The most high-tech cities in the US

What places you plan to choose for your new destination depends on various factors. Mostly, it depends on your aspirations, desires, needs, financial situation, and many other factors. If you are interested in settling in some of the most high-tech cities in the US you are to do your research and find the city that suits you most. Whatever city you opt for your professional moving company will provide the best services together with the staff, equipment, and skills and make your new adventure an enjoyable experience. As for us, we will give our best to present the best cities for your needs. Hopefully, we will facilitate your search for the perfect high-tech city.

What influences a city to become a great tech hub?

Well, there are numerous things that make a city an amazing tech hub in the US.

  • demographics – We could point out the significance of population growth, diversity, and educational achievements.
  • technology – Without internet speed and 4G and 5G coverage a city can’t be considered a tech giant.
  • job opportunities – The possibility to find a job in multiple tech companies is definitely one of the crucial factors.
  • best growth potential – Here we can observe the salaries.
  • best places to live in – We simply mustn’t neglect the importance of available housing, the existence of local amenities, the city’s walkability, culture, nightlife, nature, and outdoor activities.
a team of engineers working in
Moving to some of the most high-tech cities in the US will offer tremendous opportunities for employment.

Which cities are considered some of the most high-tech cities in the US?

After observing the factors we can finally state which cities stand out as great tech hubs in the US.

  • Altlanta
  • Austin
  • San Francisco
  • New York City
  • San Diego
  • Boston
  • Portland
  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Denver 
  • Dallas

Of course, there are many more. Nevertheless, we can freely say that the cities previously mentioned truly stand out and present great destinations for you and your family. Hence, now is the time to contact your best interstate movers California. In case you think there are better options feel free to continue with your search. Now we are ready to justify our choices by giving you the main information.


Known as a city with more than 6 million people Atlanta is a destination many will choose. Especially young professionals who are eager to start their careers here with the assistance of interstate movers Atlanta. As a matter of fact, Atlanta has become an amazing city for high-tech industry professionals. Many startups are appearing at ATDC, Atlanta Tech Village, Ponce City Market, Tech Square Labs, and many home offices. Also, this amazing city is home to a large number of companies.

Furthermore, Atlanta is quite attractive because of its reasonable costs of living and housing costs in particular. The median home value is around $330,000 while the average rent is about $1,800. In order to live a comfortable life here the median ideal annual salary should be around $120,000.

Coming here you are guaranteed to enjoy culture, history, diversity, great food, and parks. Are you ready to revel in walking, biking, rollerblading, or scootering with your kids? If you are Atlanta is your right choice. Your best moving companies Texas will make your journey an enjoyable experience.


First and foremost, Austin is an excellent place to find a job, especially in the high-tech industry. There are numerous tech companies among which Dell and Apple stand out. Moreover, other things that prevail are high-tech manufacturing as well as video game production, and space technology.

Though the overall costs are around 30% higher than the national average and the housing costs are almost 80% higher have no worries. Wages are quite high and the median income is about $99,000. Therefore, feel free to contact your best cross country movers Austin. Moreover, the unemployment rate is 3.2% which is even below the U.S. average.

Austin is a place where you will surely enjoy excellent food, music, parks, and a variety of places for outdoor recreation. Still, remember you have numerous options for places where you can settle in Austin. It all depends on whether you prefer family and friendly suburbs or urban areas. Whatever part of Austin you opt for, be certain you will be satisfied.

San Francisco

With more than 900,000 people San Francisco is a city worth moving to if you consider relocating to California. You will revel in extraordinary business opportunities, great food, nice weather, and amazing historical landmarks. Just decide which part of San Francisco will become your new home since it is divided into numerous distinct neighborhoods. Wherever you go through the city you can rely on excellent public transportation. Walking is not an option if you need to cross longer distances since San Francisco is built on seven hills.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Moving to San Francisco will open a variety of opportunities for jobs, entertainment, and education.

One fact that is crucial to know about one of the best high-tech cities in the US is the cost of living. San Francisco is truly expensive to live in. As matter of fact, the overall cost is about 140% higher than the national average.  Not to mention the housing costs that are practically 5 times higher in comparison to the U.S. average. The average price of homes is around $1,400,000. Thus, families earning a salary of $117,000 annually are considered low-income. Bear in mind teh financial aspect when hiring one of the best interstate moving companies San Francisco. You really need to put aside a significant amount of money prior to the relocation.

Furthermore, San Francisco is about 40 miles away from Silicon Valley cities. Hence, many San Francisco residents work in some of the companies in Silicon Valley such as Apple, Google, Intel, Salesforce, and Tesla. Still, don’t think you will have fewer opportunities in San Francisco since tech giants such as Salesforce, Instacart, and Lyft have developed rapidly.

