lifestyle and how much you can enjoy without spending a fortune. Unlike states like Florida and California, Tennessee is much more subtle but equally beautiful. Best cross country movers Tennessee tend to relocate people not only from America but Asia and Europe as well. The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this name is probably country music and delicious food. You are absolutely right as this state introduced some of the biggest musicians of all time. We are talking about Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton who were both born in Tennessee.

Today, this state is thriving with agriculture and retail and a lot of young people end to stay there after graduating. The ability to find jobs quickly in Tennessee is constantly attracting new residents, especially young freelancers. Combined with the living costs that are 89.9/100 it seems that you can really pursue a lot of goals living in this state. After moving, you will be greeted with a lovely community no matter what city you chose. According to many Americans, the most notable ones are Nashville and Knoxville.

Washington is also one of the top states Americans are moving to

Those people who are setting their career as their main goal will usually end up choosing Washington. Not only is this state extremely popular among tourists, but it is also an essential part of the American economy. With the help of the best cross country movers Washington you can end up working for some of the giants related to business including Microsoft and Amazon. In case this is not your cup of tea and you are looking for something different, Washington will not disappoint. T-Mobile, Starbucks, and Costco Wholesales are also an option depending on your profession.

aerial photo of Seattle
Living and working in Seattle will benefit young professionals and freelaancers

if you end up moving there, you will get a chance to see other Washington traits. Considering this state is famous for its college basketball teams, you already understand how dynamic this state is. Follow the progress of Gonzaga Bulldogs or Washington Huskies or urge your kids to join them. In your free time, you can explore the Seattle Center, have a delicious meal, or even attend a smaller concert. The center will be a great place to start making new friendships as well. You will notice that a huge number of your neighbors is spending time there so feel free to join them.

And finally, there is Oregon

Located in the Pacific Northwest region, Oregon is home to 4.246 million. It is often among other popular candidates regarding moving and you may find it interesting as well. Oregon offers countless scenic locations that will bring you closer to nature even if you are one of those who love to stick to the big city. Its popular locations include national parks, rivers, and lakes, and they really tend to steal people’s hearts away. It is extremely common for many people to visit Oregon during vacation and then simply decide to buy a property and move there. But this state doesn’t lack dynamic and modern things as well.

entrance to Jurassic Park in Florida
Let’s not forget that Florida is one of the top states Americans are moving to mainly because of great economy and countless attractions

The best city for young professionals and freelancers is definitely Portland. It has everything you could be looking for including luxurious restaurants, nightclubs as well as museums and historical houses. Once the best cross country movers Oregon get you there, you will get a chance to experience both nature and the skyscrapers around you. When a particular city offers you a perfect balance of things you are looking for, it can quickly become your new dream home.

Other things to know about top states Americans are moving to

Even though it is not officially on the list, the best cross country movers California could also take you to one of the extremely popular states. California is mainly the dream of foreigners but could suit your need equally well. It seems that all depends on what exactly are you looking for. The best thing you can do before making the official decision is to set your priorities in order. Make sure your business is ready for relocation or that you have a new job waiting for you. Once your finances are set, it will be much easier to navigate through your plans for the future.

person counting money
Comparing the living costs will help you determine what place suits you the most

Keep in mind that once you decide what state to call home, professional movers should be there to help you out. With the experience they have and suitable services, your relocation will be completely stress-free. Not all relocations last the same amount of time, and if you are going on a longer trip you surely shouldn’t be doing it on your own. We are sure that one of the top states Americans are moving to from the list will turn out to be a perfect home for you too.

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