New York City

As you probably already know. New York City is known as the city that never sleeps. What we can guarantee is that coming here with the help of your best interstate movers New York City will be an exciting adventure. One thing is certain, get used to the constant crowd and the city’s diversity. Whatever you enjoy doing you should know there’s no time to get bored here. You will always find something to entertain yourself. In other words, NYC is a city with enormous opportunities.

When speaking of opportunities, we must point out the employment opportunities in one of the best cities in the US known for its high technology. Are you an entrepreneur? Move to NYC and use its opportunities and network connections.  On the other hand, are you willing to develop your career in tech, marketing, journalism, and sports?  The competition is fierce since NYC has over 8 million residents. However, you will succeed by being persistent and hard-working.

Unfortunately, a problem that may appear after the relocation is the fact that you need a lot of money for life in NYC. The overall costs are about 70% higher than the national average while the housing costs are almost 130% higher. The median home value is $654,300. Not to mention the rent itself. However, you have the chance to opt for cheaper boroughs of New York such as the Bronx and Queens. After all, its public transportation system is excellent. Hence, you can get around the city with no problems.

San Diego

Many are probably surprised by the fact that San Diego has recently become one of the best high-tech places in the country. As matter of fact, San Diego has truly developed for software and tech professionals. IT companies see enormous potential in the amazing city. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Walmart Labs are among many others with headquarters in this lovely city.

San Diego and the beach
Put aside a lot of money for a start, at least until you get a job in San Diego, which is one of the most high-tech cities in the US.

As for other things, you will be fascinated by the nice weather, access to the beach, and a variety of outdoor activities, art, culture, and education. Since the median age is 34.9 we can state this is a perfect city for millennials. Hence, no wonder millennials are hiring some of the best cross country movers San Diego to move to this lovely city full of amazing opportunities.

Still, there’s one thing you should know. This is an expensive city to live in with overall costs 60% above the average. However, housing is what may concern you. The housing costs are almost 180% higher than the average and the median home value is $812,100. Maybe that is why there are so many homeless people on the streets.


If you have chosen Boston as your new home feel free to ask your interstate movers Boston for advice about everything you should know about this lovely city. First and foremost be prepared for the high costs of living. Thus, you need an income of at least $120,000 a year to live a comfortable life here. The housing costs are around 130% higher in comparison to the U.S. average. Hence, the median home price is $667,000.

Boston as one of the most high-tech city in the US
Be certain you will find an excellent job in Boston.

In case you are moving for work expect great opportunities. The economy is booming. Thus, finding a job in Boston won’t be difficult. Moreover, education is at a high level. A lot of colleges and universities in the area are proof of highly educated residents. That is why many companies are interested in moving to Boston since they need a skillful workforce. 

As for other things, use each free moment to revel in historical sites, art, culture, and sports. Furthermore, enjoy a lot of green spaces as long as the weather allows it. Remember to prepare for harsh winters.


Are you ready to move to a city with a lot of green spaces whose residents are used to preserving nature and its environment? If you are, your best cross country movers Portland are ready to satisfy all your needs. With its relaxed atmosphere and a variety of things to enjoy, Portland is perfect for millennials.

One of the main reasons why Portland deserves the reputation of a city where you can live with no difficulties is its tremendous job opportunities. The boom made in the tech industry has made it one of the best high-tech US cities. No wonder it has got the nickname, Silicon Forest. 

Unlike the cities previously mentioned the situation with the costs is a bit more convenient. However, it is still expensive. The overall costs are about 30% higher than the average while the housing cost is almost 80% higher. With this in mind, you should know homelessness is a severe problem.


No wonder Seattle has earned its title of being an amazing high-tech city. Being an exceptionally educated city Seattle has become an attractive destination for numerous companies. Thus, many companies are interested in moving to Seattle and counting on a skillful workforce. Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google are some of the major companies headquartered here.

Coming to one of the most high-tech cities in the US will be a tremendous experience for you and your family.

Tech workers earn more than $100,000 on average which is a sum sufficient enough for a decent life according to the overall costs of living with more than 60% in comparison to the U.S. average. Still, the main downside is the truly high housing cost that goes almost 200% above the average. Hence, the high rate of homelessness is no surprise after knowing the housing costs. Bear this in mind after hiring some of the best moving companies Seattle. Determine whether it is best to rent or buy a home.

Whatever choice you make each city is worthy of your attention

All in all, some of the most high-tech cities in the US are waiting for you. Their tremendous job opportunities, education, entertainment, pleasant people, and many other things make them some of the most attractive locations in the country. If you have noticed, in the majority of the cities one thing they share is the high cost of living. Especially the housing costs. Still, the opportunities and high salaries will enable you to have a comfortable life in each of the cities. Especially if you are working in the tech industry. Thus, be brave and contact your reliable movers. Embrace the new adventure.

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